20 Best Unique Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday or Christmas

Best Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

How to pamper your girlfriend and make her happy?  A unique surprise gift will always make her day feel special and in love. If you’re a guy and having trouble finding and choosing the best gift for your girlfriend, you’re in the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of thoughtful presents for your girlfriend that will help you get the best gift ideas on what to give this coming dating. Here are some of the gifts they loved getting the most:

1. A special book for her

A book is a gift you can open again and again. Even if you’re finished reading it, it will never be empty. So, if your girl is a book lover, this is a perfect gift for her. You can also find out who her favorite author is or what genre she prefers when reading a book, so you’ll have an idea of what to buy.

2. Handmade cards, flowers, and stuff toy

If you are a creative type of person and want to show how much you love her, you can make a handmade card and pen down all your thoughts about her. A bouquet of flowers and stuffed toys can also be a great gift for your girl who values thought more than the cost of the gift.

3. Chocolate bouquet

Some girls love sweets – chocolate is marketed as a way for girls to deal with negative emotions that is why it’s a perfect gift for her. You can make a bouquet by yourself and choose all her favorite chocolates. It is very innovative and at the same time sweet.

4. Handwarmer coffee mug

A handwarmer coffee mug for girls who enjoy warming up their hands while enjoying their coffee is one of the best gift ideas for your girl.

5. Instant digital camera

If your girl loves taking pictures, a camera is a perfect gift for her. She’ll enjoy every moment with you by taking pictures together. Also, what makes it fun to use is that it allows you to print photos at the moment; making those craft projects a snap.

6. Headphones

If you’re looking for a sweet-sounding present for your girl, the headphone is perfect for that. She will not only enjoy listening to music but she will always be reminded of the person who gives importance to her interests.

7. Photo collage/ scrapbook

It’s a great idea to make a thoughtful gift with a bit of personal touch. Photo collages and scrapbooks are filled with memories. It would be better if you make it on your own rather than asking for help from a professional artist. You can include pictures of your first date, your travel together, and a lot of happy memories you shared together.

8. Trendy bag

Girls love trendy bags. It is one of the most functional gifts that you can give to your girl since it is something she’ll carry most of the day.

9. Makeup set

Beauty-obsessed girls like to be surrounded by beautiful things like makeup sets and makeup kits. Since female beauty and associated products can be a mystery for guys, it’s a good idea to ask help from one of her friends to help you shop for gifts.

10. Personalized gifts

Nothing pleasures a person more than a gift that has a warm personal touch. You can gift your girl a personalized necklace with her name on it, a mug, t-shirt, or keychain. Buying such gifts is extremely easy since there are some stand-alone shops that make personalized things.

11. A day at the spa

Everyone deserves a good break after all the stress in life. Make your girl feel like she is worthy to unwind and relax for a day. You can also visit the spa together so that you can spend more time with each other.

12. Romantic dinner date

A romantic dinner date is definitely one of the best ways to surprise your girlfriend. A not-so-expensive place with good food and a nice glass of wine is enough to make her day special and extraordinary.

13. Sweet weekend getaway

Quality time can be spent in the comfort of your home, but a vacation gives a girl a chance to take a break from all the pressures of life and spend an enjoyable time with you. You can take her to a place she has always wanted to go or anywhere else. The idea here is just to go away together.

14. Jar full of love notes

All notes are written inside a jar like “You’re beautiful” “You’re my everything” is one of the sweetest things a girl can have. Sometimes, you don’t need an expensive gift for your special someone because it’s still the thought that counts.

15. Pillow

Consider what style of pillow your girlfriend would like the best – it can be inspirational or goofy with quotes written on it. Pillow is the perfect pampering present your girl will surely love. At the end of a long day, she can wrap her arms around it to melt away all the pressure.

16. Homemade baked healthy goodies

If you love to bake and your girl loves healthy goods, then making homemade baked healthy goodies from natural ingredients is a perfect present for your girl.

17. Jewelry

elegant necklace or cute earrings not just a big price tag but it has a lot of thought behind it. All you have to do is to choose the one you think your girlfriend can wear best.

18. Stylish footwear

This year, let the love of your life fall in love with you again as you surprise her with a pair of stylish footwear. Having the right shoes fixes any potential wardrobe crises. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a cute and stylish pair of footwear?

19. A beautiful dress

This is another gift idea that requires a keen fashion sense and knowledge about your girlfriend’s style. Take her shopping and have her try out some dresses so, you’ll have an idea about her size and style. She’ll definitely love you for that and you might not know that dress could be her favorite.

20. Your presence

More than any material thing, your presence is the most important and the best gift a girl can ever have. The people we care about mean much more to us than a new gadget or even a luxury car. While gifts are appreciated, presence is still enough for someone we treasure the most. It is what makes the memory, so always remember that ‘presence’ is the best ‘present’.

From a girl’s point of view, extravagant gifts are awesome but what they actually need is a gift of undying love, make her feel loved, your presence and not some material things. You don’t need to drop huge sums of money to give a heartfelt gift. Showing how much you love her and that you put extra thought into a present would mean so much to your girl. So, don’t let your bank account stop you from making her special on a big day, always make an effort even if it is not a big day.


Marydel Mitch Flores
Mitch is a writer and photographer. She also does screenwriting for independent film producers and joins various film competitions. Mitch believes that “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”
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