6 Affirmations To Help You Stop Binge Eating And Start Enjoying Every Bite

Binge eating is a nasty thing. Not only do you feel unhappy that you did it, but you often feel physically bad as well. If you do this on a regular basis, then you may feel powerless, guilty, shameful, and not capable of controlling yourself. It’s important to know that you are not powerless. You can create a healthier relationship with food and stop binge eating.

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1. I Enjoy Eating When I’m Hungry

Often binge eating results from social factors where you don’t want to eat because you might be seen as someone who eats too much or will gain weight. If this is you, then the affirmation you need to tell yourself is that you enjoy eating food when you are hungry.

This affirmation will help you to stop skipping meals or starving yourself, which ends up in the unavoidable binge session at some point. Even if people are around, your affirmation and belief that you enjoy eating when you are hungry will help override your concern about what they will think.

This affirmation will also help you pay more attention to your hunger levels and eat at times when you are hungry instead of when you are alone, bored, sad, or lonely. This is because when you really believe that you only enjoy eating when you are hungry, you will be more likely to find something else to do besides eating if you are not hungry.

2. I Eat Right During The Day

The majority of binge eating happens in the evening or at night. And this can easily happen when you do not eat right during the day and feel like you are lacking nutrients, calories, or just plain old good food in your body.

I used to be one of those people who didn’t eat breakfast, but now I swear that having a decent breakfast sets you up to eat right for the day and avoid overeating at night. This is probably because you don’t spend your day thinking about how hungry you are and then, ultimately, satisfy that hunger with everything you can find.

3. I Don’t Diet, I Just Eat Right

If you are a yo-yo dieter who always finds yourself binge eating, this affirmation will change your life.

When you STOP dieting and start eating right, your relationship with food will change drastically.

Diets are a thing of the past. They are a way to lose weight quickly and then gain it all back (sometimes more). That’s it.

Eating right is the present and future. It’s a way to get healthier, lose or maintain weight, nourish your body, prevent disease, cure disease, and so much more.

4. I Seek Professional Help When I Need To

This is the most important affirmation you can use when you find yourself unable to stop binge eating on your own.

Binge eating can be caused by social and cultural issues, psychological issues, and also biological factors. In other words, binge eating may have to do with your environment, your mental state, the way you view or talk to yourself, or social issues. But, it may also be because your brain is not sending the right messages to your body about hunger and fullness, the chemicals in your body may be off-balance, or there may be some sort of genetic issue that causes you to overeat.

If you are having trouble beating binge eating on your own, it’s important to find out if there are factors that can only be solved through professional help.

The first step should be to see an intelligent doctor (there are some idiot doctors out there) who is willing to listen and do some tests to get to the bottom of things.

Don’t worry about being judged. There are plenty of people dealing with issues, and doctors are aware of that and accept it as a part of life.

But, even if they do judge you, your health is more important than what they think. And while you need a doctor to give you the go-ahead for certain tests, YOU are the only one who can make sure that you get to the bottom of things. So take control of your health and make sure you get the tests needed to figure out what’s happening to you.

When you get some answers, you will have a starting point for fixing your binge eating, getting healthy, and feeling good about yourself. Remember that as you make the appointments, go get the tests done, and work towards an answer.

5. I Always Do Something Else When I Get The Urge To Binge Eat

Some experts recommend that you practice delaying eating as long as you can when you get the urge to binge eat. They say that if you do this, you may be able to avoid the binge altogether.

So, instead of running straight to the kitchen when you get that urge to binge, you can try to go for a walk, take a bath, call a friend, drink some water, pick up a book, get online, or do something else that may distract you from the urge and help you ride it out until it’s gone.

What do you have to lose by delaying it a bit? If you can’t avoid it, you will still eat soon. But, there is a chance that you may avoid it altogether!

6. The Only Thing I Need To Do To Not Binge Is To Not Binge

This is a simple truth. The only thing you need to do to avoid binging is to not get up, get the food out, and eat it. Glenn Livingston says this in his book, Never Binge Again: Reprogram Yourself To Think Like a Permanently Thin Person.

He also says that ‘every craving is nothing more than a desire for pig slop’, which is the term he uses for anything off your food plan. When you can affirm that to yourself, you can say to yourself, “I don’t eat pig slop and I will never eat it again!”

This reminds me of a mental trick I learned a while ago to stop eating certain foods that are unhealthy for you. To use it you could picture chocolate bars as poop, for instance. Eventually, you get to the point that you couldn’t eat chocolate if you tried because it would feel like you were eating poop. This is the power of the mind and the power of affirming things to yourself!

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