Challenge Yourself To Starve Your Fear In Two Productive Ways


Fear can be caused by real or imagined danger. But there are ways to help yourself reduce and even overcome the fears you feel. If you don’t, they can rule your life, causing you to retreat into a comfort zone that isn’t much bigger than a hula-hoop. Once you have shrunk away from a life …

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6 Affirmations To Help With Fear Of Confrontation

Man and woman pointing fingers at each other

Do you hide or run from confrontation? Is your fear of confrontation making you miserable in some way? It probably is. How do I know that? Because in order to express ourselves and create any change we want to see, confrontation is often needed. Not an angry confrontation, though. I’m talking about approaching someone and …

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6 Affirmations To Help You Overcome Procrastination

overcome procrastination affirmations

If you want any type of success in life, you have to be able to overcome procrastination. Despite what it seems like right now, procrastination takes a huge toll on your success and happiness. If there is something that you know you need to do, and you can’t stop procrastinating on it, these affirmations will …

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3 Affirmations To Get Yourself To The Dentist When You Don’t Want To Go

Man Hiding His Teeth

If you have a fear of the dentist because your current dentist is too rough or lacking compassion, then change dentists. That can really help you see the dentist in a new light. I know, I had to do it. But, if you have a nice dentist, and you just have a fear that something …

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