Why You Should Always Learn New Skills

Learn new skills button on computer

It’s tempting to sit back and get stagnant in life. It feels easier. It feels more rewarding at times. But it’s neither of those things. When you constantly work on learning new skills, you constantly improve your life. You feel less regret and you have more success. Following are some quotes that drive home the …

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Take The Superbrain Quest And Challenge Your Brain To Get Stronger In All Ways

uperbrain quest challenge

Everyone has a superbrain according to Jim Kwik. Even though he was made to feel like he had a stupid brain when he was younger, he found a way to overcome other’s judgments, become a brain coach to the stars, and create a quest on Mindvalley called the Superbrain quest. So, if you think that …

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Speak And Inspire Quest Challenge: Learn How To Impact Others Positively

Hand holding microphone and showing thumbs up in front of a crowd of silhouette people. Public speaking and giving speech

If you have a message, but don’t have the communication skills or confidence to get that message out there in a way that’s impactful, then the Speak and Inspire quest by Lisa Nichols is a 30-day challenge you will want to take. 5 Reasons You Should Take The Speak And Inspire Quest Challenge 1. You …

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Challenge Yourself To Improve Your Current Skills – One In Particular

Challenge Yourself To Improve Your Current Skills - One In Particular

You have some skills, admit it. You may be able to sing better than most people or you may be able to do tricks with a fidget spinner that other people can’t. Or, maybe you are really good at writing, comedy, drawing, helping other people, cleaning, cooking, gardening, or reading. A skill is defined as …

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Learn Something New Every Day Challenge

Learn something new challenge

Each day we have a chance to learn and grow, stay the same, or slip backward. When you learn something new daily, you don’t just know more, you gain more awareness and you affect your beliefs, habits, relationships, and entire life in a positive way. The good news is that if you are reading this, …

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