13 Affirmations Made From Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

I’ve talked about Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy course before, but I thought I would give you some positive affirmations that I personally took from the course that you can use for yourself. These are 13 affirmations that stem from different lessons that Marisa Peer teaches throughout the quest that I thought were very important for me.

Haven’t Heard Of This Mindvalley Quest?

The quest is a mouthful to say and to write! Marisa Peer’s course on Mindvalley has a long title. It’s called Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy For Abundance.

But it’s a good course. Thanks to Marisa Peer’s decades of experience as a therapist, she makes you look at the way you talk to yourself and implement some new verbal habits in your life.

In the course, you tackle the way you view your mindset, your health, your wealth, and your relationships.

There were a lot of aha moments for me in this course that helped me see where I’d been limiting myself in life and how I’d come to the places I arrived at.

13 Positive Affirmations From Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Course

As I went through the course, I created some affirmations that stem from the lessons she was teaching.

Rapid transformational Therapy Marisa Peer affirmations

  1. There is enough to go around.
  2. There is no glass ceiling in life.
  3. I have a mindset of abundance.
  4. If I can visualize something, I can achieve it.
  5. I am excited by change.
  6. I’m OK with rejection.
  7. I accept what is happening in my life.
  8. I am enough.
  9.  I have a lot to offer the world.
  10. I forgive myself for every mistake I’ve ever made.
  11. I say positive things and put positive messages all around me.
  12. Money is a form of energy and I keep my energy open to attract it.
  13. I have money, I’m rich, and I’m abundant.

These affirmations make me feel good. They are affirmations that have contradicted some of the most held beliefs that have kept me limited in life.

For instance, there is no glass ceiling in life is a huge affirmation for me and I’m sure many other people. Most of us are taught that you can earn X amount of dollars by working in one place and that you could earn more by, say, being a doctor. But there is always a cap on how much you can earn, no matter what profession you get into. Marisa Peer teaches that that cap only exists in your mind. You may have been taught that you can only make so much money or you may have a fear around making more money than you think you should make (more work, jealousy, life out of balance, etc.).

I’m willing to bet that a lot of people will resonate with these affirmations I created from Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy. A lot of people seem to like Maris Peer’s abundance course on Mindvalley because most of us have some common threads when it comes to mindset and limiting beliefs, and she talks about those threads.

Note: If you would like to download a PDF copy of these affirmations, you can get that here. It should automatically download for you as a PDF.

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