How to be a Good Girlfriend in 30 Ways

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Being a good girlfriend is not always about cooking his favorite food or knowing how to do all the household chores. You have to understand how men think and what they need in a relationship to be a better girlfriend.

How to Be a Good Girlfriend in 30 Ways Video

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How to be a Good Girlfriend in 30 Ways

Here are 30 ways to be the best girlfriend to your boyfriend and enjoy a stronger, happier and lasting relationship with him.

1. Trust him.
Trust is one of the keystones in any relationship. Men feel secure when you trust them because they don’t have to worry about being judged. In that case, they’ll start opening up everything to you without the need of using your interrogative skills.

2. Encourage him.
Be that woman who will encourage your boyfriend to grow and not the naysayer one. Once he knows you believe in him, you’ll be a good girlfriend in his eyes, heart, and mind.

3. Be honest.
Men don’t like a woman who lies. How can he trust you if you can’t be honest to him even in simple things? If you don’t want him to do the same, be that girlfriend who won’t give him any reason to break his trust.

4. Respect his time with friends.
Remember that it is also important for him to have other relationships (Friends) with people. Respect his time with friends and he’ll respect you for valuing those people who are significant to him.

5. Don’t flirt with other men.
A good girlfriend is loyal and faithful; she won’t make her boyfriend feel jealous and won’t flirt around with other guys. Show him how desirable you are and trustworthy by fixing your eyes only on him.

6. Appreciate his little efforts.
Your boyfriend also needs to know and feel that his efforts are being appreciated. Let him know that you value him and you treasure every effort he does for you. It will make him feel better about himself and your relationship as well.

7. Don’t take him for granted.
The worst thing you can do to your boyfriend takes him for granted. Pay attention to him and don’t stop appreciating all the little things you used to love about him.

8. Send him sweet messages.
A quick message telling him “Good morning’ or “I love you” every day can brighten up his day. No matter how short it is, as long as it’s sweet, he’ll appreciate it because it makes him feel you’re reminded about him each day.

9. Listen when he needs you.
One of the best things you can do as a girlfriend is to listen to him to know what he wants so you can fulfill his needs.

How to be a Good Girlfriend
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10. Stop nagging.
A nagger is one of the guys’ worst nightmares. Continuous nagging will only annoy your boyfriend and ruin your relationship.

11. Help him break his limits.
Your boyfriend has enough people in his life who discourage him to go beyond his limits. So be his personal cheerleader. Support him and help him reach his full potential.

12. Let him be.
Respect him as a man. Give him the freedom and let him be without always trying to change him.

13. Accept his flaws.
Don’t expect your partner to be perfect. Accepting each other’s flaws is the foundation of a strong and healthy relationship.

14. Don’t dwell on the past.
Don’t dig up the past every time you have an argument with your partner. Let bygones be bygones and give your relationship a chance to move forward and grow stronger.

15. Don’t make a decision when you’re angry.
If you don’t want to regret your decisions in the end, then don’t make it in the first place, especially when you’re in the midst of anger. Give yourself time to cool down so you’ll come up with the best judgment.

16. Don’t let the day end without fixing your problem.
A good girlfriend won’t allow the day to end without fixing the problem. If you truly worry about his feelings, you’re going to settle things down as early as you can, before it gets worst. Because the more it takes long, the harder it is to fix for the both of you.

17. Pamper him.
Cook for him, buy him a little present or prepare his breakfast in bed. Be that girl who’ll have him the nice things all the time.

How to be a Good Girlfriend
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18. Give him space.
Instead of putting pressure on him, why not give him space? Space to be with himself, his friends, work, or whatever he needs.

19. Be independent.
You know you’re a good girlfriend if you don’t rely on him all the time. Your boyfriend also wants you to have a little dependence. You’ll look more responsible if you do so.

20. Be empathetic.
Your ability to step into the shoes of another person, understand their feelings, and recognize their perspectives seems to be in free-fall. It is not easy to be a man, so try to listen to his side instead of constantly trying to tell him yours.

21. Tell him how happy and blessed you are to have him.
Guys also want to hear sweet words coming from their girlfriend. It isn’t hard to tell him how happy you are to be with him today or how blessed you are to have him each day. So why not start doing it?

22. Support his passion.
If your boyfriend has a dream, be that person who’ll support him to achieve it. It would be a success on your part once you see him accomplish it.

23. Tell him what bothers you.
If there is something bothering you, tell him immediately rather than hiding it, so it won’t cause so much trouble in the future. We all know that most women have that “you should know” perspective towards their boyfriend. But, men are also insensitive and oblivious so they won’t know what you really feel unless you say it.

24. Inspire him.
Motivate and inspire your boyfriend every day. Be that woman behind his every success.

25. Don’t force him to change.
Inspire him to change for the better instead of controlling and forcing him to change. Be a role model. If you want him to be a good boyfriend, inspire him by being a good girlfriend first.

26. Surprise him.
Not only girls love surprises, of course, your boyfriend also wants to feel that special feeling of excitement and amazement.

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27. Give him pieces of advice that build him up.
Give him that feeling of “genuinely better” after he talks about something he’s going through.

28. Take care of him.
Show care to your partner even in simple ways, like cooking a healthy meal for him or giving him a relaxing massage to get rid of stress.

29. Try to keep discussions positive.
Start out a discussion in a positive and productive way rather than constantly arguing about a simple matter.

30. Be a respectable woman.
A good girlfriend knows how to carry herself and behaves like a real lady.

Men usually fall in love with women who have the secret ingredients of true love (See 22 Signs of True Love in a Relationship). You just have to work on it and bring out the best in you in order to achieve it. No matter what stage your relationship is, you can always learn from it. I hope the lists above will help you become a better girlfriend each and every day.

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46 thoughts on “How to be a Good Girlfriend in 30 Ways”

  1. This was absolutely wonderful Thank you. I’m applying these actions just because I would love to be a better woman all around. Especially when you love your man, you never stop studying him.

  2. What makes u think u r not a good girl friend?. Think on what u need to b doing to make u feel good about your relationship. if your partner is saying u need to be a better girlfriend ask what you together as a couple can do. Work together n if he does not think he needs improvement then you have your answer. You seeking answers shows your intelligence for having a working happy relationship.

  3. I do all the things mentioned above and I still end up being the worst and hurt him… And the problems we have every now and then, they aren’t even mentioned anywhere. So what am I supposed to do now?

  4. hmm….i will try this out but then again i am a girl dating a girl i just hope these will work for lesbians too…..

  5. all of those reasons are great and all but i feel like i’m not making him feel special or doing what he wants to do for example i’m still young but i don’t know why but i push him away and i don’t know why like when he wants to go on a date i make up excuses not to go with him and well he has a cousin that goes to the same school as we do and me and her aren’t really “friends” and her boyfriend is my ex crush and things get awkward but what it trying to say is i’m embarrassed in a way not of him it’s just i care what people think and i know that bad but i don’t know that how i am today he was throwing a party for his little brother so he asked if me and him can take a picture and i said yeh later but in my mind i didn’t want to i don’t know what’s wrong with me i love him a lot it’s just i don’t know why i push him away.

  6. Hi every body
    Hope you all are staying safe and healthy.
    I looking for similar things, I’m a 28 years old boy but not boyfriend 😊 only at this time. If let me, will say one more thing, and that’s:
    boys take mistakes probably because of their yourself little experience and other possible issues and conditions, but If you can forgive us, the boy certainly appreciate your love and gaved opportunity and prefer you as the best forever.
    Thank you once again and as always, be healthy and lovely

  7. Honestly, this makes me feel that I have to be entitled to my man. Like why can’t he bake or cook for me? Why can’t I have other friends and him not bother me? You see? This should’ve been what to do in a relationship because, respectfully, I think this shouldn’t have been biased. Even if it wasn’t, it sure as heck sounded like it.

  8. Very great thanks. Tho some of these are just repeats of other points in different words. And one point is litterally telling you to be a good girlfriend if you want him to be a good boyfriend but we wouldn’t even be reading this article if we didn’t want to be.
    I think I’m a good girlfriend but I still feel like I could be more and that’s why I’m here.

  9. Honey be yourself and respect him no matter what encourage him, put in effort, and spoil him. If he truly loves you it won’t matter who you are as long as you are being yourself and use communication.

  10. Having serious problems in my relationship , always arguing, lack of trust , its a mess .. I don’t knw if this will help but I will surely try it . thank you for the tips

  11. Well written article. Some tips on being a good girlfriend:
    – Don’t just lean on to your boyfriend whenever you feel low. Be there for your boyfriend too whenever he is going through the same phase.
    – Make your boyfriend feel special by sending him ‘I love you’ texts or just letting him know that you are thinking about him.
    – Men can sometime act like kids. Don’t get angry and yell at him during such times. Express your concerns in a nicer way and he will listen to you.
    – Have trust in your boyfriend whenever he offers help to you. Appreciate him even if he did a bad job. Having trust in each other is a great in building solid relationship.
    – Don’t suppress your opinions and feelings just to please your boyfriend. Always express yourself in such a way that you don’t offend him.
    – Don’t change your personality to keep your man happy. You cant keep up with that act for a long time and when your boyfriend finds out, it will have a bad impact on your relationship.

    • My experience with grumpy men is to just give them their space first thing after waking up. Let him go to the bathroom and maybe make him sum fresh coffee. Present the coffee and dismiss yourself allowing him space to drink the coffee while you busy yourself making a small breakfast or folding his laundry for the day… just allow him space and he will come to you when he’s ready.

    • Gurl if you need to take some Midol, or try your best to follow the rules, if you acidentally say something rude, tell him that you are just having a bad day.

    • My boyfriend and I got into it yesterday. I ended up getting really nasty with him 🤦🏼‍♀️ But later on that day after we both came home from work we spoke about it and I apologized because I was in the wrong and I know I was and because I know it bothered him a lot, and he actually thanked me and told me that he appreciates it because not many females know how to apologize for when they are in the wrong way which is completely true, or if you wake up grumpy do something that you enjoy doing and that should calm you down when I’m grumpy I usually listen to music or look at pictures of my boyfriend and I then I go up to him and hug him tell him how much I love him and how much he means to me.


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