18 Practical Ways to be a Good Mom

Practical Ways to be a Good Mom

Being a new mom, one of my hobbies is studying practical ways to be an effective mother. I now understand why many moms are easily anxious—well, we want the best for our babies. For all the mothers out there who want to improve their parenting strategies, let me share some tips to be a good …

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20 Inspiring Ways to be a Good Parent

Ways to be a Good Parent

It is not easy to be a good parent, especially that we are imperfect in many ways. It is normal that we feel anxious thinking we might fail to raise our kids to become good persons. Thus, learning from the experiences and strategies of other parents is a good idea. If you want to learn …

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10 Struggles only Work-at-Home Moms will Understand

Struggles only Work-at-Home Moms will Understand

working-a- home mom with her son

Working at home was a choice I had to make after my son became sick when he was just four months old. Being a first-time mother, it was pretty scary seeing my son suffer from life-threatening illnesses at such a very young age. I went back to work shortly after giving birth and guilt was killing me thinking that if I have stayed longer at home after my son was born he would have never suffered that way.

As a work-at-home mom, I get to be a hands-on-mom too. I am still earning while I’m caring for my son. What else could I ask for, right? Unfortunately, being a work-at-home mom is not as perfect as it seems. Sure, I could write a long list of the best things about being a work-at-home parent. However, there are also struggles only work-at-home moms will understand. Here are some of the challenges I faced and conquered:

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