10 Effective Ways to Convince Your Parents to Say Yes to You

Effective Ways to Convince Your Parents to Say Yes to You
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As a kid, do you find it hard to convince your dad and mom to buy you something or let you do something adventurous with your buddies? Like, it would take you long discussions before you could have the latest gadget or join your friends for a pajama party?

Parents usually think that they know best for their kids. For this reason, their minds are automatically set in scrutiny mode whenever their children ask them for something. Well, please do not think this a bad thing, though. As annoying as it seems, your parents are simply protective of you, so they do not want to be careless in giving you what you want.

If you really want to learn the art of convincing your parents, here are some helpful ways:

1. Make sure to have good grades at school.

Do you want your parents to give in to your want willingly? Then, make them proud! Most dads and moms would want to reward their kids who are doing great at school. Thus, when their A-list student child asks something from them, they are more likely to say yes to them.

Knowing that you will need to ask permission from them or buy something for you from time to time, take your studies seriously. Be a responsible student who consistently earns good grades. Well, being a top student would definitely wow your mommy and daddy, so why not make it a goal?

2. Show them that you diligently study your lessons regularly.

Aside from having good grades, your parents will surely love to see you devoting your time to homework and reviewing lessons rather than watching the television or playing mobile games. It tells them that you are a mature and responsible child. So, when you ask something from them, it would be easier to get their “yes”.

So, what to do? Develop a study habit. Let your parents know about your studying schedule so they will not disturb you. If they see you consistent with your regular study time, they will look at you as a responsible kid. Expect to hear their “yes” in a bit once you try asking something from them.

3. Serve them breakfast or snacks.

Another way to win the hearts of your old folks is by serving them some hearty meals. You can prepare them breakfast or surprise them with tasty snacks in the afternoon. For sure, they would appreciate your effort.

Therefore, before you open up about your request, plan the special menu you will be preparing for your parents. You can wake up earlier than them to cook them their favorite breakfast or learn some new snack recipes from YouTube for the afternoon.

4. Clean your room and the house.

Does your mom always scold you for not cleaning your room? Why not change it this time? To get the “yes” of your mom and dad, start making them feel good about you by tidying up your room. Seeing your neat place will please your parents and may give you a reward to encourage you to keep doing it.

To guarantee success, why not clean the entire house, instead? It will surely put your mommy and daddy in a good mood before opening up about what you want. There is a big possibility that they will give you that big “yes” in an instant.

5. Do the laundry.

Or you can do your parents’ laundry too. Most of the time, parents are too busy with work to attend to dirty clothes. That is why many households choose to get the service of laundry shops.

Why not help your parents save from laundry costs by washing their clothes for them? If you have a washing machine, the chore will not take you long. Your dad and mom will surely appreciate the effort. How could they say “no” to you when you ask something from them?

Effective Ways to Convince Your Parents to Say Yes to You
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6. Give them a relaxing foot massage.

Do your parents usually come home tired from work? They would surely appreciate a comforting foot massage. If you can help them relax by offering them a soothing foot massage in the evening, they would surely feel appreciative towards you.

It will be easier to convince your parents of what you need or want with your regular foot massage. Well, most parents do not like being outgiven by their kids. Thus, granting your request will make your parents feel good about themselves.

7. Try to ask for something bigger or more expensive first.

There is this trick that has worked for many kids who wanted their parents to buy them something. They try to outwit their parents by asking them to buy something more expensive first. Since their parents would say “no,” they tried to bargain by presenting a cheaper or smaller item. Most of the time, the parents would agree with the second option.

So, why not try this as well? All you have to do is ask your parents for something bigger than what you really intend to buy. Later, try to present the smaller or lesser expensive choice.

8. Explain to them how it can help you.

It is not very difficult to convince your parent to says “yes” to something they know is safe and good for you. What they just need is to understand your request. Once they see how you can benefit from what you are asking, they willindeedy allow it.

Therefore, try to talk to your parents about what you want. Whether it is something you want to buy or an activity you want to be part of, you just have to show them why it is good. Parents think like business folks. They want to make sure they will be investing in something beneficial.

9. Let them think it is their idea.

Parents like to think that they always have better ideas and ways than their kids. Since they want the best for their children, they have a hard time trusting their young ones’ ideas. Therefore, they would only normally say “yes” to something they have also thought so.

So, why not let your mom and dad be involved in planning for what you want? Just pretend to suggest the idea and let them decide on it. For instance, if you want to go camping, do not directly tell them that you want to do it. Instead, open up about how celebrity parents let their kids go camping to make them more independent and reliable. As you get your parents talking about camping advantages, you can introduce the idea of joining one.

10. Be a responsible kid.

As mentioned above, parents are often hesitant to give in to their kids’ requests because of being overprotective. On the other hand, if they can see that their children are responsible and reasonable, they are more likely to listen to them.

Therefore, strive to become a more mature and responsible child. Be a good student and be a role model to your siblings. You should also practice self-discipline, especially when it comes to doing chores and school works first before playing games or hanging out with your friends.

Effective Ways to Convince Your Parents to Say Yes to You
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Respect Your Parents’ Decision

If you cannot get your parents’ “yes” even after trying the suggested ways, just respect their decision. Avoid throwing a fit or getting angry at them. They have their reasons for not giving in to your want. Just be thankful that you have parents who are protective of you.

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will you send me stuff on how to when you ask for pop or something like that from your mom or dad that when you ask for what ever you ask for they give it to you.when you ask for it.