How to be happy single? 15 Tips to stay happy being single

single and happy

Happiness is not about being committed in a relationship. Happiness depends upon ourselves.

To be single is not a weakness of being unable to find a relationship. Hence it is a strength of having the patience to wait for the right one. Never let yourself be confused about being single with being lonely because your happiness does not depend on your relationship status.

Being Single or In a Relationship

Love can be a bloodcurdling road to venture down, yet many people still love to stride on that course because they all believe that Love is patient. Love is kind…It always protects. Always trusts. Always hopes. Always perseveres. And Love never fails.

And even if you know you would get crash at the end, you wouldn’t bother to think twice, but still get in the car with the one you love all over again because love is a combination of bitter and sweet sensations.

That even if you get hurt a million times, even if your heart got crashed shoddily or even if you stepped on that aisle full of thorns to be with the one you love. You will never get tired, never be afraid to love and get hurt.

That is the cycle of love, we may have different reasons why we chose to stay single, but time will come when we are all ready to face the consequences of love.

Stay Single Stay Happy

There are many great things about being single. You have fewer responsibilities and more freedom.

Most people get into a relationship just because they think that it will increase their happiness levels. It might help them feel complete if they start a relationship with someone right for them.

But you will be happier to stay single than got into a wrong relationship.

Stay single, and you will be happy if you take care of your happiness.

You have time for yourself and your activities, so don’t waste it feeling sorry about being alone. This is the perfect opportunity to do the things you couldn’t do when in a relationship.

Be Single, Be Happy

Stay happy while single doesn’t mean that you must not try a relationship again; it means that you do not need to obsess over finding someone.

Be happy while single and welcome the right relationship in your life, but you do not need a relationship to feel happy.

Don’t let people convince you that being single means something wrong with your life or personality.

If somebody makes a negative comment about your life, let it go because they are not the ones who make decisions in your life. You do what you want and need for yourself!

Be confident in yourself and know that if someone does come into your life, you are ready for them when they do.

Enjoy time alone and enjoy time with family and friends when they’re available – no one should take away from that interaction time.

How to be Happy Being Single

If you choose to be single for now, be happy enough because it only means that your knight in shining armor has just lost his ways to your house, or probably God is just saving the best for you.

You have to be patient, be positive, and follow these tips on keeping a happy life while you are single.

1. Practice self-love.

People who love themselves are more confident and happier.

Self-love is important because it can help you feel less lonely and more confident in your ability to cope with life. Loving yourself also makes you more open to receiving love from others.

You deserve to be loved not only by those people around you but, of course by Yourself as well. Being single is an opportunity to focus on yourself and to look deep inside yourself.

Falling in love with yourself first is actually the most important relationship you need to deal with. So do yourself a favor, give yourself a little hug and start to love yourself more. How? Here are some basic tips on how to practice self-love.

Embrace yourself.

The process of loving yourself starts with recognizing and appreciating your true nature. Know that everyone has negative and positive sides. Learn to embrace and love all those things that make you different because that’s what makes them special.

Encourage yourself.

Daily positive affirmations can help you to feel happier every day. You may tell yourself: “I am intelligent.” “I can do this.” ‘I am beautiful.” Say anything that would make you smile, and that would make you feel appreciated.

Forgive Yourself.

Accept that you are not perfect, you commit mistakes and failures in life, but never be too harsh on yourself when you do all of it. Be willing to embrace your imperfections and remind yourself that failures are the only lessons to be learned.

Protect yourself.

Don’t let the wrong people strode into your life, instead bring the right people into your life. You deserve to be surrounded by people who truly love you rather than those people who take pleasure in your pain and loss. Get rid of TOXIC people in your life, you shouldn’t waste your time and effort entertaining people who want to take away your happiness and success. Know your worth.

Treat Yourself.

Spend more time with yourself, pamper yourself with food or buy yourself clothes. This will help you explore more about yourself, it will take you on a journey learning things about yourself, and will also make you appreciate yourself for being authentically you.

2. Practice Self-improvement.

Take time every day to improve yourself. Self-improvement is about learning, growing, and being your best self. It’s essential for staying happy in every area of life, especially love and relationships.

Being single doesn’t mean you need to be alone all the time.

Single people still have goals to achieve, things to learn, and places to go that are different from a couple’s life together. Be open-minded in trying new things.

Learn something that can help you become better or learn about other cultures through traveling around the world. Discover yourself while discovering others by learning more about their experiences and challenges through conversations with them.

3. Consider the financial benefits of being single.

Being single isn’t stressful because you no longer have to worry about a partner’s needs or desires. You don’t have someone to buy chocolates, flowers or teddy bears on special occasions not unless you want to buy them for yourself. Thus, you can really save money while you are single compared to those in a relationship.

Instead of spending money on a significant other, why not just spend it for yourself or save it for the future.

4. Serve God.

Instead of complaining or being sad about your relationship status, why not just fix your eyes on Jesus. Remember that until God is the obsession of your heart, you’ll always be looking for mere men to meet needs that only He can fill.

Only when you make God your first love will you be ready for a love story that reflects His glory. If you get bored, feel unhappy, or lost in life, just serve God, and he will surely lead you to the right path.

Learn to love yourself and God first, for he will surely lead you to the right man.

5. Spend more time with your family.

Surrounding yourself with supportive people will help you feel happy. Always remember that you don’t have to be in an intimate relationship to be happy. The love and support of your family are already enough to keep you happy. They are the ones you can trust and rely on when you need someone to lean on.

Probably, while you were in a relationship, you ignore and forgot to spend more time with them. You got too attached to your significant other and forgot that you still have your family who truly loves you more than anyone else could do.

Instead of looking for a date, why not just hang out with your family, date them, spend your time with the people who are always there for you. The love of your family is life’s greatest blessing.

6. Keep in touch with your friends.

Surround yourself with those who make you happy. Aside from your family, you also have Friends whom you can count on. But of course, make sure to choose friends who are worth it and real.

There are probably things you can’t share with your family that’s why you have your friends with you. Your friends are the medicine for a wounded heart and a shoulder to lean on. So hang out with your friends and make the most of your time. It’s not how much you have but how much you enjoy with them that makes Happiness.

7. Improve Your Physical Appearance And Mind

Be your own best friend even when you’re not with someone else. Treat yourself like your very own soul mate or best friend!

Spend time pampering yourself with self-care activities such as getting regular manicures and pedicures, enjoy massages, eating healthy foods that would make you look better and healthier than ever before.

Wear clothes that would fit into your body well. While you’re single, clothes are not just something to cover your body but also make you look and feel good too.

Stay physically healthy by staying fit both mentally and physically. Take care of your body, exercising regularly.

  • eating healthy
  • exercising
  • getting enough sleep

You may want to start a new exercise program, do Zumba, or even Xbox games that will allow you to work out with others in a fun way. Do things that will help you get into shape and feel good about your body.

Also, practice eating healthy foods because sometimes your diet can affect your happiness and bring your mood down. So, look at what you’ve been eating and look for healthier alternatives to have a happy lifestyle.

You’ll feel happier when you stay in good shape. People will look at you and appreciate what you have done to be physically fit too.

Happiness is inside you. When you’re happy from within, you’ll be happier around other people as well!

8. Focus on your career.

Instead of ranting about how unlucky you are in a relationship, why not just focus on your dreams. The harder you work for something, the greater happiness you will feel when you finally achieve it.

If you keep on focusing on your problem about your relationship status, the more you will feel bad about it. But if you focus on your career, you will surely have more opportunities. Your success is your happiness, so if you really want to be successful, invest in yourself.

9. Be Open-Minded To New Things.

So many new things can help make your life easier, more enjoyable, and most importantly, happier than ever before! Travel to new places and experience something you’ve never done before, like scuba diving, zip-lining, snorkeling, kayaking, and others.

Get out of your comfort zone and step into the world where opportunities lie. It’s always better to try something new than to stay in one place or doing the same thing all over again.

Take the road less traveled by and be open to new experiences that make your life more fun and exciting!

Don’t let fear stop you from trying or doing anything you want to do. You can even build a career by traveling around the globe! Who knows, you’ll love it so much that you might turn your passion for traveling into a business someday!

New experiences will make you happy. Every new experience brings another journey in life that has a set of struggles and rewards too!

10. Achieve independence.

Being independent could help you in the future compared to dependent people who rely more on a relationship. Happiness should never be completely dependent upon another person. Happiness should depend upon ourselves.

Remember that if your relationship ends, you become so lost because you’ve been too attached to that person. It is an empowering feeling, knowing that you can get through life without being dependent on others. Thus, you should not only recognize how to be happy being single, but you should also realize a good idea to choose to spend more time loving yourself.

11. Enjoy your freedom.

When you are single, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You are free to be spontaneous without considering your significant other. It is still a blessing to have your own time for yourself, although having someone to share your experience with is a joy.

So instead of complaining about your relationship status, why not just enjoy your freedom while still single? Being single isn’t a time to look for love, yet it is a time to work on yourself and grow as an individual. And always remind yourself that God has a purpose why he put you in that situation, probably for you to grow and be independent.

12. Have Meaningful Interests

While you are free of the responsibilities of a relationship, try to start a new meaningful hobby.

A meaningful interest engages your mind and heart deeply in some way or another. It’s an interest that makes you happy regularly, such as when people or things around inspired a creative idea of yours, which usually benefits others. Share those interests with friends or family so they can learn more from you and definitely share them with others too.

Having a meaningful interest is an expression of yourself as a whole person, not just the superficial part of you.

It’s all about having fun through discovering new things like reading books and magazines related to your interests or watching movies that have some great lessons in them.

Add something that will inspire you to enrich your life. If you have something you’ve always wanted to do, now is the perfect time to do it. Choose to do something different that will surely challenge you.

13. Appreciate life.

Be thankful and stop complaining.

You will never be happy with what you have until you learn to appreciate it.

Learn how to be contented and appreciate life. Keep in mind that if you are awake, you are blessed because life is a priceless gift, so appreciate every minute.

Complaining about your relationship status has nothing to do with your life. Appreciate what you have right now because you don’t always get a second chance at it.

Once you start appreciating the little things in life, you’ll be more contented with your life and everything that comes into it. Appreciate your family and friends too. Everything will look better once you appreciate the things around you because it allows us to see our blessings, making our lives a lot easier and comfortable without having to fight for anything.

14. Recognize the importance of perfect timing.

Timing is everything, most especially in a relationship. Time has indeed a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. Instead of being lonely about your relationship status, why not just remind yourself that there is a perfect time for everything.

God is probably writing the best story for you. Just wait on God’s timing and you’ll surely have a better result. Be patient and trust that everything will work out.

15. View life on the positive side.

Beautiful things will indeed happen if you distance yourself from negative vibes. You will live better and longer if you view life from a positive side.

Being pessimistic wouldn’t help you achieve a good outlook in life, it only sees the difficulty in every opportunity while being optimistic sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

Optimism is a happiness magnet, so if you want to be happy in life, stay positive, good things and good people will surely be drawn to you.

What to Avoid to Stay Happy While Being Single

1. Avoid the comparison trap!

The grass is NOT always greener on the other side. Remember, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

When you are feeling down about being single, remember that there’s no point in comparing yourself to other people when it comes to relationships.

We need to understand that no couple is the same – they all have their own story and reasons why they are together.

Everyone has a different experience when it comes to finding love, so don’t compare yours with anyone else’s!

You never know what someone else might be going through or how much they might be struggling. Some people may look like they have the perfect relationship, but behind closed doors, it may not be what you think, especially if kids are involved who depend on them. So keep your focus on building an awesome life for yourself individually, and you’ll see how good your life can be both as a couple and as an individual.

2. Don’t let the negative things get to you

Don’t take any of it too seriously if someone says something bad about you or something about your single life.

Being single is nothing wrong. If you’re single, enjoy it! No matter what other people say.

A huge source of unhappiness is worrying too much about what other people think about us – especially when it comes to relationships!

It’s okay if someone likes you as long as they do so for the right reasons and because they truly care for you, not just because you appear to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Your happiness shouldn’t depend on whether other people approve of your choices in life and who’s by your side.

Your happiness is up to you, so choose to be happy with yourself right now!

3. Avoid Toxic People.

Being surrounded by people who are positive and love life can help you stay happy. On the other hand, people who constantly complain about everything usually fall into the toxic category.

People who make fun of you behind your back and criticize many things about you can also be toxic. The best thing to do is stay away from them because they will only bring you down.

Please stay away from them whenever possible because they will drain your energy more than you realize! You’ll be happier if you surround yourself with inspiring, caring, and fun people instead of those who only see the negative side of things.

You’ll be happier if you know when to cut people off and not let them walk all over you!

Don’t let negative energy affect how you feel about yourself. Instead, surround yourself with happy and positive people to make yourself feel better.

4. Avoid Bad Relationships Because it is Not Worth It!

Bad relationships aren’t worth ruining your happiness because you are pressured to find someone to settle down with.

Your single life will be happier if you don’t spend it with someone who doesn’t truly appreciate and love you.

Sometimes when we get in a bad relationship, we feel pressured to stay in it even if the other person doesn’t treat us well.

Remember that life is much better when you’re happy and living your best life all by yourself!

Why waste time with someone who isn’t good for us?

Be with someone who is positive and has many good qualities and values that match yours so you can both enjoy life together.

It’s perfectly okay to stay single, avoid bad relationships, and wait until the right one comes along someday! However, you can’t force love or happiness into your life if it doesn’t happen naturally.

5. Avoid Staying in your comfort zone.

If you want to stay happier as a single person, you need to step out of your comfort zone now and then.

Life happens around us whether we want it or not, but staying in our comfort zone can only limit what we do and see. It will be a boring life if you don’t step out of your comfort zone.

You’ll feel even more miserable when you want to do something and you can’t because it will make you uncomfortable.

It’s okay to be a little bit uncomfortable with certain things now and then because it gets better after some time.

You’ll experience new things, meet different people, and learn how to manage the discomfort when trying something new – all of which will help you in life! So don’t let your fear stop you from moving forward with life and enjoying what is out there for us.

6. Avoid being too hard on yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake or do something silly.

We’re all human, and there are times when we fail or get things wrong.

It’s okay to mess up now and then because that’s how we learn to be better people! Remember – mistakes can make you stronger!

You’ll feel happier if you accept who you are, forgive yourself, and move forward in life. If you keep beating yourself up about the past, it will only distract you from enjoying your present and future.

Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t let them define who you are as a person. Instead, make wiser choices in the future, carry on, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

7. Stop saying “I wish” – Start Saying I Can!

It can be easy to feel stuck in this limbo between being fully independent and wanting to have someone special by your side when you are single.

It is normal for us to want things that seem out of our reach, so don’t worry if you wish for something more in life.

The best way to head towards a happy single life is not thinking about what you wish you could have but starting believing that you can get there even if it seems impossible right now. So please keep your eyes open for opportunities that come around because sometimes they sneak up when we least expect them to!

You never know what might happen tomorrow, so don’t shut yourself out of new possibilities.

It’s a wonderful thing to be open and receptive to all of life’s possibilities, but it is even more beautiful when you learn to make those things possible on your own!

9. Learn to ignore media depictions of happy couples.

One of the main reasons people are not happy and bitter when they are single is because media depictions reinforce the idea that they need to be in a relationship to be happy.

We need to understand that media outlets are businesses – they want their viewers to keep coming back for more, so it’s no surprise that they only show images of perfect couples.

You don’t need someone else to feel happy and fulfilled. You are enough all by yourself!

Remember that the goal isn’t to be in a relationship, but instead, it is about finding happiness within ourselves. If you can find inner peace, you will be so much more peaceful when you’re with someone! So be happy on your own before you bring someone new into your life.

10. Avoid feeling sorry for yourself.

Instead of feeling bad for ourselves, be thankful instead!

Feeling sorry for yourself will only bring more negativity into your life, while being thankful for what you have will only brighten up the things in your life.

Think of the things you are grateful for are many reasons why you should feel happy right now. It will make you realize how much more meaningful your life already is without someone else by your side! Go out there and enjoy this beautiful world with all its possibilities.

Doing these things will help you stay happy while being single. We’re all born alone, and we’ll die alone; enjoy the ride in between and stop wasting time thinking about what you wish you could have. It’s okay to be a little bit uncomfortable now and then, but don’t let it get the best of you!

You can find happiness no matter where you are in life, so don’t stress over feeling lonely or not having someone else around to complete your life. You only need yourself to experience the world fully!

Love God Love yourself, Stay Single Stay Happy

Falling is inevitable. It does not appear with any warning signs. It can happen anywhere or to anyone. There may be a variety of emotions and risks that love can bring but never lose hope.

Each of us has different ways of protecting our hearts, but hurting is inescapable. People experience all the gut-wrenching pain of a heartbreak, but all of it is indispensable. You might feel a bit of failure for now, but he never fails you. The best way to find love is to find God.

You probably took all of it but it didn’t work. Then why not let the perfect author write the best Love Story for you? He is the perfect image of Love. He desires to give us all the Love that can surpass Romeo and Juliet, Edward and Bella, Noah and Allie, Ronnie and Will, or whatever idea of a Love Story you have in mind.

Never have doubts about what your author is writing for you. His plans are always the best because He does not want us to settle for less. Live your life freely, with an open hand instead of a tight grip. Give him the pen and let him write your story, it will surely be amazing!

Take time to love God and to love yourself first and when God knows you are ready for the responsibility of commitment, he will reveal the right person under the right circumstances.

Let him strode into your life, your heart, and everything will be perfect. God’s plan will always be greater and more beautiful than your disappointments in life. You have to trust him. 🙂

Marydel Mitch Flores
Mitch is a writer and photographer. She also does screenwriting for independent film producers and joins various film competitions. Mitch believes that “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

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