21 Admirable Qualities of a Good Sibling

Admirable Qualities of a Good Sibling
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Everyone loves to have loving siblings who can act as their best friends too. Siblings are not just connected by blood. Their time of growing up together has cemented their unbreakable bond.

However, siblings are not perfect too. Even if the same blood runs in their veins, they still have different personalities and perspectives. Thus, they cannot avoid misunderstandings sometimes.

21 Qualities of a Good Sibling

If you want to be a good sibling, here are some admirable qualities that you must possess:

1. Supportive of their siblings

A good sibling supports their brothers and sisters in their interests and dreams. They are among their top cheerleaders and would cheer them on loudly among the crowd. Moreover, they are proud of their siblings’ achievements, so they celebrate with them. They also help them accomplish their goals.

2. Attentive listener

Just like a good friend, a terrific brother or sister will always be available to listen to their siblings. They can listen to their rants, heartbreaks, and exciting stories without judgment. They will be willing to sit with them until the wee hours of the night just to listen to their siblings talk about their crushes or breakups.

3. Always available to help

As a family, siblings naturally want to care for each other. Some would even go the extra mile just to help their brothers and sisters. Even if they have their own problems, they cannot say “no” to their siblings who need help.

4. Ever thoughtful

A good sister or brother does not forget their siblings’ birthdays. On Christmas and other special occasions, you can expect wonderful presents and surprise parties from them. Also, they will excitedly attend their graduations, school performances, and other special events.

5. Can be trusted

Good siblings are trustworthy. When their sister or brother shares a secret with them, they will keep that within them. They are unlikely to betray their siblings even during their misunderstandings.

6. Stands up for their siblings

In connection to no. 5, a good sibling is loyal to their brothers and sisters. They are so protective of their siblings that they can even cover up for them when needed. They will fight by their siblings’ side and defend them.

7. Frank and honest with them

Another characteristic of a good sibling is being upfront and honest with their sisters and brothers. When they know their siblings have to hear the truth, they will tell it straight. That is why they are good at rebuking.

8. Corrects their mistakes

In connection to no. 7, a good sibling rebukes and corrects their brothers and sisters when needed. They do not tolerate wrongdoings.

9. Offers advice from their personal experience

Especially the older ones, siblings who care about their brothers and sisters will give them practical and helpful advice. Most of the time, they will use their personal experiences as their source of wisdom.

10. Teaches respect for their parents

Good siblings are good influences on each other. One of the best influences a great sister or brother can have on their other siblings is respecting their parents. They will teach them to keep honoring and obeying them even if their parents are not perfect.

11. Good leader

A good older sibling can be an excellent leader to the younger ones in the family. They are good at decision-making and can be firm in implementing house rules. Moreover, they model how to be a good child to their parents by taking the initiative to do household chores. Of course, they are also good at delegating tasks.

12. Selfless and generous

An admirable brother or sister is also selfless. Whenever they have the money, they will treat and buy gifts for their siblings. Moreover, they can set aside their wants to help their siblings with their needs.

Admirable Qualities of a Good Sibling
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13. Does not compete with siblings

You can also say that a sibling is good if they do not see their brothers and sisters as rivals. They are not jealous of them. For them, the success of their siblings is their success too. Some are even willing to sacrifice their own dreams just to support their siblings.

14. Apologizes when wrong

Well, a good sibling is also humble. They can accept their mistakes and apologize for them. They are also willing to listen to corrections.

15. Initiates reconciliation

Moreover, during a misunderstanding, the mature sibling will not only apologize for their mistakes. They can also set aside their pride and initiate reconciliation. Aside from not wanting to upset their parents, they just love their siblings enough not to let a day pass by with heartaches between them.

16. Forgives and does not hold grudges

A great brother or sister has a good heart that does not dwell in anger and hatred. They can forgive their siblings and let go of their anger and heartaches because of them.

17. Gives time to bond with their siblings

Despite running their own lives and being busy with their career, a wonderful sibling will always find time to catch up with their brothers and sisters. They also initiate family reunions and arrange dates and holiday trips.

18. Takes care of them

You do not have to beg an excellent sibling to take care of a sick sister or brother. As someone who unconditionally loves their family, they will be willing to sacrifice whatever they are doing to care for a sibling in need.

19. Patient and understanding

A good sibling has long patience and broad understanding towards their brothers and sisters. Although misunderstandings and arguments cannot be avoided sometimes, they will still try their best to put up with the flaws of their siblings.

20. Role model

Of course, a responsible sibling serves as a good example to their brothers and sisters. This is primarily true for the eldest siblings. They will do their best to be responsible kids, especially as students. They will study their lessons regularly and strive to have high grades. Some even set aside getting a love life while they are still in school to avoid distractions.

Admirable Qualities of a Good Sibling
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21. Prays for their siblings

Another trait of a good sibling is being prayerful. Their love for their brothers and sisters makes them plead to God for their safety, good health, guidance, and success. They understand that they cannot always be together, but God will always be with them. For this reason, they ask the Lord to keep them under His protection always.

How to Love Your Siblings

1. Find out their interests.
2. Offer them help in any way you can.
3. Give them presents not just on special days.
4. Go out with them once in a while.
5. Have heart-to-heart talks with them.
6. Be a trusted secret-keeper.
7. Listen to them.
8. Tease them, but do not overdo it.
9. Forget about childhood wars.
10. Forgive them immediately.
11. Be humble.
12. Check on them from time to time.
13. Support them in pursuing their dreams.
14. Make them feel you are not a rival.
15. Do not be afraid to give them a hug.

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How to Get Close to Your Sister

1. Know and understand her personality.
2. Treat her as your best friend.
3. Always keep in touch.
4. Be there for her in trying times.
5. Be polite and gentle.
6. Give her compliments.
7. Give her the respect she deserves.
8. Play and have fun together.
9. Avoid competition.
10. Show your affection.
11. Initiate humility.

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How to Get Close to Your Brother

1. Do not be too strict.
2. Joke around him.
3. Be open to him about your thoughts or problems.
4. Assure him that he can talk to you about anything.
5. Hang out with him and his friends.
6. Bond with him at home.
7. Help him with his chores, school works, or work stuff.
8. Give him presents, even without any special occasion.
9. Indulge him with food.
10. Visit him whenever you can.
11. Invite him over from time to time.
12. Be close with his girlfriend or wife.
13. Say ‘sorry’ whenever you offend him.
14. Ask him to be your chaperone.
15. Buy him a ticket for his favorite band’s concert.
16. Go on an adventure with him.

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How to be Best Friends with Your Sister

1. Be appreciative of your sister.
2. Always encourage her when she feels unconfident.
3. Be supportive of her dreams or goals.
4. Share your secrets with her.
5. Assure her that you can be trusted with her secrets too.
6. Go shopping with her.
7. Date with each other regularly.
8. Always buy for two.
9. Travel together.
10. Go to the salon or spa together.
11. Introduce her to your friends.
12. Get to know her friends more.
13. Always be available to help her.
14. Be understanding and extra friendly.
15. Correct or rebuke her gently.

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How to Be Best Friend with Your Brother

1. Learn to accept your differences.
2. Let your temper cool down whenever there is a conflict.
3. Forget all hurts in the past.
4. Say ‘sorry’ when you commit an offense against him.
5. Pay attention and listen when he shares something.
6. Respect his opinions, personal properties, and privacy.
7. Be more vocal in showing your appreciation.
8. Be happy with all his achievements.
9. Show support when he needs motivation and encouragement.
10. Plan activities that you both love.
11. Share unstintingly.
12. Pray hard.

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Be One

We all need good siblings, especially during times of trouble. The world will be a better place if every person will be a good brother or sister to everyone. There will be no greed, pride, jealousy, and hatred. Instead, there will only be unconditional love.

Why not make it your goal to be a better brother or sister to your siblings? Savor every moment that you are still together. Someday, when you have your own lives and families, you would surely miss being with each other.

Therefore, start to be a good sibling to them now. It will also make your parents proud and happy. Someday, when you have grown old, you would not regret valuing and taking good care of your family, including your siblings.

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