Take The 90-Day WildFit Challenge With Eric Edmeades: Here’s Why

One of the most talked-about nutritional programs is WildFit by Eric Edmeades. It’s currently offered on Mindvalley as a 90-day quest. This challenge is meant to change your body, energy, and health. Eric Edmeades has been teaching this for years to thousands of people and has seen incredible results time and time again.

5 Reasons To Take The WildFit Challenge With Eric Edmeades

Wildfit challenge

1. WildFit Has Solid Nutritional Information

Wildfit sreenshot
Screenshot in WildFit of Eric Edmeades Talking About Self-Care Crisis

Have you ever had your doctor ask you to change your diet when you are experiencing various symptoms? If yes, then you are lucky because most people are given medications rather than asked to look at their diet.

Diet is not something that is talked about in the doctor’s office very often. The fact that it might be the reason behind your symptoms is not something that doctors are willing to discuss. They know medicine, not nutrition, which is why it’s important to educate yourself when it comes to nutrition and how it impacts your body.

Self-care is important. Taking initiative on your health is important. As Eric Edmeades says:

We do not have a health care crisis, we have a self-care crisis.

WildFit gives you all the information you need to make better nutrition choices. And I find that Eric Edmeades has a way of explaining things that can break through even the most set beliefs you hold.

2. WildFit Has Concepts For Behavioral Change

It’s not just enough to know that you should change something in your diet. You need to want to change something in your diet. That is when real change happens.

For instance, I knew that I should cut dairy out of my diet because it was causing stomach pain and congestion. But I didn’t want to, so I didn’t. When I finally watched What The Health, I suddenly wanted to cut dairy from my diet.

Think of your challenge with Eric Edmeades and WildFit as a really good documentary that helps you understand why you should cut stuff out from your life and develop the mindset to do it.

3. WildFit Could Help You Eliminate Stubborn Symptoms

When you go to the doctor with symptoms, they usually give you a prescription for something to help with the symptoms. But they don’t often talk about what is causing the core issue, moreover how to prevent those symptoms from coming back in the future. If you have unexplained or chronic symptoms, then WildFit may be able to help you eliminate them through diet.

For instance, Eric Edmeades says that he consistently had headaches, a runny nose, problems breathing, allergies, throat infections, stomach pains, and acne when he was younger. After two weeks of eating better, he stopped getting acne. After another two weeks, he was able to breathe through his nose for the first time in years without an inhaler. One by one his symptoms started to disappear simply by eating the right foods.

4. You Will Lose Weight

WildFit is not necessarily a weight loss program – it’s a nutritional program; however, Eric Edmeades says that WildFit may be the best weight loss program you will ever come across. This is because losing weight naturally happens when you are living a healthier life. Therefore, if you need to lose weight, you will lose weight if you follow the WildFit program.

Do not come in with expectation of how much weight you want to lose, though. You may lose more or less weight than you want to lose. But you will learn that no matter what weight loss you are experiencing, you may still be getting thinner and your body may be changing in a way that you never thought it could change.

Eric lost 35 pounds in one month when he started eating this way. This challenge is for three months. Who knows what you could do?

5. This Isn’t A Diet Change, This Is A Lifestyle Change

Wildfit journey screenshot

You know that things need to change for things to change. That means your diet likely needs to change in some way for your body and health to change.

Some nutritional programs require you to change your diet drastically and quickly. That’s not what WildFit is about. For instance, in the first week, you will make no changes.

Yes, sometimes you will be asked to eliminate or add something to your diet, but I promise you that it won’t feel too drastic. This is because Eric Edmeades will give you so much information in a way that will make you want to at least try to eliminate it from your diet.

In WildFit, Eric Edmeades has a way of helping you understand why it’s important – before you actually do it – for that boost of motivation that you need.

If you do start to panic when something is removed from your diet, think about WildFit as a challenge that you are undertaking and not as a final way of living. You can add foods back into your diet after the challenge if you want. Just take three months to eat in a way that WildFit recommends and then you can spend the rest of your life eating however you want. Although, many WildFit students find that they continue to eat as they were challenged to do in the quest. This is because they experience the benefits of it, and it becomes a lifestyle more than something they have to do.

How The WildFit Challenge Works

The first and second week has daily videos from Monday to Friday. You will be learning a lot of concepts about nutrition. But this isn’t just about learning stuff. It’s about creating pattern interrupts in your mind and triggers that help you make the changes that you need to make going forward – whether that be adding something into your diet, removing something from your diet, or simply shifting your mindset about your diet.

From week 3 on, you get a video on Monday reminding you what the week is about. Then on Friday, you get a video discussing what changes (Eric Edmeades calls these enhancements) will need to be made the following week. The weekend is your time to get ready for the next week’s changes, or, if you want, make the changes immediately.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday contain reminders of your main tasks for the week in the WildFit challenge.

Also, each week, you get a PDF that contains the guidelines for the week.

Wildfit Weekly Guidlines

There are also bonus videos that you can watch throughout various points of the WildFit challenge. These are pertaining to the topic being discussed and will help you further understand why and how to do what WildFit and Eric Edmeades are suggesting you should do.

And perhaps one of the coolest aspects of WildFit is that there are weekly FAQs with Eric Edmeades that will help you clarify any issues you are having. You can find these on day 7 (or Sunday) of each week.

Sometimes you only have access to FAQs that are pre-recorded. Moderators from Mindvalley have made sure that the questions are varied and, if you have a question, you likely will be able to find your question in these videos.

But at least once a year, WildFit goes live, and you can attend the live FAQs with Eric Edmeades and Mindvalley and ask questions.

Wildfit FAQ week 4

Take The WildFit Challenge And Change The Way You View Your Diet Forever

I know that making changes to your diet is scary. We all have our comfort zone when it comes to what we want to eat and like to eat. But, if you are interested in WildFit, then you know you need to make dietary changes.

Eric Edmeades and WildFit make it WAY easier to make these changes than if you were just doing it by yourself. Over 90 days you take a look at your diet, add some things in and take some things out and play around with how you eat.

WildFit helps you help yourself to live a healthier life through nutrition – even after you are done the challenge – by providing all the information and changes that you need to know and make.

You can learn more about this challenge in a free class here. There you will get a feel for Eric Edmeades and what he can teach you in the WildFit program, as well as how he can help you make the nutritional changes you need to make.

You can also find out the next start date for WildFit on this page, and you can learn more about the WildFit challenge there.

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