11 Effective Ways to Get Close to Your Sister

Ways to Get Close to Your Sister
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Siblings, as blood-related individuals, should love, support, and take care of each other. However, these do not happen all the time. Many turned out to be the worst enemy of their sibs.

Relationships among siblings have ups and downs. You may wonder why you do not have a good relationship with your sister. Or, at some point, your relationship could have gone through testing, and she became cold over time. If this happened, you could be asking yourself, “What’s wrong? Is it her or me?”.

Whatever the reason why you are not close with your sister, it is not too late to make up for the lost time and rebuild your relationship with her.

How to Get Close to Your Sister

Read on to know some of the simple ways to get close to your sister. Or if you already have a good relationship with her, you may still find this article helpful to strengthen it and become closer to her. Check out some of these.

1. Know and understand her personality.

What do you know about your sister? Does she like a particular hobby? What irritates her? What makes her happy? These are just some of the essential things you need to know about her.

Nevertheless, intimately knowing her is not enough. You need to understand her temperament as well so that you will know how to adjust. Learn to accept and appreciate each other’s differences wholeheartedly.

2. Treat her as your best friend. 

Some siblings do not treat each other as best of friends. Fights, especially among the younger ones, happen every now and then. All these pertain to several issues, such as house chores, borrowing of personal belongings, competition, individual hygiene, and so on.

However, as you become more mature, the petty fights with your sister would not matter anymore– especially those that happened when you were still kids. Build a kind of closeness that would make her your BFF. This desire should start from you.

3. Always keep in touch. 

As siblings grow and mature, it is normal to experience some changes. They land a job and live in another place. Some get married and build a family of their own. Others, however, remain to live with their aged parents while busy with other matters.

Despite all these, the relationship and your treatment towards her should never change. Keeping in touch is a great way to let her know that she is important to you.

Whether you already have your own family or are still single, make sure to reach out to her. If possible, do not miss a single day without asking about her whereabouts. Inform her as well about small and big events in your life. Call her regularly if you cannot be together for a long time.

4. Be there for her in trying times.

We all experience challenging times – no one is exempted. Your sister could be your best support and source of strength when facing challenging situations. That is why you must also be there in times of crisis.

Sometimes, all you need to do is to listen. When your sister needs comfort, you do not have to say some words of encouragement all the time. Being a good listener as she pours out her feelings and releases her burdens is more than enough.

The trying times you experience with her are an opportunity to fortify your relationship and ultimately draw you closer.

Effective Ways to Get Close to Your Sister
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5. Be polite and gentle.

Most of the time, pay attention to your words and actions. Although you belong to one family and are blood-related, you still need to be cautious when saying candid opinions. In short, avoid overfamiliarity. Be gentle when confronting her about her looks, manners, and some other issues that may offend her.

Sometimes, trivial comments can ignite the fire. Being honest, somehow, is essential. However, some of your opinions are better kept than being said. Rebuke her with love, if necessary.

6. Give her compliments.

Many of us notice more the flaws and imperfections of other people. We sometimes overlook their commendable traits and behaviors. As you see your sister’s strengths and weaknesses every day, it is usually easier to focus on her flaws.

To build a better relationship, you need to practice speaking with kindness towards her. Give her compliments by appreciating her skills, talents, and good deeds. As you do this, you will be amazed at how her relationship with you will improve.

7. Give her the respect she deserves. 

Respect is one of the crucial things to learn in life – both towards other people and us. You cannot build good relationships with your family, friends, colleagues, and even yourself without it.

To show respect towards your sister, treat her the way you want to be treated in return. Know your limitations and give her space when she needs it.

Do not disturb her in her private moments. Never use her belongings without asking permission from her too. Instead of saying disrespectful words when you have disagreements, learn to control your emotions and refrain from saying things that would discourage her.

8. Play and have fun together. 

No matter how busy and stressful life is, never forget fun and excitement. Be imaginative in coming up with incredible ideas wherein you will both enjoy while creating a quality bonding.

Try certain activities together, such as doing physical exercise, cooking, hiking, movie marathon, traveling to other places, participating in a sport or game, etc. You can do any of these at home or outdoors.

Effective Ways to Get Close to Your Sister
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9. Avoid competition.

Rivalry happens because of comparisons. “She’s more beautiful than me,” “I am smarter than her,” and “She’s a better singer than me” are just some of the usual comparisons among sisters. You have to watch out if there is a hint of competition between you and her. If not resolved, it may lead to bitterness and anger.

Keep in mind that you are not meant to compete with her. As a loving sister, you should celebrate with her in times of triumphs and mourn with her during moments of great sorrow.

10. Show your affection. 

There are many ways to show her how much she means to you. It can be through words, actions, or time. You can express how much you love her by saying it verbally.

Aside from this, your simple gestures of affection can already mean a lot. It is because your touch and hugs speak louder than your words.

Finally, time is the best gift you can give her. Be there in times of happy and sad moments. Let her know that she is indeed a special person and treat her that way. When you do all these, she will undoubtedly appreciate all your efforts.

11. Initiate humility.

Pride is one of the most challenging feelings to deal with. Overcoming it can also be difficult, especially in initiating reconciliation and asking for forgiveness. It is hard to say “sorry” first, especially when you believe you were not at fault.

However, if you want to win your sister’s confidence, then you need to be willing to swallow your pride, all for the sake of love. You have to be a role model when it comes to humility. Although it is easier said than done, you cannot be at peace with her if no one is willing to exercise humility. Therefore, it should start with you.

Qualities of a Good Sibling

1. Supportive of their siblings
2. Attentive listener
3. Always available to help
4. Ever thoughtful
5. Can be trusted
6. Stands up for their siblings
7. Frank and honest with them
8. Corrects their mistakes
9. Offers advice from their personal experience
10. Teaches respect for their parents
11. Good leader
12. Selfless and generous
13. Does not compete with siblings
14. Apologizes when wrong
15. Initiates reconciliation
16. Forgives and does not hold grudges
17. Gives time to bond with their siblings
18. Takes care of them
19. Patient and understanding
20. Role model
21. Prays for their siblings

Please visit Qualities of a Good Sibling for the details.

How to Love Your Siblings

1. Find out their interests.
2. Offer them help in any way you can.
3. Give them presents not just on special days.
4. Go out with them once in a while.
5. Have heart-to-heart talks with them.
6. Be a trusted secret-keeper.
7. Listen to them.
8. Tease them, but do not overdo it.
9. Forget about childhood wars.
10. Forgive them immediately.
11. Be humble.
12. Check on them from time to time.
13. Support them in pursuing their dreams.
14. Make them feel you are not a rival.
15. Do not be afraid to give them a hug.

Please visit How to Love Your Siblings for the details.


How to be Best Friends with Your Sister

1. Be appreciative of your sister.
2. Always encourage her when she feels unconfident.
3. Be supportive of her dreams or goals.
4. Share your secrets with her.
5. Assure her that you can be trusted with her secrets too.
6. Go shopping with her.
7. Date with each other regularly.
8. Always buy for two.
9. Travel together.
10. Go to the salon or spa together.
11. Introduce her to your friends.
12. Get to know her friends more.
13. Always be available to help her.
14. Be understanding and extra friendly.
15. Correct or rebuke her gently.

Please visit How to be Best Friends with Your Sister for the details.


Be a Good and Loving Sister

The bond that connects you and your sister need time and effort to develop – just like in any other relationship. Although misunderstandings may still happen at times, it is the combination of all these fundamental components that makes a firm sisterhood connection.

Do not wait for your sister to make the first move to get close to you. Be the one to initiate by being a good and loving sister to her.

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