10 Of The Best Quotes About Life From Twitter In June So Far

Twitter is a great place to find quotes about life. You get all kinds of people with all kinds of experiences expressing their opinions and beliefs about life, and often they are relatable and usable in your own life. Following are 10 quotes about life that have hit the Twittersphere so far in June.

1. What Are You Thinking About?

This isn’t some woo woo stuff. It’s the stuff we really need to consider as we work towards the type of life that we want.

If you are constantly thinking negative things, you are going to attract negative things into your life through your behavior, words, actions, and decisions. It’s just a fact of life! You can’t do positive things when you are thinking negative thoughts.

2. Enjoy Your Life The Only Way You Can

If you are not present, then life will pass you by. The only time to really enjoy life and live it is right now… no, make that right now!

It’s important to note that this takes practice. Most of us are so quick to worry about what is coming up or reflect on what has happened that it takes conscious effort to be in the moment. But, putting in that effort is very rewarding!

The best way to be present right now is to pay attention to your senses. Hearing, vision, touch, taste, and smell will help you stay present and stop life from passing you by.

3. It’s A Mental Thing…

Again with the thoughts. But, it’s true. The more we believe that, the more we can work on developing positive and uplifting thoughts that help us enjoy life, no matter what is happening around us or to us.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t be sad, angry, worried, or regretful at times. But, for the majority of the time, we have the power to enjoy our life if we are in the right frame of mind.

4. Focus On Doing The Right Things

When you develop the mantra that you are going to do the right things in life according to your values, morals, and needs, you don’t feel drawn to join in and do the wrong things when it’s happening.

I know so many people who say, ‘Well, she’s doing it, so why shouldn’t I?’ and I’ve found that you shouldn’t because it makes you feel negative and brings you down. When you do the right thing, you – at the very least – feel good about yourself and your actions, and that feels much better than joining in and being an ass or doing something mean, wrong, or irresponsible.

5. Your Life Affects Everyone’s Life

When it comes to quotes about life, this is a unique one that I think we all need to remember.

As you make life decisions, think about other people too. Your life depends on their decisions and their life depends on your decisions. Be kind, be generous, and think about other people. It can really only make your life better by doing so.

6. Need Another Reason To Be Good To People?

Not only does your kindness in life help other people survive and thrive, but it comes back to you. Alternatively, if you are a jerk, it comes back to you.

Some people call this Karma, I just call it creating your life. It goes back to your thoughts create your life. When you are mean to other people and angry with them, you are setting yourself up for other people to be mean to you. Why wouldn’t they be? When you are bad to people and think hateful thoughts, you are setting yourself up for people to be bad to you!

What you give out comes back, so be good to people because, as Skye Townsend said, it will catch up to you eventually.

7. Life Is For Living

I know too many people who get stuck in a routine and stay the same year after year. They don’t grow. They don’t learn. They don’t evolve. They don’t experience new things. They just get up and do their thing and then go to bed. What kind of life is that?

  • Isn’t life about becoming more?
  • Isn’t it about learning and growing and evolving into someone better, happier, and more fulfilled?
  • Isn’t life about experiencing as much as you can?

That’s the way I see it. It just feels more rewarding to get up and constantly experience growth in life. That’s probably why this quote about life resonates with me so much.

8. This Is What Really Living Life Makes You Feel Like

In my experience, when you get out and live, you tend to see the greatness of life. When you stay in the same routine day after day, you never get to experience new things and realize just how amazing this world and life is!

So choose to make the most of your life. Say yes to new experiences. Say yes to positive changes. They will be rewarding!

9. Life Is Better With You…

Experiencing new things is awesome, but when you have people to share it with, that’s even better. Good, loving relationships truly are the fuel for a rich life. Relationships with family, friends, lovers, and even strangers can make life much better.

Alternatively, relationships can hurt your life if they are stressful, straining, and full of negativity. So, spend more time with loving people.

10. Don’t Live A Fake Life

Lastly, this quote about life is one to take to heart. Don’t try to be someone you are not. Don’t pretend. You will never be happy unless you are being true to yourself and living life on your terms.

That doesn’t mean you should be selfish and be a jerk. It just means you should be honest with yourself and make choices based on your preferences, values, etc. – and stop trying to be someone you think others want you to be.

It also means you should be honest with other people and not lead them on or try to convince them of something you are not convinced of yourself.


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