18 Practical Ways to be a Good Mom

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Being a new mom, one of my hobbies is studying practical ways to be an effective mother. I now understand why many moms are easily anxious—well, we want the best for our babies.

For all the mothers out there who want to improve their parenting strategies, let me share some tips to be a good mom or even the best mom for your precious children.

1. Be healthy.

Yes, as mothers, we always put the health of our children first. However, come to think of it—if we became sick and weak, how could we take care of our babies? Therefore, as much as we protect the health of our kids, let us not take our own for granted. Let us eat right, get as much sleep as we can, be physically active, and take multivitamins, if necessary.

2. Consult experts for children’s proper health care.

It is a good thing to be surrounded by experienced mothers who are generous in giving parenting advice. However, it is best to consult healthcare providers first before following their tips when it comes to our kids’ health and safety concerns. For instance, if our child got sick, we should immediately go to their pediatrician rather than give them any medicine advised by concerned parents.

3. Make time for your kids.

Whether as full-time or a working mom, we must remember that our main responsibility now is raising our children to become good citizens and reach their highest potential. Thus, no matter how busy we are, let us set aside time to take care of their needs personally, bond with them regularly, and be present whenever they need us.

4. Limit their exposure to gadgets.

Most kids these days are stuck with cellphones, computers, and other gadgets—which can be harmful to their well-being. Experts blame this phenomenon as one of the culprits of obesity, poor social skills, and even mental problems, like depression, among Generation Z children.

Let us stop these from happening to our kids by limiting their gadgets and internet exposure. Instead, let us encourage them to meet with friends, play more outdoor games, and participate in physical activities.

5. Set house rules and be firm with them.

Like how important it is to be systematic in running any organization, we need to have a system at home. This will help us discipline our children and train them to be responsible. For example, we could set a rule that bans television watching during weekdays to focus on their studies. Having a curfew, especially for minors, is also a good idea.

6. Instill discipline into them.

In connection to no. 4, we must make our children understand the need for discipline. Personally, I believe that a little spanking can help kids grow up more responsible. We should also use conditioning to train them up, like rewarding them for getting good grades at school or not allowing them to play outside unless they have helped clean the house.

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7. Teach them to be respectful.

We don’t want our children to grow up impolite—like bluntly talking back to those older than them or not even greeting their teachers. Good manners start at home, so it is our responsibility to teach them to be courteous and respectful. Let us teach them to honor their parents, seniors, and authorities and to respect the beliefs and opinions of others.

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8. Don’t pressure them to achieve something.

Yes, it would be great if our kids would always top their classes and bring home medals. However, not all children are academically inclined. If we pressure them to get perfect scores all the time, they might end up hating school with low self-esteem due to failing our expectations.

Instead of using pressure, let us encourage our children to love learning and value excellence. Explain to them the benefits of getting good grades and participating in class rather than scaring them with punishments and scolds for not doing well.

Practical Ways to be a Good Mom
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9. Train them to be responsible.

As early as possible, let us train our children to be responsible. One way to do this is by teaching and assigning them household chores. We should also encourage them to have a study habit and submit their school requirements on time.

10. Allow them to explore.

If we want our kids to grow up independent, smart, resourceful, and creative, we should let them explore their environment. Let them play in the woods, meet new people, have summer jobs, join field trips, and go camping.

Yes, there may be heartaches, failures, disappointments, and even dangers along the way. However, if we would not allow them to be exposed to these, how could they be ready for the harsh reality of life? The best that we can do is guide and supervise them on these adventures.

11. Provide avenues for them to develop their passion.

To help our children reach their highest potentials, we need to support their passion and talents. We can encourage them to join clubs or attend workshops that will help them improve their skills. Let them know that you are proud of what they can do.

12. Be a role model for them.

If we want our kids to grow up as well-mannered and responsible individuals with integrity, then we better show them how to be one. This is the hardest part of being a mother. Our children look up to us, so we need to behave as we would want them to be. The best way to teach them is through our example.

13. Teach them to love God.

Let us not wait for the church to teach our kids about who God is, why they should love and follow Him, and how to pray. The best way for them to develop devotion and faith in Him is by growing in an environment where God is the center. Meaning, as parents, it is our mission to cultivate a home where our children will learn how to live a godly life.

Practical Ways to be a Good Mom
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14. Learn how to budget.

It would be best if you learned how to weigh which things you need to buy. Learn the difference between wants and needs. As a mother, we always want to give our child the best. Unfortunately, not all of us have the budget to buy everything we want for our child/children.

The needs would include milk, diapers, vaccines, and vitamins. You have to make sure to buy those before anything else. It is better to use hand me down clothes and things like crib and walkers because babies grow up fast.

15. Save up for an emergency.

The main reason for new parents to save up is that because babies easily get sick, especially in the first few months, it would be best to have savings. Aside from hospitalization, other emergencies could happen, so it would be better to be always prepared.

16. Get health insurance.

Aside from saving up for emergencies, one of the most important things that a new parent must-have is health insurance. I realized how important it is after my son was hospitalized twice when he was four months old. I had no more money left because I had spent them all on medicines before he was admitted to the hospital. Health insurance coverage really helped me a lot with the hospital bills.

17. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

There is no such thing as a perfect mother. Babies did not come with a manual, so you have to trust your mother’s instinct about something you are not sure about. If you forgot to do all the chores for the day, it’s okay. You can still do that tomorrow.

When we feel like we are a bad mom, we should tell ourselves that we are not perfect, but it doesn’t mean that we are bad moms.

18. Find a hobby.

When we become mothers, we often focus all our time and energy on taking care of our family, and we tend to forget ourselves, and we seldom see our friends. But just because you can’t go out that much doesn’t mean that we can no longer give ourselves a break. One therapeutic hobby most women do is gardening, while others try stitching or drawing. As for me, I need to learn more about cooking.

Just Love

At the end of everything, I guess what our kids need the most from us is our love. As long as they know they are loved, they will feel secure, complete, and confident. More than providing them with material things, let us strive to be open and expressive to our children about how much they mean to us.

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