23 Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You and Feels Miserable

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There are times when, after being dumped by your former partner, you find them trying to get back into your life. They suddenly become sweet and thoughtful, not to mention always being there for you in one way or another. These are gestures indicating that they regret breaking up with you and that they want you back in their life.

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23 Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You and Feels miserable

But aside from these, how do you know if your ex regrets dumping you? Here are 23 signs of being wary of:

1. They start communicating with you.

It may have been a while since they dumped you, but all of a sudden, you receive a text or a private message from your former partner asking how you are doing. Sure, you can be cordial, but if you realize after a few days that they are chummy with you again like nothing happened, this may indicate that they want to get back with you.

This is because they think that after time heals all wounds, you have already forgiven them, and if ever, you can start a relationship with them again.

2. They tell you they are sorry for the breakup and that it’s really their fault that the relationship ended.

When your ex finally realizes that he or she regrets leaving you, they will be more than willing to give you the apology you so deserved. This is because they want to redeem themselves from hurting and leaving you back then and that they don’t want you to feel hurt anymore.

Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You
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3. They become more affectionate than ever before.

When a former partner wants to make you see that they regret what they’ve done, they try to get back by being more thoughtful and affectionate, much more than they did when you two were still dating. They want you to feel loved and cared for in ways they could not show or do, and they want to remind you of the wonderful possibilities that may arise if you decide to get back together.

4. They talk about the issues they are facing, especially with their current relationship.

Sometimes, they even re-establish a connection with you, even if they are currently in a relationship. They would talk about their frustrations and issues with their present partner, ask you for advice, or think about what if you two had gotten back together instead.

5. They try to make up for past mistakes.

Aside from being more affectionate, they try to atone when they hurt you by doing everything to make you happy. These include being there when you need someone to lean on, celebrate your joys, and sit beside you during your darkest hours. It’s because they want to make up for those times they failed to be there when you needed them during the course of your relationship.

6. If they are single, they try to stay single.

Meanwhile, if your ex is single and reconnects with you, he or she would try their best to remain single even if there are many opportunities in which they could have been involved with someone else. They’d prioritize rebuilding the friendship that was ruined alongside your relationship that time you broke up.

7. They are pessimistic when they see you exploring the possibility of being in a relationship with someone else.

When an ex regrets having dumped you, they tend to be pessimistic whenever they find out that you are about to be involved with someone else romantically. They’d be vocal about their opinions about that person, and these opinions would revolve around their disapproval. They have a myriad of reasons as to why you should not pursue the relationship, when the truth of the matter is, they want to get back to you.

Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You
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8. They stalk you.

Yes, when an ex finds themself hurting over their decision of leaving you, they would do everything in their power to know your whereabouts. Yes, they develop a tendency to stalk you. This is because they want to know that you are doing alright and want to be there whenever something unfortunate happens. This can be not very pleasant, especially when you chance upon them at random places, only to find out they are in the area because they were following you.

9. They use your friends as a means of influence.

There are also instances when they try to get back into your life by using your friends’ presence and opinions. This is especially common when your friends have been witnesses to the rise and demise of your relationship, and he (or she) will try to win them over to get to you.

They would make friends with them and ask for their forgiveness for hurting you until such time that they can tell you good things about them. Of course, it has a great bearing when you hear out your friends’ opinions, and the more likely will you give in when they keep on telling you that your ex has changed for, the better and wants you back.

10. Your ex starts acting like a different person to impress you

When your ex sees that there’s no more chance of the two of you getting back together, they may decide to change their whole personality or even start dressing differently so they can win your love again.  If this is happening and he was once into another lifestyle when you were together before now, he could be doing all these things because he regrets losing your relationship.

If you ever find out that your ex has started to listen to you more than they used to, hangs out with their friends less, and wants to spend more time with you. He doesn’t want to scare you off by just blatantly saying, “I miss hanging out with you” so instead, he changes his behaviors and hopes it will get the point across.

He’s trying to show you that things could be a lot better if you guys were together, and he’s also trying to get back in your good books so the two of you can start dating again.

This might indicate regret regarding having broken.

11. Your ex wants to hang out with you all the time

If your ex wants to hang out with you all the time, he is still interested in you. Sure, it might be that he misses hanging out with his old friend, but it could also mean that he had some good times with you and doesn’t want to let the opportunity pass by without having a nice night, hoping this means something.


12. Your ex keep playing the songs you like

When your ex keeps playing songs you like on their social media or public, he is sending you a message that he wants you back. Sure, he might just be listening to it because you are his ex, and he thinks it’s interesting that you broke up. But also consider that maybe he is trying to remind himself of the good times, or even as a way for him to say, “I miss our time together subtly.”

This happens when your ex is looking through their old music collection or watching a video on YouTube from one of your favorite bands, hoping that they will hear one of their songs and then realize how much they miss you.

13. Your ex got dumped or rejected.

If your ex gets rejected by another girl, they will most likely regret dumping you.

The reality is that no matter what happens in his love life, he will always feel like he made the wrong decision when ditching you because ultimately, you were the one who loved him more, was there for him when he was down, and supported him even through the hardest times.

It can be hard to see if your ex is acting regretful around you because it’s not always something that can be seen on his face or read from his body language. But these are just a few signs that can indicate regret about the breakup.

14. Your ex is going through a rough time in life

If your ex is going through a really rough time, maybe they are regretting the breakup. When something terrible happens in their lives, he will look back on his past and realize that none of it was worth leaving you behind for.

He knows how much effort you put into making him happy and supporting him throughout those tough times, so he kept thinking about what could have gone wrong with you guys instead.

15. They are talking about positive memories

When your ex talks fondly about the good times you used to have together, it means that they actually miss those times and wish they could get them back.

Sure, maybe your ex is just reminiscing because you were a significant part of his life, but also consider that maybe he’s trying to remind himself how great the two of you are together, in the hope that it will make him realize this was a bad decision.

16. Your ex is highly complimentary of you

Your ex kept complimenting you out loud, claiming you are very good-looking and the best one they have ever met. Maybe he’s just telling the truth, but also consider that maybe he sees you differently than before and actually misses your good looks.

It could be that your ex wants to have a chance with you back in their life, so instead of asking directly, they are hoping that if they start acting like it was before between you two, then it will lead to exactly what they want: a second shot at convincing you to take them back.

17. Your ex is suddenly incredibly nice to you

When your ex starts being very nice to you, it can mean that they regret dumping you. Maybe before the breakup, he acted like a jerk towards you, but now things are completely different.

Instead of his attitude going back to how it used to be when the two of you were together – which would be the worst-case scenario for you–he has changed into a nice person towards you because he wants to show you that if only he had treated the two of you better, then maybe everything could have worked out between the two of you.

18. Your ex is trying way too hard to win your friendship back

Sometimes, when people realize something is really important in their lives, they work extra hard to get it back.

When your ex tries extra hard to be friends with you, it could mean that they regret the breakup because they don’t want to lose you as a friend in their life.

19. Your ex is asking about you and showing interest in your life again

It’s natural for one person who has experienced a breakup to forget about the other person and move on. Still, if your ex really regrets dumping you, then he will start showing more interest in what’s going on between you two once again.

This could happen by approaching you or your family or friends, and asking very friendly questions like “How have things been since we broke up?” or even just saying out loud how much he misses talking to you. No matter how it happens, it means that your ex is trying to steal back a little bit of your attention and show you he’s missed you.

20. Your ex is begging you for another chance

When your ex may be regretting dumping you, he will try to get another chance by begging for it. He believes that if you give him another chance with you, then maybe this time things could work out because he really wants them to.

Of course, don’t trust him yet just because this is what he’s telling you! Please don’t take him back until you’re sure that even though they are asking for it now, the two of you won’t end up breaking up again in the future. But at least considering giving him a second chance if he really insists on it and goes down on his knees for your love.

21. They find an excuse to see you and/or talk to you

When your ex is trying hard to win you back, they will do anything. Going through all the trouble of finding an excuse to see or talk to you again could mean that they regret losing your love because they want it in their life once again.

Even if your ex tries any old excuse to have a conversation with you or bump into you, and even if he looks desperate while doing so, these can be signs that he’s missing you and hoping for the two of you to get an opportunity for a second chance.

22. Your ex is trying hard to get along with your friends/family

If your ex begins acting extra nice towards other people close to you, he could be doing it because he’s hoping that if he can make good impressions on them, maybe he’ll have more chances of getting back into your life.

This is a good sign that he’s trying to get back into your life because you are critical to him, and he regrets losing you.

23. Your ex is showing signs of jealousy when they see you with other guys

Another thing that could mean that your ex really misses having you in their life is if he’s jealous over the fact that the two of you aren’t dating anymore.  Maybe this guy who was once just an acquaintance or friend to both of you has now started speaking with more affection towards you, or maybe he’s even giving off signs like joking around about taking each other out on dates or even flirting.

If your ex sees this, then they could become very jealous and regret the fact that you’ve moved on with someone else.

14 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You and Wants You Back

1. Following your online activities
2. Having nostalgic conversations
3. Reaching out from time to time
4. Staying a bit longer to talk each time you see each other
5. Showing signs of emptiness/loneliness
6. Trying to patch things up
7. Maintaining communication with your friends and family
8. Showing that s/he misses you
9. S/he is backed up by friends
10. Available to help you out
11. Approaching you when s/he has problems
12. Her/his eyes are glued to you
13. Becoming less social
14. Still single after a long time

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14 Signs Your Ex is Over You and Doesn’t Want You Back

However, knowing that your ex does not want you back should push you to move on.

1. Your ex does not respond to your calls or messages.
2. You get blocked or s/he changes mobile number.
3. All your stuff is returned.
4. Your efforts are taken for granted.
5. Your ex does not make any effort to reconcile.
6. S/he tells you, ‘I’m tired’ with a sigh.
7. The family does not welcome you anymore.
8. Ex is not interested to see you.
9. Ex seems irritated and unexcited to see you.
10. S/he freely posts about a new date on social media.
11. S/he does not care if you date someone new.
12. You are told you deserve someone better.
13. S/he seems happy and content with their present life.
14. You are not chosen.

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What can you do about it?

When an ex explicitly says and shows that they regret dumping you, it would definitely confuse your end. This is because you might have already moved on from what happened, or you are still in the process of healing your wounds, or you, too, still have feelings of hope for this person. Regardless, it is important that you weigh things with deep thought, as jumping into a decision may also leave you with regrets in the end.

It’s not really a wrong move to give the person who hurt you a second chance, but you too must be wary of its repercussions since you are giving it another chance. You may want to give more time to see if it is really worth another try or if it is the right choice to move forward and welcome the new things (and a new relationship) that may come your way.

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