12 Affirmations To Say When You’re Having A Difficult Time

Are you having a difficult time in life? Is everything going wrong? Tough times can be really hard on the body, mind, and spirit. This is why it’s important to work on maintaining as good a mindset as you can. During difficult times when everything seems to be going wrong, these affirmations can help you circle back to more positive thoughts that will help you keep from spiraling too far down the rabbit hole. Pick what resonates with you and say your affirmations often.

12 Affirmations To Use When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong

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1. I’m Not The Only One To Go Through This

When you are having a difficult time, it feels really personal and unique. It’s as if no one else has ever experienced the pain, setbacks, and struggles that you have. But that’s not the case.

Affirming that you are not the only one going through this will help remind you that life is full of ups and downs for everyone. That’s how life goes. Sometimes you have a great time and sometimes you have a difficult time, but you are never alone.

It will also help you realize that other people have been where you are and have gotten through it, and you will get through it too.

As you affirm that you are not the only one going through this, reach out to other people who are going through the same thing or who have gone through the same thing and find some comfort in shared pain, setbacks, and struggles. It will help.

2. I Am Resilient

It can be easy to focus on your weaknesses when you are having a difficult time. When you do that, you can start to feel really fragile and let everything affect you negatively.

That is why believing that you are resilient will help you when you are having a difficult time. It has been shown that resilience helps you cope with issues, stay optimistic, and discover a strength or skills you never knew about before, especially during difficult times.

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3. There Are Things That Are Good In My Life

A difficult time can keep you from seeing the good in your life. It’s very important to stay as grateful as possible during hard times. The more light you can see, the less darkness there will be.

What is good in your life? Even if it’s a small thing, focus on it as much as possible. The benefits of gratitude are so big that you can’t afford to skip this affirmation when you are having a difficult time.

In fact, a complementary affirmation that you might also want to use is ‘I take comfort in things that make me feel good’.

4. I’m Focusing On The Present And The Future

During a hard time, you can easily get focused on things that have gone wrong and then start to build up regret. That’s not going to help you move through a difficult time quickly. In fact, it’s a waste of time. There’s nothing you can do about the past. You must look forward and focus on the present and the future.

Affirm to yourself that you are focusing on the present moment and the future from this point on. You will do what you can when you can to ensure that things work out. You will be someone who deals with today the best way you can. You will create new habits or new goals or new mindsets and work on them so that you can get to where you want to be.

5. Miracles Can Happen To Everyone

When you are having a difficult time, it is easy to focus on how much goes wrong. This keeps you down as you worry about what might still go wrong and make things worse.

Yes, shit happens in an instant, but so do miracles.

When you affirm that miracles can happen, you will stay in a more positive mindset that focuses on what might go right rather than what might go wrong.

Focus on things like:

  • What could go right?
  • What miracle could happen to you?
  • What unexpected win could happen in your life today or tomorrow?

Let your imagination run wild as you focus on the simple truth that miracles do happen, and one could happen in your life at any moment.

6. This Is Part Of My Journey In Life

This affirmation can help in a couple of ways.

  1. You will stop comparing yourself to other people as you accept that this is part of YOUR unique journey. Comparison keeps you stuck in negativity when you are having a difficult time. It keeps you in the ‘why me?’ phase. It keeps you from looking for what’s right for you. And it keeps you from remembering that everyone gets through difficult times differently. There is no one right way to heal or move through a difficult time. Your journey is your own.
  2. You will accept that this struggle, right now, is meant for you. It is either helping you grow stronger in mind, body, or spirit, or it is helping you become more resilient in life. No matter what, this moment is a part of your journey in life and, later in life, it will be a part of your story of how you came to be.

7. I Am More Than This Moment

This is another thing that the above affirmation will help you see, but I thought it was important enough to include it as a separate affirmation to help you get through difficult times.

When you realize that you are more than this moment, you won’t take this moment so personally. You will see a bigger picture and allow this to be a part of it, not all of it.

I think that a great mantra is ‘this too shall pass’ – and realizing that your life is more than just this moment will help you really soak in that mantra and believe it.

8. I Make Time For Quality Time

It all can get a bit meaningless when you focus on superficial things or just sit around worrying, pondering, fearing, and regretting.

This is why it’s important to engage in quality time each day.

You may want to spend quality time with a loved one, where you enjoy each other’s company without distractions.

Or you may want to spend time doing things that matter the most to you and make you feel good.

Your time is valuable, so make sure you focus on quality when it comes to what you do with your day and how you spend time with loved ones.

9. I Will Focus On What I Can Do Today

It’s important to look forward and not backward, but during a difficult time, things can get overwhelming, and you can focus on too many tasks at once. Instead of focusing on everything that has to happen to get out of the difficult time, focus on what you can do today.

When you wake up, focus on what can you do today to make things better. And if it’s a really bad day, focus on what you can do today to get through today.

Take tomorrow’s goals, and break them down into daily steps, and then focus on that daily step rather than every step that has to come after it. That will help reduce any overwhelm you are feeling.

10. I Will Get Through This

Another affirmation that can help during difficult times is ‘I will get through this’. Every time you feel like this difficult time has become your whole life, remind yourself that you will get through this.

You will not be stuck in this situation or frame of mind forever.

You WILL make it out the other side, so don’t despair.

Life goes on.

Life is never stagnant.

You will get through this.

11. I Never Give Up

This affirmation should be a mantra in everyone’s life. It’s a reminder to keep going, and as you use this affirmation, you will start to feel stronger.

Affirm to yourself that you never give up and you will see yourself as someone who never gives up and as someone who keeps going despite what life throws at them.

You will find yourself having an easier time during difficult times.

You will find yourself feeling more joy and happiness, even when the shit hits the fan.

12. Treating Myself Is Important

Self-care is important at all times, but especially during difficult times. Be someone who treats themselves when they can.

If you are spending a lot of your day solving problems or dealing with something difficult, make sure to treat yourself in ways that make you feel good.

We all have different ways of treating ourselves, so this is not a one-size-fits-all way of dealing with difficult times.

Do the things for yourself that make you feel happy, loved, valued, and important.

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