10 Quotes On The Purpose Of Life To Help You Figure Out Yours

Is there really one purpose in life? Considering there are many different purposes of life quotes, I would say not. Everyone has their own path in life, and one person’s purpose may not resonate with someone else. That said, having a purpose in life is important. It helps you get up in the morning and feel good about yourself and the fact that you are alive. So, go through these 10 quotes on the purpose of life, decide what resonates with you, and see if embracing that purpose gives you the meaning and satisfaction that you’ve been looking for.

1. Living A Life Of Purpose

Purpose of life quotes

I think for many people this is true. Living a life where you have a clear-cut purpose, whether that be to take care of a family, help out other people, go after a particular goal, or change the world, can feel like the purpose of life. But let’s dig deeper into that with the rest of these quotes.

2. Loving Well

The purpose of life is not to win; the purpose of life is to learn to love well. – Postcards

I love this quote. Loving ourselves, others, and the planet well is a great purpose to have. It makes everything feel worth it. It makes life feel more rewarding and meaningful. It’s definitely something that most of us need to learn, as we can be selfish and irrational in life, but loving well is a great characteristic to base your life around.

3. Enjoying It

The purpose of life is not to live it. It is to enjoy it! – Reno Omokri

What kind of life is one where we dread each day, worry, feel upset, and engage in other negative emotions? It seems like a good purpose in life is to enjoy each day that you have before it’s over. We are here so we might as well spend our time enjoying life!

4. Being Of Service

Purpose of life quotes

I like this quote. Thinking of being in service as a rent you pay to be alive and live on the planet feels appropriate. It means you help uplift the people and the world around you and make it just a little bit better than when you came.

5. Seeking Knowledge

Purpose of life quote
Ignorance can be bliss sometimes, but knowledge is what helps you grow as a person and solve issues that you and other people are having in the world. The people who are constantly seeking knowledge are the ones that create the biggest changes in the world. Constantly seeking knowledge and using that knowledge to solve problems is a great purpose in life.

If this resonates as a purpose of life for you, I highly recommend you take Naveen Jain’s How To Make Your Dreams Bolder masterclass. It’s a free Mindvalley masterclass and Naveen Jain talks a lot about being curious, expanding your knowledge, and solving problems.

6. Striving To Live

Surely the purpose of life is to live, not merely to avoid death? – Dr Zoe Harcombe

A friend of mine is always sick. She’s always worried about death. After reading this quote, it seems like her purpose in life is to avoid death, not to live.

Yes, avoiding death is smart, but isn’t striving to live more important.

Isn’t it really the same thing? I think switching that script can help people like my friend be less depressed and in the hands of others and more proactive.

In other words, affirming to yourself that you are striving to live as opposed to affirming to yourself that you are doing what you can do to avoid death can feel better on all levels. It shifts the way you live in this world.

This quote highlights a purpose that many of us probably have. To live. To enjoy life. To create an environment where we thrive.

7. Evolving And Transforming

Evolution is the purpose of life. We exist to evolve. Nothing is permanent. Everything shifts and transforms. – Claude Silver

Being in a constant state of upward growth is my purpose in life. I truly believe that there is no being stagnant in life… either you are evolving and transforming, or you are regressing.

Everything changes. So, we either embrace evolving or we resist it and regress back into a little bubble of comfort that no one can pull us out of.

8. Growing Stronger And Stronger

Purpose of life quote

Name one person who hasn’t been defeated in life. I’m willing to bet that you can’t. That’s because defeat is a part of life, but not to punish us – to help us grow stronger.

If the other quotes on the purpose of life don’t resonate with you, then this one may.

It’s a reminder to keeping getting up and fighting after you get defeated.

It’s a reminder that growth only happens when you get knocked down, so embrace the setbacks in life and know that you will grow stronger from them. Make it your purpose to grow stronger from them!

9. Enjoying All Your Feelings

The purpose of life is not to be happy, the purpose of life is to feel. For even chaos is beautiful when it is pure. – Willis Raburu

A lot of people say that the purpose in life is to be totally happy, but maybe your purpose in life is to embrace being a human. Humans feel all kinds of emotions, not just happiness. We feel fear, sadness, anger, hurt, hope, expectation, and a wide range of emotions and they are all natural.

We just don’t want to get stuck in negative emotions because that’s when everything stands still or regresses. But the way to do that is to embrace all your emotions so that you can move through them faster.

In other words, what you resist persists, so if you resist being upset, it will persist.

In short, maybe your purpose in life is to enjoy being human and everything that goes with it. If you can do that, even the chaos will have a sense of purpose and meaning.

10. Embracing More Than Just The Physical

Purpose of life quote

There’s you that you see in the mirror, and then there’s a deeper you that is made up of energy and connected to a source that can’t be explained yet.

A lot of people think that their purpose in life is to live on a spiritual level and recognize that this physical life on Earth is not the end all be all.

I think there are many different ways to connect to the source that’s not explainable.

Iyanla Vanzant says that when you bring soul and spirit into alignment, you can get in contact with your divine self.

The soul is connected to our human self while the spirit is a connection to something bigger. So, when our human soul aligns with our divine spirit, there can be a sense of meaning and purpose like no other.


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