16 Ways to Overcome Loneliness in Life

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Fresh from a breakup? Are you afraid of not being able to endure the pain and loneliness in the next weeks to come? Well, it is true that this is a fragile phase, and if not dealt with properly, you might end up depressed.

In order for you to overcome loneliness, apply the following ways in your life. No one tip would help you solve the problem in an instant, but if you combine all these together, then there could be a faster and more positive result.

1. Realize that no one loves you better than your family.
You may have no boyfriend or girlfriend now, but if you still have a family that supports you come what may, then you are blessed. Instead of wasting your tears on thinking about your loss, be thankful for these people who are still there for you. Find out how you can maximize your time with them.

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2. Visit and date your parents more often.
If you are living away from your parents, then set a regular schedule to visit and spend time with them. Or if you are still living together under the same roof, then plan to have dates with them. You can have a picnic in the park or treat them to a movie on the weekend.

3. Bond with your siblings.
Someday, you and your siblings would have your own families that you will be so busy to get together in a year. While you can, bond with them and do memorable things together. You can surprise visit them in their apartment or kidnap them for a dinner date.

4. Organize mini-reunions with your cousins.
Your cousins are the siblings you never have. If you have grown apart while growing up because of distance and lack of get-togethers, then take the initiative to reconnect with them. Invite those who are nearby for a small dinner or a chit-chat over a cup of coffee.

5. Hang out with your friends.
No matter how busy you are, do not forget to hang out with your BFFs. You do not have to spend much just to bring back the old fun times. A movie marathon or a sleepover in one of your homes on the weekend will do.

6. Organize a get-together with high school or college friends.
When was the last time you had a reunion with your high school or college friends? Do you miss them? What if you create a group chat (in case there is none yet) for your section and start planning for a reunion?

7. Use social media to connect with loved ones far from you.
Instead of using Facebook or other social media accounts to stalk your ex, why not use them to connect with your family, relatives, or friends who are away from you? With the advanced Internet technology, there is no more excuse to keep in touch with the people who matter to you. A simple chat or video call can ease your and their loneliness.

8. Avoid being alone.
Especially if you have a suicidal tendency, do not allow yourself to be alone in a room or house for a long time. If you are living alone, why not invite a family member or friend to stay with you (either for free or minimal shared house expenses)? Or you can temporarily (or permanently) move into a family member or friend’s home.

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9. Keep yourself surrounded by funny and positive people.
One of the ways to keep the blues away is by being with loud and humorous people. They can be your friends, colleagues, or family. They can keep you entertained and in a positive mood through their jokes and cheerful disposition.

10. Allow yourself to meet new friends.
If you think you have had few friends in the past years because most of your old pals have migrated, then why not open yourself to having new friends? When in parties, be an initiator of smile and conversation with those you bump into. You can also participate in organizational or community activities which will allow you to meet new people.

11. Come out of your shell.
Another way to win more friends and stay away from loneliness is by overcoming shyness. Being shy keeps you from reaching out to people and initiating friendships. Teach yourself to be more approachable and friendly so that you can attract more people to you.

12. Be involved in an organization.
You can also join an organization that shares your vision and conviction. It could be a charity, ministry, socio-civic, environmental, or anything that is close to your heart. Actively participating in it will keep you busy for a positive and productive cause, plus you can gain new friends.

13. Stop reminiscing about your ex and past relationship.
To completely move on, stop yourself from thinking about your painful breakup. If you really want to forget about your ex already, then be determined to get rid of him/her from your mind. Whenever you are tempted to think about the past, divert your attention to other productive things immediately.

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14. Entertain new love.
No matter how much you got hurt in the past, do not be cynical about love. Be open to the possibility of meeting the right person at the right time. Allow yourself to meet new people, establish friendships, and get to know them more. Do not be afraid to date again.

15. Enjoy singlehood to the fullest.
Be thankful for the freedom you have now. Being single is an opportunity for you to focus on improving yourself and pursuing your plans without distractions. Enroll in the university, save for a post-graduate degree, apply for a job abroad, or travel to the places you have never been to.

16. Be closer to God.
“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit,” says Psalm 34:18. Above anyone else, God is the one who loves you the most, and even now He longs to comfort you. Just allow Him to enter your life and surrender all the broken pieces of your heart to Him. Watch how He turns things around for your good.

Life is Beautiful

Overcoming loneliness is easier said than done. However, if you fill your heart with the love from the people whose support is constant, then you will be able to get over it faster. Moreover, fill your mind with gratitude and optimism and you will see how beautiful life is despite your pain.

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