6 Jade Shaw Quotes On Astral Projection: Makes Me Want To Try It

Looking on social media, there is not a lot of serious talk about astral projection. It’s obviously not something that is practiced by many people or even believed in by many people who grace social media. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not an interesting area of life that many people in this world are engaging in. In fact, according to Jade Shaw, forty percent of cultures out there have a practice for working with out of body experiences.

Jade Shaw Quotes On Astral Projection

Jade Shaw is an advocate of altered states and calls herself a reality revolutionist. According to her biography, she was asked to be a consultant on Astral Projection for a Netflix series coming out called ‘Behind her Eyes’.

I recently listened to her talk in an interview about astral projection, and her passion and knowledge around it made me more interested in it than I’ve ever been. I don’t think the interview hasn’t been released to the public yet (it was in the Mindvalley Membership area that I’m part of), but here are some quotes from that interview with Jade Shaw on Astral Projection, along with my thoughts on what she discussed.

Who Can Astral Project?

Everybody can have an out of body experience. Everybody can train astral projection. It is a human experience.

Jade Shaw says that regardless of what you believe or understand, you can have an out of body experience if you want.

Personally, I don’t know anyone who has experienced astral projection. Still, I believe that it’s possible without a doubt. It’s something that I’ve read about and heard about, so it’s obviously something that happens in this world – it’s just not well-practiced yet, similar to lucid dreaming.

I have had a lot of experiences with lucid dreaming myself, but astral projection kind of terrifies me. I don’t like the thought of seeing my body as if I have died and stepped out of it. So, I wonder if the fear of astral projection is something that would hinder me from doing it?

I would assume so because the other night, after listening to the interview with Jade Shaw, I actively thought about leaving my body as I was falling asleep, and the fear would not allow me to move into a state where I had any hope of doing it.

Benefits of Astral Projection

Some people decide to find answers to a problem they have in their life, some people decide to find the source of their illness and find a solution for it, others want life guidance.

This makes me want to astral travel even more. In lucid dreams, I often try to call on people who can help me find a solution, but those people sometimes escape me or my lucidity goes away. I have a feeling that if I were able to astral travel, then I wouldn’t need to hold onto lucidity when someone approached me. I would just need to stay put wherever I’ve traveled to.

Jade Shaw says that astral projection can help to heal grief, release fears, and overcome limitations. The important part is to have an intention before you leave your body. This way you will know what you want to do and focus on that as you are out of your body.

She says that if you are successful with astral projection, you don’t want to be spending your time trying to figure out what to do, because you could end up snapping back into your body. Instead, focusing on what you want to do ahead of time and staying in the flow while experiencing astral travel can help you make the most of your time out of your body.

Astral Projection Compared To Lucid Dreaming

The encounters, particularly with the beings or people in out of body experience, are more impactful than those in a lucid dream.

Jade Shaw says that a lucid dreamer accepts that they dreaming, but someone experiencing an out of body experience knows that it’s not a dream. They describe it as real or even more real than real.

In a lucid dream, you can manipulate what’s happening around you. You can snap your fingers and change colors, rearrange furniture, and change one person into another. I know this because I’ve done all of those things at will while lucid dreaming.

Jade Shaw says that in an out of body experience, you can’t directly influence your environment. It is what it is.

What Kind Of Beings Can You Encounter In An Out Of Body Experience?

There is a varied amount of different beings we can come into contact with.

Jade Shaw says that people she’s worked with have experienced all kinds of beings. Divine beings, deceased relatives, and even people who are alive and well.

She says that people have reported having out of body experiences together. This is where they both travel somewhere and realize when they are awake that were both doing the same thing and having the same experience. This would be a great way to get together with friends!

However, I would like to talk to someone divine. Someone who could guide me and help me make some decisions along the way.

I think it would be very interesting to see what happens after making choices based on my astral projection experiences.

Astral Projection Goes Beyond The Here And Now

When you go out of body, time goes weird. Time and space area not experienced in the same way.

Jade Shaw says that you can be in a room with someone from another time or you can be in another time yourself. This is extremely interesting to me. This would be a way that we could time travel without the fear of getting stuck in one time or another.

I wonder what the limits would be on this – if there are any limits. Could you see your future? Could you see mankind’s future? Could you see the beginning of everything? If time isn’t relevant or experienced in the same way, then all of these things could technically happen.

The Final Step To Experience Astral Projection

You go to roll out of your body and feel the sensation of pulling and shifting out of the physical body.

Jade Shaw says that you need to get into a state where your body is asleep, but your mind is awake. In other words, right before you go to sleep and right when you wake up. She says that these are the two chances you get to experience astral travel.

She suggests working with your breath first to relax. Then fill yourself up with a white light that goes into your third eye and down through your body. Then she says to vibrate that white light up and down at a fast pace. And, then she says to use the exit technique, which is rolling out of your body. Or you can simply ‘sit up’ outside of your body.

This is what I kept picturing the other night as I thought about astral projection. This kind of image is what you see when people are leaving their bodies in movies as they die. It’s a scary feeling to overcome and I think it’s going to impede my ability to experience astral travel until I can get over it.

I think the best way to get over the fear of astral projection will be to learn more and more about it. In my experience, ignorance breeds intense fear while awareness helps widen your comfort zone and reduce it.

Dealing With Real Life Fears During Astral Travel

If you have fears, yes, great, amazing, it means that we can work on releasing them. And when we release the fears in the astral projection state it is said that it follows through and trickles down into this reality here.

Speaking of fear, Jade Shaw says that you can work on your personal fears while experiencing astral travel.

This would make sense if you can talk to beings that can help you gain perspective or give you advice.

It also makes sense that we could heal fears and pain in regard to death, the past, and the future if we are able to talk to deceased loved ones or other beings that offer comforting words and advice.

Jade Shaw Has Me Interested In Astral Projection

I think the subject is very interesting and Jade Shaw makes it so exciting to think about an out of body experience and the benefits of it. Perhaps because I’m already experiencing lucid dreaming, it makes it easier for me to accept that astral projection is a thing that I could do. But I need to move past my fears of leaving my body and something bad happening before I will ever be able to experience astral projection.


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