19 Sure Signs She Wants You to Notice and Talk to Her

19 Sure Signs She Wants You to Notice Her
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Do you suspect that there is this girl who likes you, but you have no proof to tell? Are you wondering what are the signs that she wants you to talk to her?

Women are complex beings. Sometimes they are easy to read, but sometimes they are so good at hiding their feelings. Therefore, if they like someone, they would usually send out mixed signals that will make you feel confused.

If you are serious about finding out if a girl is interested in you, you should know these signs that she wants you to notice her:

Physical Upgrades

1. She Dresses to Kill.

Whenever she knows you will be showing up, does she put too much effort into her appearance? Is she always more fashionable than when you have unplanned meetings? This is one of the common signs that a girl is dying to be noticed by you.

2. She Puts on Makeup.

In addition to her head-turning outfit, does this girl unusually apply makeup whenever you are around? For instance, do you notice that she only wears lipstick whenever your meeting is expected? Then, on ordinary days you bump into her, does she seem conscious of her bare face?

3. She Wears Cologne.

Aside from makeup, you can say that a girl wants you to notice her if she wears her favorite fragrance when approaching you. You can also tell that she intentionally reapplies it before she walks to where you are because of the lingering fresh scent.

4. She Sways Her Hips.

Another sign that a woman wants you to notice her is whenever she unnaturally sways her hips while you are around, especially when walking before you. She hopes you would think of her as sexy and attractive.

5. She Changes Her Hairstyle a Lot.

Many girls who are longing for attention play around with their hair a lot. They know that their hair is one of the most noticeable parts of them, so they change their hairstyle every now and then. So, if you know a girl who likes dolling up whenever she must meet you, and she sports a different hairdo every time, it is really obvious.

6. She Acts Prim and Proper.

And if this girl becomes a sophisticated lady during your meetups—which is so not her on other days—she is definitely trying to impress someone. Who knows? It could be really you. Observe how she sits erect and crosses her legs, talks and laughs demurely, and avoids dirty jokes.

Behaviors Affected by You

7. She Mirrors Your Actions.

Another sign that a woman likes you and wants to get your attention is how she unconsciously mirrors your actions. Like if you are crossing your arms while you talk, she would be doing the same. It is not that she intentionally wants to mimic you. She is only so drawn to you that she tends to follow what you do.

8. She Stammers When Talking to You.

Does she stammer whenever you are talking to her? She is probably nervous and conscious of what she has to say. Of course, she does not want to sound stupid, so she does her best to come up with sensible answers that can impress you.

9. She Swirls Her Hair When You are Around.

Aside from swaying her hips when you are around, is she also fond of twirling her hair? This is one of the common indications that a girl feels giddy and excited to be around the person they like. So, if she often does this whenever you are together, you can say that she wants you to notice her.

19 Sure Signs She Wants You to Notice Her
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10. She Makes Persistent Eye Contact.

One way a person tries to catch the attention of someone they like is by giving them a lingering look. Thus, if this woman you suspect to like you is brave enough to maintain eye contact with you, consider it a sign. What more if you catch her staring, and she does not bother to take her eyes off you.

11. She Sounds High-Pitched.

Another obvious sign that she wants your attention is when she sounds high-pitched whenever you are around. She is probably trying to control her voice, wanting to sound sweet, but the excitement is making her almost squeak.

12. She Blushes When You Compliment Her.

Have you tried praising her for something great she did? Did she simply thank you for it? Or did she blush red and stammer in expressing her gratitude? Girls who get noticed by their crushes often blush, so if this is her reaction whenever you give a compliment, it is a sure sign.

13. She Becomes Irritable When Other Girls are Around.

Have you ever observed how she glares at other women who linger around you? Or does she seem not in the mood whenever you are surrounded by other girls? Oh, she could be jealous! Of course, she wishes to have your attention solo, so she feels annoyed when you give other ladies some attention.

14. She is Rude to You Sometimes.

Does her treatment confuse you? Like, she is sometimes sweet and nice to you, then on other days, she is rude and snob? Aside from the typical girl mood swings, she probably wants you to run after her. She hopes that you will check on her and do something to improve her mood.

Wants Your Attention

15. She Seeks Your Approval.

Is she fond of asking for your opinion about her looks, choices, or actions? If yes, it means that she is after your approval. She wants to be a girl who fits your criteria for the right one. For this reason, she is willing to adjust herself just to please you.

16. She Exaggerates her Reactions.

Does she seem overreacting sometimes whenever you are together? For example, if you buy her some snacks, could she not stop thanking and praising you? Or if she gets slightly hurt, does she cry a lot and act like she is seriously injured?

19 Sure Signs She Wants You to Notice Her
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17. She Always Asks for Your Advice.

Whenever she has a problem, does she always turn to you? Does she like telling you her life issues and asking for advice as if you are the expert? She is probably after your comforting arms, that is why she loves to make you her crying shoulders.

18. She Finds Excuses to Approach You.

In a day, how many times does this woman approach you? Does she often have questions that she thinks only you could answer? Or is she fond of messaging you for almost anything, like how she agrees to your recent post?

19. She Compliments You a Lot.

Do you receive a lot of praise from this lady? Does she compliment you from head to foot? If she seems to adore you so much, it is because she really does. That is why she cannot hide her admiration. This is surely an obvious sign that she hopes to get your attention.

Be Thankful for Your Admirer

Whether you like the girl too or not, please do not forget to be grateful for her admiration. She is one of the people who see your value. For this reason, be a good friend to her and always treat her nicely. Who knows? She could be the right person for you.

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