30 Bible Verses to Help You Move on After a Breakup

Bible Verses to Help You Move on After a Breakup
Reading bible verses to move on
Photo by Ben White

You may feel like you are alone and unloved because the person you hold close to your heart left you. However, that is not true. If you look around you, you will find a lot of people who truly care about you, especially your family and friends. Aside from them, there is Someone above who loves you—and He understands what you go through. He is no other than your Father in heaven.

If you will read the Bible, you can find many of God’s promises that are meant to guide you in this life. Some of them also give assurance that at times when we are down and hurting, the Lord cares and He is willing to help you up. Only that, you need to allow Him to enter and work in your life. He does not push Himself on anyone.

Here are Bible verses that I hope can encourage you during this painful time. Read and believe them. They will make you stronger.

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