14 Clear Differences Between Alpha Male and Beta Male

14 Clear Differences Between Alpha Male and Beta Male
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Are you an alpha male or a beta male? If you are still confused about categorizing yourself, you should check out the differences between an alpha male and a beta male.

Alpha is the more dominant and stronger type of persona. On the other hand, a beta is considered the more submissive and weaker kind. So, which one are you?

Here are some of the differences between an alpha male and a beta male that you should know about:


1. Alpha Male is Confident, While Beta Male has Less Self-Esteem

An alpha male has a solid foundation of confidence. He does not shy around other people and does not get intimidated by others. He thinks of himself highly, knowing that he is capable of many things.

On the other hand, a beta male is the opposite of alpha in terms of self-worth. He lacks confidence, so you cannot rely on him to be the spokesperson of a group. Also, he is easily intimidated by more successful people, so he thinks he is not worthy of socializing with them.

2. Alpha Male is Highly Opinionated, While Beta Male Just Accepts What Others Say

An alpha man is vocal about his thoughts and ideas. He is critical of what others say or present, so you cannot easily convince him. He will do his own research and tell you what he thinks. If needed to defend his opinions, he will engage in an argument or debate.

Meanwhile, a beta guy does not have the energy to argue with others. To avoid conflicts, he will just nod his head and agree to what others tell him. He is not confident enough to share his own opinion, fearing he would sound ignorant. That is why he keeps them to himself, unless asked.

3. Alpha Male is Often Arrogant, While Beta Male is More Humble

Sometimes, an alpha man can be overconfident that he will be arrogant already. That is why many alphas get into conflict with others. In addition, their self-entitlement and being an all-knowing often irritate people.

The lack of confidence makes beta men humbler. They do not think of themselves highly, so people find them more approachable and comfortable to be with.

4. Alpha Male is Confrontational, While Beta Male Avoids Confrontations

Alphas are assertive, and they like to confront problems heads on. These include conflicts with people. Once they find out that someone has an issue with them, they will confront the person to clear or resolve it.

On the other hand, betas are afraid of confrontations. They prefer suffering in silence rather than actively dealing with issues. They value peace more than proving themselves right.

5. Alpha Male is a Risk-Taker, While Beta Male Stays on the Safe Side

An alpha male is known to be a risk-taker. He is not afraid to go out of his comfort zone to chase his dreams. Most entrepreneurs and CEOs are alphas.

A beta male is very cautious when it comes to taking risks. He is hesitant to go out of his comfort zone, fearing he will lose everything. It is enough for them to settle with a stable job, not aiming for higher positions. Most betas end up as employees.

6. Alpha Male is Fond of Planning, While Beta Male Goes with the Flow

Alphas are strategic individuals, so they love planning and acting on it. They are goal setters, and they will focus their energy on planning how to reach those goals.

Betas, on the other hand, simply go with the flow. They take whatever opportunity that comes their way and build their lives around what they already have. Of course, they have dreams too, but they rather focus on immediate needs and opportunities.

14 Clear Differences Between Alpha Male and Beta Male
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7. Alpha Male is Competitive, While Beta Male is Complacent

At work, alpha males can sometimes be toxic because of their competitive personalities. They always want to be the no. 1, so they will consider other performers as rivals. Competition is their highest motivation too.

Meanwhile, beta guys are content with being productive employees. They do not like competition, so they just work quietly at the sides. Their only goal is to get their jobs done, so they will not stress themselves with beating others for recognition.

8. Alpha Male Strives for Excellence, While Beta Male is Enough with Mediocracy

When it comes to performance quality, you can expect an alpha man to give his best. He is a perfectionist, so he demands excellence from himself and his team.

In contrast, a beta man is not excellence-driven at all. He dislikes pressure. That is why he simply works for compliance most of the time.

9. Alpha Male Assumes Leadership Role, While Beta Male Likes Being a Subordinate

Alphas are said to be born leaders. For this reason, they are usually chosen to lead teams. Others are even inclined to create their own organizations, just like companies.

Betas are natural followers. They are comfortable submitting to other people. They have no problem looking up to others stronger than them.

10. Alpha Male is Task-Oriented, While Beta Male is Relationship-Oriented

Alpha is more focused on accomplishing tasks. He will do whatever it takes to hit his goal, even if he faces opposition.

On the other hand, a beta male is more concerned about his relationship with his colleagues than the tasks he has to accomplish. He is also good at teamwork.


11. Alpha Male is Dominant, While Beta Male is Usually Passive

In a relationship, the alpha male is no doubt the initiator. If he likes someone, he will proactively reveal his feelings or openly flirt with the girl.

Meanwhile, a beta male usually ends up as a guy best friend because he is not aggressive in letting his feelings shown. Instead, he is content being by her side—as a friend.

14 Clear Differences Between Alpha Male and Beta Male
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12. Alpha Male Makes Final Decisions, While Beta Male Lets Others Decide

The alpha man has the final say in his relationships. Others, including his partner, rely on him to make decisions.

Nevertheless, the beta man lets others decide for him. Even in a romantic relationship, his girlfriend/wife would usually finalize decisions.

13. Alpha Male is More Practical, While Beta Male is More Emotional

Alphas make decisions based on needs and practical solutions. They do not let emotions overtake their judgment.

On the other hand, betas are more emotion-guided when making decisions. They are after what can make them and their loved ones happy.

14. Alpha Male is Protective, While Beta Male Relies More on Others

An alpha man is protective of the people he values. He will defend them from anyone and do his best to keep them safe and secure.

In contrast, a beta male is more dependent on the people around him for protection and security. His lack of willpower makes him rely on others for strength and courage.

Signs of An Alpha Male

1. He Influences Others in Decision-Making.
2. He Makes Sure Every Area of His Life is in Order.
3. He is in Control of His Emotions.
4. He Sees to It that Nothing Gets Out of Hands.
5. He Can Manipulate Situations According to His Plans.
6. He is Often Appointed as Leader.
7. He Wants to Build an ‘Empire’.
8. He is Goal-Oriented.
9. He Can Delegate Tasks with Authority.
10. He is Competitive.
11. He is Protective of the People Close to Him.
12. He is Often Approached for Help and Advice.
13. He is Looked Up to by People.
14. He Does Not Get Intimidated by Others.
15. He Can Motivate People.

Please visit Signs of An Alpha Male for the details.

Signs of a Beta Male

1. His Works are Usually Mediocre.
2. He is Not Ambitious.
3. He Does Not Like Competing with Others.
4. He is Content with Having Enough.
5. He is Less Goal-Driven.
6. He Does Not Insist on His Thoughts.
7. He is Normally Passive When Liking Someone.
8. He Stays Away from Leadership.
9. He Can Submit to Leaders with Ease.
10. He Lets the Woman Decide.
11. He Has No Problem Being the Follower in the Relationship.
12. He is an Easygoing Person.
13. He Does Not Pressure Himself to Perfection.
14. He is Calm and Patient Most of the Time.
15. He is Not Intimidating.
16. He is a Team Player.
17. He is Not Vain and Demanding.

Please visit Signs of a Beta Male for the details.


What are You?

After reading this article, have you finally realized what you are? Are you an alpha male or a beta male? Still, you should not let the discovery limit yourself. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and they can also be changed. What you need is to cultivate your positive traits and improve on your weak points. You are more than an archetype, so work on bringing out the best in you.

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