A Couple Of Quotes About Happiness In Love

Not everyone in love is happy. The problem is that love isn’t always enough to keep a relationship together. The element of happiness in love is very important. If you are struggling in a love relationship without happiness – or dwindling happiness – and feel as though love is enough to keep things together, here are some quotes about happiness in love to give you something to think about.

1. When Your Love Affects Your Happiness Negatively, Is It Really Love?

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If someone you love is constantly making you feel unhappy, then is it really love? When what they say or do has control over how you feel, and you always feel sad, shameful, upset, worried, jealous, etc., what kind of love is that?

The people you are most intimate with should make you happy. If they don’t, who will? There are plenty of people that you don’t love who are willing to scare you, make you upset, and treat you poorly. The ones you love should make you feel happy, protected, and – well, loved!

2. How Much Do They Love You?

I love this quote on happiness in love. It’s so true. It means that when the person you love is not happy, you are not happy. Anyone who is in love knows this to be true.

Think about a healthy parent-child relationship where real love is present (because not all parent-child relationships are healthy and driven by love). A parent will do anything to make their child happy because they love them so much.

So, is someone you love unhappy when you are happy? Or do you notice that they feel good when you are in pain or struggling in life?

This is something to think about when the thought ‘love is enough’ comes up. Maybe, on their part, it’s not love after all. Maybe it’s some sort of selfish egotistical thing where they want to have a loving, devoted partner but don’t want to return the love or devotion.


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