What Makes a Man Want to Protect You

What Makes a Man Want to Protect You
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Are you annoyed that your boyfriend is sometimes overprotective of you? If you wonder what makes a man want to protect you, you have come to the right place.

While some women find it sweet to have a protective partner, those with a stronger personality are not comfortable being treated as weaker beings. However, men generally think of themselves as women’s superheroes. They think that they will always be stronger than them.

To help you understand the natural tendency of a man to be protective, read the following:

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His Nature

1. Man is Naturally Protective and Territorial.

It is innate for men to lead and be the protector. That is why they are usually protective of their loved ones. Some can even be territorial, explaining why they are competitive towards other guys who might threaten their position in organizations or relationships.

So, if your boyfriend is strict sometimes, just think that he only wants to protect you or your relationship. He does not want to lose you to tragedy or some other guy.

2. His Masculine Energy Compels Him to Act on Possible Danger.

In addition, men have masculine energy, which can be assertive towards conflicts, problems, or dangers. They think it is their responsibility—and they have the ability—to solve every issue. It challenges them to think, act, and do something to prove their capabilities.

Therefore, if your partner is usually all over the place whenever you are in trouble, know that it is his masculine energy that compels him. It makes him restless, wanting to help you out with the problem.

3. He Has the Hero Instinct.

Moreover, the hero instinct is what makes a man want to protect you. Men think of themselves as knights-in-shining-armors, while they think of women as damsels-in-distress. Actually, they love it whenever they are able to save the day for their partners.

Therefore, do not be surprised why he treats you like fragile chinaware, even if you see yourself as a Superwoman.  He just wants to feel needed and powerful enough to be useful to you.

What Makes a Man Want to Protect You
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4. He is Compelled to Protect the ‘Weaker’ Sex.

As mentioned above, men think of themselves as stronger beings. While it is mostly true physically, women can be stronger in other areas, such as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. However, men usually focus on their physical advantage. That is why most men regard ladies as weaker humans.

Well, just admit that your boyfriend is physically stronger than you. To help build his self-esteem, let him do the job of being your bodyguard. Do not feel bad when he holds your hand while crossing the street or pushes you to his side, where it is safer.

5. It is What a Gentleman is.

Men are expected by society to be “gentlemen”. For this reason, many guys try to adopt and retain the chivalric image by being protective of ladies. In addition to being protective, they serve and assist girls, always putting themselves last.

So, if your boyfriend treats you like a true gentleman, be grateful. It simply shows that he respects and values you as a lady. Do not forget to thank him for his effort and care.

His Ego

6. His Self-Esteem Tells Him to be Man Enough.

Knowing that society expects them to be natural leaders and physically stronger, men pressure themselves to be useful and competitive. It can be a blow to their ego if they cannot protect their wives or girlfriends. That is why they can be overprotective sometimes.

Help boost your boyfriend’s self-esteem by allowing him to help or serve you sometimes. For example, he will feel worthless if you always reject his offers to drive you home, accompany you in unfamiliar places, or defend you from critics.

7. He Thinks of You as His Responsibility.

Men know that they are accountable to their partners because of commitment. Just like how women think it is their responsibility to take care of their spouses or boyfriends, men think the same. They understand that they are responsible for protecting the women in their lives.

Do not feel offended if your boyfriend treats you as his responsibility. You can treat him the same way. If both of you understand your accountability to each other, your relationship will be healthier and long-lasting.

8. He Wants to Protect His Reputation.

In addition, not being able to protect women is a blow to men’s pride. It is an embarrassing failure to them. If they cannot protect their partners, including their reputation, that will reflect their capability as a man.

Your man’s reputation is important to him. If you love him, you will also care about his image. So, let your boyfriend show the world how he can take care of you. As a girl, you should also be proud of having a loving and responsible partner.

His Love

9. He Cannot Bear the Thought of You Being Harmed.

Aside from their innate compulsion and ego, love is a big factor in what makes a man want to protect you. It is normal for anyone to feel protective towards the people they love. Even women feel the same way towards anyone they care about.

Simply put, your boyfriend or husband loves you so much that he does not want you harmed in any way. For sure, you feel the same way towards him. But, you also want to protect him in every way possible, right?

10. He is Afraid to Lose You.

Men who love their partners so much will be afraid to lose them. That is why they will do their best to protect these women and their relationships.

In the same way, if your boyfriend is protective of you, it only shows that he does not want to lose you. He will not let any guy snatch you from him. Or worse, he will not let tragedy take you away from him forever. Therefore, do not be surprised if he is sometimes overdoing it.

What Makes a Man Want to Protect You
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11. He Has Committed Himself to Protect You.

Entering a relationship is committing yourself to the other person. Men who love their partners understand this, so they commit to protecting their girlfriends or wives at all costs. They can sacrifice their own safety and comfort just to protect the women they promised to care for.

It is not just your boyfriend who has committed to protecting you. You certainly realize that you also have the duty to protect him. If you truly love him, you will be protective of him and your relationship too.

12. He Wants to be Worthy of You.

Men who have so much respect for their partners will not stop pursuing them just because they are already together. Their high value for them will be evident in how they exert effort to serve, protect, and take care of them. They want to prove that they deserve to be these women’s partners.

Do not feel bad if your boyfriend patronizes you so much to the point of being overprotective. He probably doubts his worth as your partner, especially if you are a strong, independent woman. Therefore, allow him to pamper you once in a while.

Talk to Him

Now that you know what makes a man want to protect you, be grateful for having a boyfriend who cares about you so much. Talk to him if you want him to stop being overprotective because it makes you uncomfortable. Tell him how you feel and assure him of your love and respect.

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