14 Doable Ways to Win Your Ex Back

Doable Ways to Win Your Ex Back

One of the most difficult things that may happen to you after a breakup is winning your ex back. Surprisingly, this happens to many people; sometimes, after ending a relationship, they realize they truly love their former partner and become eager to win them back. However, this isn’t an easy goal to achieve due to …

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5 Common Reasons Why Girlfriends Get Mad

Why Girlfriends Get Mad

Does your girlfriend often pick fights with you? Do you usually find yourself in an argument with your girlfriend either before, during, or after a date? Are the so-called “lovers’ quarrels” becoming more frequent? Well, it is common for you to encounter arguments, as there is no relationship that’s smooth sailing. However, as a guy, …

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5 Ways to be Confident in Yourself as a Woman

Ways to be Confident in Yourself as a Woman

How is it like to be a confident woman? You may have seen a lot of women who took the stand and spoke and committed to the things they believe in, may it be in politics, society, science, and the arts. Other girls meanwhile carry the courage to speak about the things they believe is …

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5 Ways to Keep a Girl Interested in You

Ways to Keep a Girl Interested in You

Guys, let’s face it: attraction fades. The girl you’ve been courting for many months has started showing signs of interest in you today, but it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll feel the same way tomorrow. Sure, you may be smart, charming, and kind, but keeping her interest alive and burning cannot be sustained by these attributes …

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Top 8 Reasons Why Women Fall in Love

Women Fall in Love

Why do women fall in love? Most of you might think that due to the heavy influence of the things they see in the movies, TV, and most especially social media, women now fall in love for rather superficial reasons. Even TV shows highlight scenarios where the lead female character goes head over heels with …

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6 Signs of Immaturity in a Relationship

Immaturity in a Relationship

We see a lot of couples ending in heartbreak after just a few months of being too sweet and inseparable. Some couples meanwhile find themselves starting a family too fast, but afterward, they separate in an acrimonious manner. At the same time, there are couples who, despite being in a relationship for many years, seem …

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7 Things Couples Should Do to Stay Happy

Things Couples Should Do to Stay Happy

Becoming a couple with your significant other is one thing. Staying as a couple is an entirely different matter, and more so, staying as a happy couple. Indeed, relationships face ups and downs, and only the strongest couples can brave through such storms. While you’re not always in a jolly mood together, how do you …

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12 Ways to Forget Someone You Love

Ways to Forget Someone You Love

Falling in love is easy. Getting your heart broken is also easy. But do you know what the hard part is in this process of falling in and out of love? It’s not enduring the pain but getting rid of the memories of that person you love. This is because the memories never go away. …

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Friendship Love vs. Romantic Love: 8 Differences You Should Know

Friendship Love vs. Romantic Love

At one point in our lives, we desire to have someone to hold, a significant other whom we could share the rest of our days. Sometimes, we think that we have already found them, only to find out eventually that they are no more than just friends. We often interchange friendship love with romantic love. …

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6 Signs You Need to End Your Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships (LDR) are a unique but increasingly common type of romance. Couples in this relationship brave against not just the test of time but of distance too. Some of them may be living in different cities, states, or even countries and continents, but they do their best to fight for the love they share. …

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7 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend is Ignoring You and What to Do Next

Your Girlfriend is Ignoring You

In most relationships, we can say that it is the girl who leads the way. She may be the more emotional half, but she is also the one who manages the relationship’s day-to-day activities. She is regarded to be the sweet and caring one, and these are the main reasons why her boyfriend is head …

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8 Ways to Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him

Ways to Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him

How do you show your boyfriend that you love him? Many of us often think that showing love is by flaunting your relationship on social media, from the gifts you give each other, the places you visit together, and the activities you do as a couple. Indeed, these are proof of you two being in …

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7 Qualities of a Good Man to Marry

Qualities of a Good Man to Marry

Almost every girl has dreamt of marrying the perfect guy and live happily ever with him. But not all girls make this dream come true; worse, they even fall in love with frogs disguised as a prince and not the other way around. Indeed, you are never sure about the guy you are going to …

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8 Ways to Apologize to Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend After a Fight

According to Elton John, “sorry seems to be the hardest word.” Well, it’s true, especially in relationships. During a fight, no matter how petty the issue is, nobody would want to take the fault and sorry. This is common, but normal too. It’s because when we are in a relationship, we always think about the …

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9 Qualities of a Good Man in a Relationship

Qualities of a Good Man in a Relationship

What makes a good man in a relationship? The answers to this question definitely vary, as each of us has a different concept of a “good” or “ideal” guy. But men change some of their behaviors and attributes whenever they are in a relationship, as unlike when they are single, they have to look after …

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10 Telltale Signs Your Relationship is Over

Telltale Signs Your Relationship is Over

If there’s one thing newly single people say, it’s that they wish they had broken up with their partner sooner. They wish they had walked out of the relationship the moment they realized it’s not working out, as the longer they stayed, the more difficult it became for them to end things. This is normal, …

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23 Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You and Feels Miserable

Your Ex Regrets Dumping You

There are times when, after being dumped by your former partner, you find them trying to get back into your life. They suddenly become sweet and thoughtful, not to mention always being there for you in one way or another. These are gestures indicating that they regret breaking up with you and that they want …

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8 Ways to Impress Your Boyfriend’s Mom

One of the most challenging phases in any relationship is getting the approval of your boyfriend’s parents. This is especially when you two are already becoming serious in your relationship and he decides to introduce you to his family, in particular, his mother. His folks may have their own standards and preference of whom their …

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How to Respectfully Break Up with Your Boyfriend

How to Respectfully Break Up with Your Boyfriend

Ending a relationship is not easy. You may feel like it’s time to break things off because your affair is no longer working out, even if you know for yourself that you still have feelings for your boyfriend. But you have to face it: not all relationships are for keeps, and not dealing with it …

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8 Ways to Move On After Being Cheated On

Ways to Move On After Being Cheated On

Being cheated on is one of the most painful experiences in a relationship. It is also a common cause for a breakup, as when your partner cheats on you, he or she not only hurts you per se. They damage you as a person, for they remove all the trust and respect that you have …

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7 Ways to Get Over a Relationship and Move On

Ways to Get Over a Relationship and Move On

Moving on from a relationship that has ended is one of the most difficult things to accomplish in anybody’s life. It can sometimes be worse than mourning over someone who has died because you fought for this relationship with your whole heart and soul. If there’s anything you have to learn about enduring a heartbreak, …

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How to Get Over a Relationship that Never Started?

How to Get Over a Relationship that Never Started

It has become common these days for people to enter into a mutual understanding but not move towards a relationship. Sure, they share the same fondness and affection with each other, spend time together, and build dreams as a couple, but somehow they were never able to cement their setup into that of a legit …

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Can You Really Stop Loving Someone You Truly Love?

Can You Really Stop Loving Someone You Truly Love

Not all those that we love are for keeps. While there are the lucky ones who find the love that lasts, there are also some who bump into a great love along the way, only to lose it after a matter of time. You cannot really put the blame on anyone when it comes to …

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What is an Open Relationship? The Pros and Cons

What is an Open Relationship

We are all familiar with movies such as “No Strings Attached” and “Friends with Benefits. These films showcase a romantic setup that consists of almost all elements of the usual “boyfriend-girlfriend” arrangement, but lacks two things: label and commitment. But there’s already a name for it, which we refer to as an “open relationship.” Many …

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7 Ways to Rebuild Trust in a Relationship After It’s Broken

Rebuild Trust in a Relationship

Trust is one of the building blocks of any relationship. Along with love and respect, trust is the element that allows you and your partner to grow together, not only as partners but as persons with individual lives. But trust is also the element that is most fragile; the easiest to be broken. And it …

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10 Smart Ways to Manage Stress in Life

Manage Stress in Life

We often say that when we feel the pressure and tension with all the things surrounding us, we become “stressed.” Well, to feel stress is normal, as it occurs in just about every aspect of our lives. And while it is something that we can never get rid of, stress is actually quite manageable. In …

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How to Handle Pressure at Work: 9 Ways to Work Better Under Pressure

How to Handle Pressure at Work

Not all of us land on our dream job. And yes, there are even times when we learn to hate our dream job because of the unprecedented pressures that come with it. But hey, feeling the pressure at work is normal, and it is also very common these days for us to work under pressure. …

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9 Practical Ways to Manage Stress at Home

Ways to Manage Stress at Home

Most of us usually think that home is our place of comfort and solace. However, just in the workplace, there are a lot of things at home that get us stressed and anxious. These include the household chores, the bills, maintenance needs, and the people we live with under the same roof. But all these …

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7 Best Places to Meet the Right Guy for You

Best Places to Meet the Right Guy for You

These days, dating has become a highly lucrative business due to the growing demand of people seeking a romantic partner. But while the dating industry offers a lot of opportunities for you to find a significant other, they do not actually guarantee that you stumble upon the right person. Hence, if you are on the …

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