14 Ways to Deal with Your Sensitive Partner in a Relationship

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People are so diverse that sometimes you end up with someone opposite you. Sometimes, personality differences are the reasons why relationships do not last. However, if you know how to deal with each other, then yours can thrive.

What if you have this very sensitive partner? If you are an outspoken and outgoing person, then being with someone who gets offended easily could be daunting. You have to be conscious of your words and actions all the time, or you might end the day, not talking.

So, how should you deal with a sensitive partner? Here are 14 ways:

1. Get to know your partner’s likes and dislikes.
The first thing you need to avoid triggering your partner is to know him/her better. Knowing your partner like the back of your hand would make it easier for you to stop hurting his/her feelings. So start by finding out his/her likes and dislikes.

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2. Find out his/her love language.
Aside from his/her likes and dislikes, it is best if you get familiar with your partner’s love language. Is it time, service, giving, touch, or appreciation? Knowing about this will help you hit his/her soft spot, especially whenever you have a lovers’ quarrel.

If you do not know much about love languages, you can google it up or read a book.

3. Be familiar with his/her body language.
Aside from love languages, learning your partner’s body language can be helpful too. By just observing his/her actions, you can find out whenever s/he is uncomfortable with something. Then, you can immediately change the conversation, bring him/her out of the place, or ask what is wrong.

4. Put yourself in his/her shoe.
Unless you can understand your partner, it would be easy to get annoyed by his/her personality. One way to deal with this is by trying to understand the person better. Whenever s/he starts being touchy, try to see where s/he is coming from.

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5. Be careful with your words.
Sensitive people get hurt or offended immediately. They take jokes seriously and tend to overanalyze even non-malicious statements. For this reason, be careful in throwing puns and avoid sarcasm.

6. Say “sorry” immediately.
If you know you have hurt your partner’s feelings, even if unintentionally, apologize sincerely. Instead of being defensive and trying to come out clean, it is better to be humble. Be the first one to say “sorry” and admit that you have been insensitive.

Once s/he feels better, you can start talking about the misunderstanding.

7. Do not make the same mistakes again.
If you are aware that your partner gets emotionally affected by your certain actions, be careful not to do them again. For instance, if you know s/he easily gets hurt whenever you raise your voice at him/her, then be mindful next time. Try hard not to lose control whenever you have some misunderstandings, or you have a personal problem.

8. Extend your patience.
Getting mad at your partner every time s/he gets offended by the smallest thing does not help. It would only make the person feel worse about him/herself. It may be annoying at times but do your best to be patient with your partner. Be a little more understanding.

9. Give him/her space.
Whenever your partner is emotional about something, do not try to shake him/her off out of it. Avoid nagging and telling him/her that the issue is so lame, and s/he is being OA. Instead, give your partner time to cool down and ponder about the situation on his/her own.

10. Expose your partner to your world.
Your partner is probably an introvert, which could be the reason why s/he is overly sensitive. S/he is probably not used to mingling with people, receiving jokes, and constructive criticisms.

One way to help your partner is by introducing him/her to different kinds of people. This could be uncomfortable for him/her at first, but soon s/he will get the hang of socialization.

11. Do not force him/her to change immediately.
Pressuring your partner to stop being sensitive would not help, especially threatening him/her with a breakup. Change does not happen overnight. This could only stress him/her out, and it might even lead to depression. Depressed people can be more sensitive.

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12. Let your partner open up.
There could be a reason behind your partner’s behavior. Opening up about it can maybe help him/her loosen up. For this to happen, you must let your partner feel that you are trustworthy and you truly care about him/her.

13. Make your partner understand that the relationship is not all about him/her.
Of course, as a loving partner, you must help your sweetheart overcome his/her weakness. This starts by gently breaking the truth to him/her—that you also need understanding at times. Both of you should learn to adjust to each other’s needs.

This is where compromise comes in. As a couple, you need to meet half-way. This will require you to evaluate your behaviors and make a conscious effort to change the negative ones.

14. Agree to know each other better.
To be more patient and understanding of each other, you need to grow together. This means that you have to know each other well. Doing so will help you to be sensitive to your beloved’s feelings.

If, until now, you only know about 50% of your partner’s life and character, then make an effort to increase it. Both of you must decide to spend more time together and be more involved in each other’s life.

About growing together

If you want your relationship to be harmonious, you need to know how to deal with each other’s moods, flaws, and strengths. However, even if you have been with the person for years, it is still possible that you do not still know each other.

To know each other better, you need to give time and effort consistently. It is not an easy process, but if you stick through it all, you can change and grow together.

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