15 Sweet Ways to be Best Friends with Your Sister

Sweet Ways to be Best Friends with Your Sister
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Being best friends with your sister is one of the best things in the world. Imagine growing up together, sharing nostalgic childhood memories, and sharing loved ones altogether. Also, since you already know each other initially, you know the right way to deal with each other.

How to be Best Friends with Your Sister

If it is your wish to be best friends with your sister, try doing these 15 ways.

1. Be appreciative of your sister.

Everyone loves praises or appreciation. Therefore, regularly expressing your appreciation for your sissy will make her love being with you all the more. Simple praises will do—such as telling her how you love her dress or hair, complimenting her for doing an excellent job at school or work, or expressing how you admire some of her good traits.

2. Always encourage her when she feels unconfident.

Whenever you feel that your sister is feeling down or probably insecure, boost her confidence. Remind her of how she did great in accomplishing some things before. If she feels insecure about her appearance, point out some of the assets that make her beautiful. Remind her also that inward beauty is more important.

3. Be supportive of her dreams or goals.

Another way to be your sister’s BFF is by being supportive all the time. Let her see how you believe in her. Whenever she shares her dreams with you, be excited for her. Give some suggestions that can help her achieve her goals. Or you can also tell her that she can always turn to you whenever she needs help along the way.

4. Share your secrets with her.

One thing which confirms that a person is your best friend is when you can comfortably share your secrets with her. For this reason, be willing to pour out your deepest thoughts to your sister. Open up to her about your secrets to making her feel trusted and valuable.

5. Assure her that you can be trusted with her secrets too.

At the same time, make your sister feel that you are trustworthy as well. To make her trust you, avoid teasing her about her crushes or secrets and fight the urge to betray her to your parents whenever you fight. Whenever you can feel that she is going through something, assure her that you are willing to listen and available for her to talk to.

6. Go shopping with her.

Nothing beats good shopping as the best bonding between sisters. Whenever you have the time and money, invite your sissy on a shopping spree. It is okay if you have a limited budget. Window shopping can also be fun if done together. What matters the most is you enjoy your time together.

Sweet Ways to be Best Friends with Your Sister
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7. Date with each other regularly.

Regularly going out together can also improve the friendship between you and your sister. You can make it a habit to have a date every weekend. You can watch a movie, go to your favorite coffee shop, or have snacks at your favorite fast-food chain restaurant. You can also go out with your entire family since it will be more fun.

8. Always buy for two.

Do you want to buy a new dress or lipstick? Why not buy two and give the other one to her? Sharing with your sister is an adorable gesture, and she will surely appreciate it. For sure, she will do the same to you whenever she can.

9. Travel together.

The best bonding that you could ever do with your BFF sissy is to go on a vacation together. Traveling does wonder to the soul, especially if done with people who are dear to you. Take on adventures, discover new places and cultures, meet new friends, and make more memories in beautiful tourist spots together.

10. Go to the salon or spa together.

If you are both stressed at work or school, you can unwind together by going to the salon or spa. It would be so lovely relaxing while chitchatting about daily life with your sister. It will help both of you to be more open to each other. You can include this as part of your regular dates.

11. Introduce her to your friends.

Another way to be best friends with your sister is by including her in your circle of friends. Or at least let her be comfortable around them. This way, it will be easier to hang out with her since you can just ask her to join you in your get-together.

Of course, you should not force her to fit in if she does not feel like it since there could be factors, like the age gap, making it hard to happen. At least, she just knows who your friends are.

12. Get to know her friends more.

It should also go the other way around. Getting to know your sister’s bunch of friends and treating them like your own siblings would mean a lot to her. Moreover, this will help you get to learn more about your sister as well. Knowing about the people she hangs out with will help you and your family check on her.

Well, you must not also force yourself into their circle of friends as it could be awkward and creepy for them. In case they get close to you, then that would be some. If not, being friendly and comfortable around each other is good enough.

13. Always be available to help her.

Helping your sister in times of need is an excellent way to win her trust. If she feels how dependable and supportive you are, she will be thinking of you as a cool superhero sibling. In what way can you help her? There are many ways, like in her studies or work, finances, or even when she struggles with heartache. Being there for her is such a very comforting gesture that she would always thank you for.

14. Be understanding and extra friendly.

When your sister is hard to understand, like when she keeps on messing up, do not lose hope. Avoid being mean to her as she could be going through some challenges. Instead of scolding or grounding her, be extra gentle and kind to her. She could be in a stage of exploration, adolescence sprout, or just struggling with something. Treat her nicely so you can get her trust.

Sweet Ways to be Best Friends with Your Sister
Photo by AdinaVoicu

15. Correct or rebuke her gently.

Then, once you see that your sister is going the wrong way, correct her in a way that she will not feel antagonized so she would not be rebellious. Have a heart-to-heart talk with her and open up about what you think about her decisions and behaviors that you find to be risky. Assure her that you are only concerned about her welfare and you love her.

Qualities of a Good Sibling

1. Supportive of their siblings
2. Attentive listener
3. Always available to help
4. Ever thoughtful
5. Can be trusted
6. Stands up for their siblings
7. Frank and honest with them
8. Corrects their mistakes
9. Offers advice from their personal experience
10. Teaches respect for their parents
11. Good leader
12. Selfless and generous
13. Does not compete with siblings
14. Apologizes when wrong
15. Initiates reconciliation
16. Forgives and does not hold grudges
17. Gives time to bond with their siblings
18. Takes care of them
19. Patient and understanding
20. Role model
21. Prays for their siblings

Please visit Qualities of a Good Sibling for the details.

How to Love Your Siblings

1. Find out their interests.
2. Offer them help in any way you can.
3. Give them presents not just on special days.
4. Go out with them once in a while.
5. Have heart-to-heart talks with them.
6. Be a trusted secret-keeper.
7. Listen to them.
8. Tease them, but do not overdo it.
9. Forget about childhood wars.
10. Forgive them immediately.
11. Be humble.
12. Check on them from time to time.
13. Support them in pursuing their dreams.
14. Make them feel you are not a rival.
15. Do not be afraid to give them a hug.

Please visit How to Love Your Siblings for the details.

How to Get Close to Your Sister

1. Know and understand her personality.
2. Treat her as your best friend.
3. Always keep in touch.
4. Be there for her in trying times.
5. Be polite and gentle.
6. Give her compliments.
7. Give her the respect she deserves.
8. Play and have fun together.
9. Avoid competition.
10. Show your affection.
11. Initiate humility.

Please visit How to Get Close to Your Sister for the details.

Being There for Her Always

Siblings have that special bond that will continue to be strengthened if nurtured with love and friendship as you grow up. Actually, you do not need any special tips to be best friends with your sister. You have to be available for her whenever she needs you. That assurance will help boost her confidence and security, knowing that she is loved and supported.

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