16 Good Reasons Not to Fall in Love

Good Reasons Not to Fall in Love
girl falling in love
Photo by Fernando Gimenez

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings you could ever feel. It could take you to cloud nine and make the world and time standstill. This feeling is so powerful that it could stand against all odds and cause you to swallow your pride.

Nevertheless, like fire, being in love can be either constructive or destructive. If it inspires you to be a better person, then it is something to treasure. On the other hand, if it causes your world to fall apart, then it is tragic.

Love is beautiful and everyone needs it. However, it does not mean that falling in love with anyone, anywhere, and anytime is always right. If your mind tells you it is wrong, then you probably have to listen.

Here are 16 good reasons why you should not fall in love.

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