7 Deadly Sins to Avoid to Keep Your Relationship Alive and Healthy

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There are many ways to keep a relationship alive and healthy. However, the pieces of advice that you often read about can be limited, especially that they only focus on the positive things that one can do to be able to live a happier and healthier life with their partner – so what’s missing here?

People rely on the choices that they make every day and many of these decisions are guided and influenced by some of the deadliest vices known to men – these sins are forms of negativities that we are too hesitant to acknowledge until it’s already too late.

If you want to keep your relationship with your partner, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband alive and healthy, here are the things that you should do to avoid the seven deadly sins and how to overcome each one of them.

1. Lust
Why is it deadly?
Lust is one of the top reasons why people cheat on their partners. It’s the excessive desire for the flesh, which victimizes all genders. It corrupts a person’s mind and poisons their soul and it’s just a matter of time until it can finally affect their relationship with other people. If not managed, lust can influence anyone to commit selfish and terrible decisions like cheating or adultery – which can eventually end a relationship or ruin a happy family.

How to overcome it?
Be spiritual. Focus your desires on good spiritual things, such as true love, real happiness, and contentment. Also, concentrate on the success of your career or business – it will keep your mind busy on more important things.

Furthermore, remember that Lust is like a looming evil just waiting to find its perfect victim. Guard your senses and don’t give it a chance to enter into your life.

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2. Gluttony
Why is it deadly?
Gluttony is the act of overconsumption. It makes a person selfish, irresponsible, and undisciplined. Gorging on too much food is definitely deadly to one’s health, to your financial savings and it would surprise you how it can eventually affect your relationship in the long run.

How to overcome it?
Learn how to balance your life and the things that you want to have. You also have to control your cravings – and we’re not just talking about food but also your desire to figuratively consume, claim and own everyone and everything around you.

3. Greed
Why is it deadly?
Defined as a person’s tendency to want something more than what he needs, greed can also be deadly in relationships. This is because it disrupts the balance of following a relatively equally “give-and-take” formula. Sometimes, people guilty of this sin become extremely selfish and often ignore the needs of their partner just so they can satisfy their own desires without thinking of the consequences.

Home to overcome it?
You have to realize that being in a relationship means offering half of your time, your resources and your life to a person not just because you think it’s a responsibility but because you genuinely want to give the person you love a better, more convenient and happier life with you.

4. Sloth
Why is it deadly?
Sloth is characterized by an extreme feeling of laziness and most often than not, a slothful person in a relationship demands that their partner does everything for them. Usually, this type of person won’t have the motivation and the desire to achieve personal and life-long goals. 

Home to overcome it?
You have to do your part in the relationship not just to have a happy and healthy life in the present but also to fully prepare for the future. Your promises and the goals that you want to achieve will make your partner feel that you’re ready for a more serious commitment.

5. Wrath
Why is it deadly?
Wrath describes one’s hate towards a person or a thing and it can inspire a never-dying desire to exact revenge on someone or something that did them wrong. Imagine being in a relationship with a wrathful person. You’ll realize that fights, arguments and misunderstanding can be emotionally exhausting because no matter what you do, there’s no forgiveness, no apologies.

Home to overcome it?
Learn this very important lesson: love cannot exist when there is too much hatred in your heart. Learn to let go of this hate and realize that people, as human beings, will never be perfect. They will always commit mistakes, they may hurt you sometimes but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. Always choose forgiveness and rely on love to heal the pain.

6. Envy
Why is it deadly?
As one of the seven deadly sins, Envy is one’s inability to accept that they cannot have everything in life. Envious people usually have an interest in someone’s talents, personality, and fortune. Just seeing them happy makes an envious person’s life miserable – and imagine if this is someone in a relationship. They’ll never be satisfied and contented with what they have no matter how much they try.

Home to overcome it?
Appreciate the things that you have right now and recognize the blessings that you have in your life. Love yourself and realize that to be happy with someone, you have to accept everything that they can humbly offer: their love, their commitment, their promise to be with you through it all.

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7. Pride
Why is it deadly?
Pride is defined by how a person sees himself as superior to others. It also describes how he judges his abilities and his accomplishments in relation to other people. Furthermore, it also reveals a person’s inability to admit their mistakes because for them, they’re perfect and faultless.

In a relationship, people filled with a pride tend to always put the blame on their partner and they will never make an effort to apologize for their shortcomings.

Home to overcome it?
You’re not better than anyone and just like everyone is, you’re only human capable of making mistakes. More importantly, every time you fail to become a good partner, it’s your responsibility to apologize and make up for it. Be humble and righteous so God will bless your relationship.

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Hopefully, this article has enlightened you to make some changes in your life and how you treat other people, especially your significant other. Again, we’re only humans and from time to time, we can fall into the traps of these deadly sins but we should always have the strength and the courage to stand up and overcome them.

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