17 Fascinating Signs of a Beta Male

17 Fascinating Signs He is a Beta Male
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Men are classified as either alpha males or beta males. And while the alpha ones are more assertive and charismatic, the beta guys are less domineering and attention-seeker. So, how will you know that you are a beta male or dating one?

Let us define a beta male first. Of the two types, the beta is the subordinate one. Either in professional or social situations, this man assumes a passive role. Oftentimes, they prefer being followers to being leaders.

To give more ideas about a beta male, here are some of his characteristics that you should be aware of:

Less Competitive

1. His Works are Usually Mediocre.

Unlike alphas, beta guys are not compelled to meet standards at work or everything. A beta male is satisfied with simply completing a task just to get a job done. You cannot expect him to target excellence at all.

2. He is Not Ambitious.

While he can have dreams, a beta is not passionate enough to take risks just to achieve his ambition. If he thinks his dream is too difficult to reach, he will just accept defeat and settle with anything within his reach.

3. He Does Not Like Competing with Others.

A beta male is not interested in competing with others. He believes that he has nothing to prove to anyone. He is not after the limelight or the recognition of other people. For him, it is enough that he has a job or a social circle he belongs to.

4. He is Content with Having Enough.

Since a beta guy is not as ambitious as an alpha, he is content with having a simple life. His main goal in life is to be able to provide for the needs of his family. For him, anything beyond that is luxury, and should not pressure him to do more.

5. He is Less Goal-Driven.

While he acknowledges the importance of goals and plans, he does not have the energy to focus on accomplishing them. He is easily distracted by other less important things. Plus, he is more vulnerable to laziness and procrastination.

6. He Does Not Insist on His Thoughts.

It is rare for beta men to engage in debates. A beta male does not think that it is a must for him to speak up about his opinions. Thus, he is more of a listener during brainstorming sessions. Then, whenever he shares his ideas, he will not impose them on others. If others do not agree, he will willingly drop his case.

7. He is Normally Passive When Liking Someone.

And whenever he likes someone, a beta guy is usually passive. He is afraid to flirt or intentionally reveal his feelings to the girl. He will treat the girl nicely and be there for her as a friend, but he will not give any hint of attraction. For this reason, many beta males end up in the friend zone.

More of a Follower

8. He Stays Away from Leadership.

If a beta man would be appointed as a leader, his initial reaction would be to reject or run away from it. It is not that he is not capable of leading, but he is just uncomfortable being in charge of other people. He thinks of it as a big responsibility and is afraid that he is less capable to lead than the rest of the team.

9. He Can Submit to Leaders with Ease.

Betas can submit to authorities without a problem. They are more comfortable being subordinates, so they will submit to and obey their leaders without complaints. It is unusual for a beta male to think that he can do better than the leader.

17 Fascinating Signs He is a Beta Male
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10. He Lets the Woman Decide.

A beta guy is not the most decisive person on earth. During decision-making, he will allow his partner to make the final decision. He can suggest or recommend ideas, but he will not impose them. To avoid any conflicts or dramas, he would let his girlfriend or wife have her way.

11. He Has No Problem Being the Follower in the Relationship.

In connection to no. 10, a beta male is more concerned about the peace in his relationship than being an authority figure. He has no problem being in a relationship with a domineering woman. Actually, he finds it more beneficial since the burden of taking charge is lifted from his shoulder. For this reason, it is not surprising that most beta guys are attracted to alpha women.

More Lax Nature

12. He is an Easygoing Person.

Compared to alpha males who are often serious and stiff, beta men have a more relaxed personality. They are often carefree and less stressed about their environment. Normally, they go with the flow and avoid going against the current.

13. He Does Not Pressure Himself to Perfection.

Aside from embracing mediocracy most of the time, an alpha man will not pressure himself to reach a certain standard. He accepts himself for what he is, and he is not bothered if others think of him as a nobody. He just wants to be true to himself and hopes others embrace him even if he is not as popular or successful as others.

14. He is Calm and Patient Most of the Time.

A beta guy is also known for his calm and patient nature, even under pressure. Since he does not think of himself as the main player in any situation, he is not fully burdened by problems. He understands that things be fine eventually, especially since he usually relies on others to come up with solutions. That is why he can maintain his composure.

7 Fascinating Signs He is a Beta Male
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15. He is Not Intimidating.

Unlike alphas, beta males are not intimidating. They are less charismatic but seem more friendly. For this reason, other people do not feel nervous or conscious approaching them. They are seen as ordinary individuals whom anyone can safely talk to.

16. He is a Team Player.

Another good characteristic of a beta male is being a team player. He has no problem working with other people since he does not like competing with anyone. Since he is more relationship-centered, he prefers working with a team than working alone. He finds work more interesting if he can interact with others.

17. He is Not Vain and Demanding.

Beta males do not think of themselves as better than others. They are not narcissists, so they are not conceited and attention-seekers. You will notice that they are not after luxury too. Moreover, they do not demand being served by others since they have no sense of self-entitlement.

Differences Between Alpha Male and Beta Male

1. Alpha Male is Confident, While Beta Male has Less Self-Esteem
2. Alpha Male is Highly Opinionated, While Beta Male Just Accepts What Others Say
3. Alpha Male is Often Arrogant, While Beta Male is More Humble
4. Alpha Male is Confrontational, While Beta Male Avoids Confrontations
5. Alpha Male is a Risk-Taker, While Beta Male Stays on the Safe Side
6. Alpha Male is Fond of Planning, While Beta Male Goes with the Flow
7. Alpha Male is Competitive, While Beta Male is Complacent
8. Alpha Male Strives for Excellence, While Beta Male is Enough with Mediocracy
9. Alpha Male Assumes Leadership Role, While Beta Male Likes Being a Subordinate
10. Alpha Male is Task-Oriented, While Beta Male is Relationship-Oriented
11. Alpha Male is Dominant, While Beta Male is Usually Passive
12. Alpha Male Makes Final Decisions, While Beta Male Lets Others Decide
13. Alpha Male is More Practical, While Beta Male is More Emotional
14. Alpha Male is Protective, While Beta Male Relies More on Others

Please visit Differences Between Alpha Male and Beta Male for the details.

What Do You Think?

Based on these abovementioned signs, can you consider yourself a beta male? Or have you confirmed if the guy you like is a beta?

Beta men may be less popular and dependable than alphas, but they also have their positive traits. They are easier to be with since they are less likely to be toxic and overpowering. In addition, they are responsible and reliable in their own ways. They can work with all their hearts with no complaints and competition. Moreover, since they are more relational, they are the best support buddies that anyone can have.

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