34 Powerful Signs of Male Attraction: He Secretly Likes You!

Powerful Signs of Male Attraction
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Many people are confused by the signs that a guy likes them.

Signs can be hidden and hard to interpret, and often, it is not clear if they are just friendly or flirting.  Some girls may also have difficulty telling the difference between when a boy likes her and when he is simply looking for friendship. This article will help you know how to tell if your crush really does like you back too!

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Physical Signs of Male Attraction

Your body will react when someone you like or hates is closer. Such as sweating, blushing, and your pulse increases. Some other physical signs will help you out.

1. Pupils dilate when they look at you

Our pupils dilate when we look at something that’s of interest to us. But, on the other hand, our pupils narrow in response to something that makes us feel threatened. So if your crush is looking directly at you or in a direction where you are standing/sitting, and his eyes widen, this can be a good sign he likes you (as long as he isn’t just interested in your looks).

2. Smiles more at you than at others

A smile is the universal sign of approval, and if he smiles at you a lot while talking with you or simply looking at you, it’s a good bet that he likes you. Just be careful not to jump to conclusions; some people are just better “smiles” than others. Maybe he’s always smiling around his friends, too!

3. Blushing and flushed skin when around you

When people like someone, they get a little nervous, and their body will react in an attempt to cool itself down. One might blush or feel flushed all over the face. If your crush’s cheeks are getting red when he talks with you, it’s a pretty good sign that he likes you.

4. His Voice Deepens When He’s Talk to You

Just like we blush when nervous, occasionally, our voice gets noticeably deeper when we’re feeling a bit “off” about something. So if his voice gets deeper and more masculine only when he talks to you, it could mean that he is interested in you.

5. His body language open to you

 When a boy likes you, he will show it by inviting you to approach him. A guy who is not interested in talking to you or getting closer to you will keep his body language closed off. He may stand with his arms crossed and have a generally cold demeanor instead of being welcoming.

Watch for some more subtle body language clues as well – do they avoid eye contact? Do they look at their shoes when they talk to you? This could be because they are shy around girls or just nervous about their appearance, but if all the other signs point towards “he likes you,” it is unlikely that they are just shy.

Throughout your interaction with him, watch for signs that he wants to move closer to you or otherwise be more physically close. If you notice this behavior, take note that he wants to be around you more and probably wants to spend more time with you in future interactions. 

6. Leaning closer to you

If he is interested in getting closer to you, his body language will work in your favor.  His attention will be focused on you – and he will tend to lean towards you a bit. This shows that the attraction between the two of you is mutual, and if this happened, it was probably because he had been thinking about how sweet or beautiful you are!

This action can be unintentional, so watch for it to tell if he likes other subtle signs. He might also offer physical contact with him when standing close to each other – like gently resting a hand on your shoulder or putting his arm around your waist.

7. Mirroring your behavior

When you smile at him, he smiles back. When you show interest in what he is saying, he follows your lead and continues the conversation. He nods his head when you agree and makes comments that reveal that he has noticed something about you or admires a quality of yours. This mirroring behavior shows that he wants to relate to you – it says that he likes being around you because you are easy to talk to.

If all of these things are true, then take it as a positive sign that he might like hanging around with you too!

8. His body temperature Increase

When a man likes someone, his heart rate and body temperature rise, this is a sign of attraction that you can notice during your conversation with him. Also, if he seems to be getting warmer than usual – noticeably warmer face and hands – this is another indicator that he might be interested in you or attracted to you.

9. Keeps glancing at you even if nothing is interesting to see 

The process by which we take in our environment through eyesight is called “scanning.” This occurs for numerous reasons, such as searching for predators (in this case, the threat could be rejection) or perhaps simply looking out for an attractive person. If your crush is scanning the room looking for you, it means he’s probably trying to avoid being “caught” staring at you, which can be a sign of attraction.

Powerful Signs of Male Attraction
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

10. They Aren’t Blinking As Often

When we are interested in someone or something, our bodies send signals to the brain that inhibit blinking. The theory is that by not blinking for a sustained period of time, the person can better assess the situation (or person) in front of them. They also tend to like what they see and continue staring as well. So if he isn’t blinking during your interaction, you might just have found an indicator he likes you!

11. They Angle Their Bellybutton Towards You

If you notice that your crush has angled their body in a way so that his stomach points towards you, this is an excellent sign. This is called “fronting,” and it’s an action reserved for the people we are closest to and most intimate with (this could be because he likes being around you).

12. He has clammy hands.

Our body temperature rises when we are interested or attracted to someone. A good tell-tale sign that he is interested in you would be sweaty palms. Of course, this could also be due to nervousness, but if he has clammy hands, it’s worth paying attention – and perhaps offering him a handshake to see what happens!

13. His eyebrows raise when he sees you

When we are surprised or excited about something, our body language reveals that. One reaction is raising eyebrows, which can be a sign of affection. If he raises his eyebrows when he sees you, then this could mean he likes seeing you – and it’s another indicator that he might like being around you as well

14. He points his toes toward you

This is a sign of affection that only occurs with people we are closest to and most intimate with. It’s a signal for “let’s get close” – by pointing your toes at someone it initiates closeness between the two of you. If he does this while talking to you, then take it as a perfect sign!

Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You

If he likes you, some specific body language actions will prove it. If you are trying to tell if a guy likes you or not, pay attention to these signs!

1. They Can’t Stop Fidgeting in your presence

When a person feels nervous and excited about something, they will often fidget when it’s happening. If your crush fidgets around you, it could just be because he is generally uncomfortable in social situations… OR, he might be interested. Fidgeting can lead to crossed arms or legs, which means that there is some barrier between two people – maybe he’s holding his arms close to keep you out? This barrier needs to be broken down so that the relationship between two people can grow.

2. He Finds Excuses To Touch You Or Gets Close To You

To many people, the idea of being touched by someone they’re interested in is appealing. If he keeps finding excuses to touch you or get close to you despite there being no particular reason for doing so, it’s likely that he likes you and wants to get closer!

On the other hand, if his actions seem too excessive, or seem too forceful towards you, back off immediately before things get out of hand.

Powerful Signs of Male Attraction
Photo by Tan Danh

3. He walks beside you, not in front or behind

If he likes you, then this is a powerful sign. For example, if he walks beside you, it means that he’s comfortable around you and wants to be near you.

Walking behind someone makes us feel like we’re following them: as if we can’t keep up or are being led by someone else.

Walking in the front is similar because the person leading the way controls where they are going, i.e., it could allow him to escape easily without facing rejection from you!  

If he walks beside you, it shows confidence and closeness – a great indicator that he might just like being with you!

4. He Starts to Take Extra Care of His Appearance Around You

If he always puts on his best clothes when he knows you’re going to be around, then this could be a sign of attraction. Likewise, before a date, men might put on cologne to smell good for us, and they will brush their hair or teeth extra well. Do you think guys realize that this is an indirect way of saying, “I’m taking care of myself because I want you to like me”?

If he starts doing these things when you’re around, then he’s likely interested in getting closer.

5. He Shows you His Softer Side

We all have a softer side that we don’t want everyone to see – it’s usually reserved for our closest friends and family. If he starts sharing his “private” or more sensitive thoughts with you, this is a sign of trust. It shows him opening himself up to you and wanting your approval, which could mean that he also wants your friendship (and maybe something more?)

6. He Asks Your Opinion On Things

This is another sign of intimacy in friendships and relationships. The person asking the question feels comfortable enough to open up their mind and ask for advice from someone they are close to. If he asks your opinions on things, like where you would go out or what video games you like, etc., then it could be an early sign that he’s interested in you.

7. He Invites You To Do Things Alone

If someone is interested in another person, then they will often spend time with them alone. If he invites you to do things by yourself, like going out to lunch or asking what you’re up to this weekend, it’s one of the strongest signs that he likes you and wants to get closer!  

8. He Doesn’t Look at Other Girls When You’re Around

This is a powerful indicator that he likes you! Why else would someone always look at the person they like? If they can’t even tear their eyes away from you, it means that he’s completely engrossed in your presence. He may even start staring at you if he feels comfortable enough! On the other hand, if his eyes never wander and he keeps looking at YOU, this could be a sign that he’s interested.

9. A sudden increase in friendliness towards you

He may have initially started off acting indifferently or coldly towards you but later became more friendly without any apparent reason. This could be a sign that he is starting to notice you as more than just an acquaintance.

10. He likes the same things as you

You are more likely to be attracted to someone who has similar interests as yourself. When you like the same hobbies or music or books as someone else, this can also indicate that they might also have feelings of attraction towards you.

Perhaps you like talking about specific topics, or maybe certain types of jokes trigger similar responses from both of you. If this is the case, then it’s a good indication that he may have similar personality traits to yours – which means he probably likes spending time with you!

11. He doesn’t mind spending time with your family/friends

Suppose someone invites another person to hang out with them but has no interest in meeting the other people present. In that case, they are probably not open to the idea of having a relationship in the future. But if he is willing to meet up with all of your friends and family as well, this could mean that he wants to get closer! If this is the case, then: consider him already like you!

Signs of Male Attraction in Communication

1. He keeps talking to you

If he wants to get closer, he might try to communicate with you as much as possible, talks to you more frequently – maybe always seeking out your company or trying to compliment you!

Think about how long he stays in conversation with you: if it’s longer than usual and lasts for hours without any apparent reason, then this could be a sign that there’s chemistry between the two of you.

2. He Stops Everything He’s Doing To Talk To You

If he knows that he needs to be doing things but stops them all from talking to you when you approach, your relationship is really important to him and gets his full attention. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen as often, so it shows that he likes spending time with you!

3. He shares personal stories

If the two of you have been talking for a while and he suddenly wants to talk about one of his past experiences, something in particular from his childhood, or even if some things happened during him growing up – he might want to tell you more about himself because there’s a connection between the two of you now.  

If someone opens up to us and shares their thoughts and feelings, then it’s often a sign that they feel safe with us. If he keeps telling you about what he’s doing or feeling – even if it’s just small things – this means that he trusts you and feels comfortable being honest with you.  The more time two people spend together, the closer they feel.  

4. He stumbles over his words

He might say things like ‘um’ more often or pause before he talks. When you’re around someone you like a lot, you become more nervous and unsure of yourself. When you’re around someone you love, this ‘stammering’ can be the end of a sentence that leads to something much deeper.

5. He compliments you a lot

This is one of the most common signs that someone likes you! When we like someone, it’s natural to tell them how much they mean to us and show our appreciation.

If he’s always telling you what a great job you’re doing or how pretty your hair looks, what you wear, or even what kind of person you are. Then this is one of the strongest signs that he might like spending time with you! He wants to get closer and let his feelings be known.

6. He tries hard to make you laugh

If he’s trying hard to make you laugh or smile, then it shows that he likes spending time with you and is willing to do anything for a chuckle!

When two people like each other, they try extra hard to get on each others’ good side. Every laugh you share can become an experience to remember – so if he tries extra hard to make you laugh because he likes being around you so much, this is a sign that he cares about your relationship.

Powerful Signs of Male Attraction
Photo by cottonbro

7. He Asks About Your Personal Life

If he’s asking questions and showing an interest in your life, hobbies, and activities, it may signify that he is really into you. In addition, it shows that he wants to spend more time with you both inside and outside of work or school.  

8. He tries to impress you

Maybe he does things in front of you that shows off his personality or intellect – just so that he can try to make an impression on you without directly telling you his feelings outright! 

If he thinks that other people are listening in on the conversation, then maybe he’ll be a little bit more reserved than usual – but if there is no one else around, then he might be more open to telling you how he truly feels about you. Again, this is an indirect way of letting his thoughts out without being too direct or obvious.

9. He Talks With His Hands A Lot

A man who likes talking with his hands may be trying to impress you with his vocabulary, but more likely than not, it’s because he has strong gestures and prefers using them when he talks. Therefore, if you notice this kind of behavior, try to focus on your interaction with him to see if he uses body language to complement his speech.

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Bottom line

If you want to know if someone likes you, the best thing is to pay attention to their body language and behavior around you and what they say in conversation. If these signs match up with one another then it’s safe to assume that he or she has a crush on you!

Remember: there are many ways for people to like each other – so don’t be afraid of being upfront about your own feelings either. The more honest communication between two people who feel similarly, the better off everyone will be in the long run!

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