Learn How To Tap Into Emotional Mastery With Jennifer Partridge

JEnnifer Partridge EFT

Do you want to learn more about tapping and how it can help you process your emotions and overcome limiting beliefs and negative thinking? Jennifer Partridge uses a technique that incorporates traditional Chinese medicine, neuroplasticity, psychology, and spiritual practice. She has a fun, compassionate, and interesting personality, and she understands emotional freedom tapping on a …

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Take The 90-Day WildFit Challenge With Eric Edmeades: Here’s Why

Wildfit Quests Screenshot

One of the most talked-about nutritional programs is WildFit by Eric Edmeades. It’s currently offered on Mindvalley as a 90-day quest. This challenge is meant to change your body, energy, and health. Eric Edmeades has been teaching this for years to thousands of people and has seen incredible results time and time again. 5 Reasons …

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10X Review: My Thoughts After Watching The Entire Program

10x review

When I saw 10x was being released, I checked it out and it sounded intense, but also promising. They promise that you will get a personal fitness and nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle, which I can now say is absolutely true. They cover fitness, nutrition, and sleep in-depth, to a point that I was …

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Top 10 Reasons To Take Life Visioning Mastery On Mindvalley

Life Visioning Mastery Mindvalley

In the first intro class of Life Visioning Mastery on Mindvalley, Michael Beckwith says he’s like an alarm clock that wakes people up to the potential of their own soul.  It’s a beautiful view of himself, and it’s absolutely true. His Life Visioning Quest is an insightful journey from victimhood to expanded awareness. It helps …

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Jeffrey Allen’s Duality And Unlocking Transcendence Differences

Duality Versus Unlocking Transcendence

Jeffrey Allen currently has two quests on Mindvalley, Duality and Unlocking Transcendence. I took both of these quests, Duality first and Unlocking Transcendence about a year later. I did enjoy both of them, but they do have different goals for their students, which might make one more beneficial for you to take at this time …

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4 Questions I Keep Getting About The Quest All Access Pass

Questions About Quest All Access Pass Mindvalley

Since I published the post about the Quest All Access Pass from Mindvalley, I’ve been getting some constant questions that I thought were interesting and worth answering in an article, as I’m sure many people searching for the Quest All Access Pass have these similar questions. 1. Why Am I Finding Different Prices For The …

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