5 Jen Patridge Quotes: Emotional Freedom Technique Facilitator

Jennifer Patridge is the creator of Dream Awake Tapping. She is a charismatic woman who teaches tapping on her website and on her YouTube channel. She has a lot of good advice and tapping tutorials to help you work through pain and emotions that are keeping you stuck in life. Here are some Jen Patridge quotes that you will probably resonate with.

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up For Having Emotions

You can’t be that profound that you don’t experience emotions. It’s what makes us human.

Sometimes it feels like we are the only ones who have fear, anxiety, worry, anger, sadness, or hurt in this world. But, the truth is that emotions are a human experience! Everyone has these feelings. Even that person who looks happy all the time.

We all go through the range of emotions and it’s just a matter of understanding them and learning how to work through the negative emotions towards better emotions.

2. Fear Of The Future Equals Anxiety

All of us at some point or another feel anxiety at life… it’s called fear of the future!

This quote from Jen Patridge may help you understand why you are feeling anxiety and what to do with it.

Fear of the future causes our thoughts to go wild, which can cause anxiety. And THEN  we can double the fear because we are fearful of the future AND our anxiety!

It’s very important to work on letting go of the fear of the future for less anxiety.

3. We Can Choose How To Perceive Our Experiences

There’s something really powerful that happens when you realize that you get to choose how you perceive your experiences.

Jen Patridge says that you have the most powerful ally on your side, and that is you. You can choose how to perceive your experiences and, ultimately, how you feel.

If you want to play around with how you can choose to perceive your experiences, I highly recommend taking this challenge on dictating how you will feel for 7 days.

4. We Turn To Tapping Because We Want Relief

When I first discovered tapping, I had a lot of work to do.

This is likely why most of us come to tapping. We have problems that we are dealing with, especially emotional problems, that we want to overcome. I can say that the first time I tried tapping was to overcome anxiety.

Jen Patridge says that she was suffering from anxiety attacks, PTSD, and more, and tapping allowed the memories causing the issues to come into the conscious moment so she could heal them.

5. Clear Out The Overwhelm Through This Tapping Session With Jen Patridge

The way tapping works is we allow ourselves to feel the emotions completely so that it can move through our system.

This is a Jen Patridge quote from the following video. She says that tapping involves feeling the emotions, while the old way of doing things is suppressing and pretending that the pain doesn’t exist. Sound familiar?

The tapping session in this video really works on embracing an overwhelming emotion that you’ve been having and working through it.

You can learn more from Jen Patridge on her website here or on her YouTube channel here.


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