16 Cool Ways to Get Close to Your Brother

Cool Ways to Get Close to Your Brother
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It is pretty fun to grow up with a brother, especially if you are close to each other. As much as it is adorable having a sister or sisters around, brothers make growing up more exciting with their energy and outgoing souls.

However, some individuals have brothers but did not have the opportunity to have a close relationship with them. It could be that they grew up in different environments, such as in the case of broken families, or a large age gap.

Would it be too late for siblings in this situation to have a stronger bond?

The answer is ‘no.’ As long as these persons are still alive, there will always be a chance to improve the relationship.

How to Get Close to Your Brother

Whatever your case is, you can still get close to your brother. You can check out these cool ways on how to make it happen.

1. Do not be too strict.

It is a common problem with eldest or older siblings. They tend to be strict, even to the point of being harsh, towards their younger brothers and sisters. If you are the oldest, then avoid being too firm with your siblings.

Try to be more lenient towards your brother to avoid intimidating him. Smile and laugh with him. Give him the liberty to decide for himself and avoid restraining him from going out of the house, hanging out with his friends, and doing what he likes. You can only give him advice and reminders about the consequences of wrong decisions.

2. Joke around him.

In connection to no. 1, allow yourself to receive or exchange jokes with your brother. Do not get easily mad whenever he teases you because that builds the wall between you. You can throw your jokes at him, but make sure that you do not get insensitive.

3. Be open to him about your thoughts or problems.

If you want your brother to be open to you, then start by being honest with him. Once he feels that you trust him, he is more likely to trust you back. Sooner or later, he will be more comfortable opening up to you also.

4. Assure him that he can talk to you about anything.

Also, telling him that you are always willing to listen and support him will help your brother be more comfortable opening up. It is crucial in bridging the gap between you. Of course, you should not force him to open up to you since that would be uncomfortable for him. Just wait for him to be ready to trust you fully.


Cool Ways to Get Close to Your Brother
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5. Hang out with him and his friends.

Another way to be close with your brother is by getting to know his friends better. You can tell your brother to invite his friends over for a barbecue party or ask him if they would like to join you on an out-of-town vacation. Once you become friends with his friends, he will realize that you are not a ‘killjoy’, so he would be more comfortable bonding with you. You can also introduce your brother and his friends to your own set of friends.

6. Bond with him at home.

Besides bonding with him outside with his friends, you can also hang out with your brother at home. You can watch movies or your favorite TV series together while feasting on popcorn, French fries, pizza, and your other favorite foods. Of course, you can include your other siblings or parents in your bonding session.

7. Help him with his chores, school works, or work stuff.

The best way to win your brother’s complete trust is by helping him accomplish his tasks, especially whenever he is cramming and too stressed. If he is too busy with his job or studies, and you know he does not have the time for other things, you can step in. For instance, you can offer to do his laundry or clean up his room. You may also offer to help him with school projects, homework, or work-related activities.

8. Give him presents, even without any special occasion.

Giving gifts to your family members on Christmas or their birthdays is a usual gesture. However, if you would do it even without any occasion, then that would be more memorable. Your brother will surely appreciate even small presents from you, such as a cap, mug, or shirt. Your thoughtfulness would make him at more ease with you around.

9. Indulge him with food.

Generally, both boys and girls cannot resist food. Therefore, if you want to get closer to your brother, then indulge in food. You can invite him for snacks at McDonald’s or have pizzas delivered at home whenever you are binge-watching together, or he is busy with school or work stuff.

10. Visit him whenever you can.

In case you are not living under the same roof, it is still possible to be closer to him. If possible, you can visit him regularly, like once a week, and bring some food to him. That would make him feel more cared for, especially if he is only away for studies. Checking on him always would be sweet.

11. Invite him over from time to time.

Or you can do it the other way around. Aside from visiting him, you can also invite him to see you. Then, whenever he comes, you can treat him to a nice restaurant and go shopping together. In case you have your own family already, you can let him stay with you for a while so he can bond with your spouse and kids.

Cool Ways to Get Close to Your Brother
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12. Be close with his girlfriend or wife.

Being supportive of his love life would mean a lot to your brother. He would surely be delighted when he sees that you are accommodating his wife or girlfriend well. Aside from bonding with them both, you can hang out with his partner alone. You have to love her as your own sister as well.

13. Say ‘sorry’ whenever you offend him.

It is not unusual for siblings to be bickering sometimes. However, overfamiliarity can destroy any relationship, including that of siblings. For this reason, be mindful of your words and treatment toward your brother. Whenever you know you have offended him, be humble enough to apologize to him.

14. Ask him to be your chaperone.

Whenever you have a date and are not comfortable going alone, why not ask your brother to go with you? It will not only help you to feel secure with your date, but it can also strengthen the bond between you as you spend more time together.

15. Buy him a ticket for his favorite band’s concert.

Is your brother a music lover? If yes, find out who his favorite artists are. Then, once you discover that one of them would be having a concert nearby, secretly buy a ticket/tickets for it. Surprise your brother with it, and he would surely love you all the more.

16. Go on an adventure with him.

If your brother is an outgoing or active person, then adventure will surely be exciting to him. Invite him to engaging activities like hiking, camping, snorkeling, and other fun physical activities. He would surely be more grateful for having an on-the-go sister or brother like you.

Qualities of a Good Sibling

1. Supportive of their siblings
2. Attentive listener
3. Always available to help
4. Ever thoughtful
5. Can be trusted
6. Stands up for their siblings
7. Frank and honest with them
8. Corrects their mistakes
9. Offers advice from their personal experience
10. Teaches respect for their parents
11. Good leader
12. Selfless and generous
13. Does not compete with siblings
14. Apologizes when wrong
15. Initiates reconciliation
16. Forgives and does not hold grudges
17. Gives time to bond with their siblings
18. Takes care of them
19. Patient and understanding
20. Role model
21. Prays for their siblings

Please visit Qualities of a Good Sibling for the details.

How to Love Your Siblings

1. Find out their interests.
2. Offer them help in any way you can.
3. Give them presents not just on special days.
4. Go out with them once in a while.
5. Have heart-to-heart talks with them.
6. Be a trusted secret-keeper.
7. Listen to them.
8. Tease them, but do not overdo it.
9. Forget about childhood wars.
10. Forgive them immediately.
11. Be humble.
12. Check on them from time to time.
13. Support them in pursuing their dreams.
14. Make them feel you are not a rival.
15. Do not be afraid to give them a hug.

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How to Be Best Friend with Your Brother

1. Learn to accept your differences.
2. Let your temper cool down whenever there is a conflict.
3. Forget all hurts in the past.
4. Say ‘sorry’ when you commit an offense against him.
5. Pay attention and listen when he shares something.
6. Respect his opinions, personal properties, and privacy.
7. Be more vocal in showing your appreciation.
8. Be happy with all his achievements.
9. Show support when he needs motivation and encouragement.
10. Plan activities that you both love.
11. Share unstintingly.
12. Pray hard.

Please visit How to Be Best Friend with Your Brother for the details.

Just Show Love

The best way to get closer to your brother is by making him feel loved and supported. Always be available for him whenever he needs you, and encourage him to fulfill his dreams. Once he sees that you genuinely care, your closeness will happen naturally.

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