Jeffrey Allen’s Duality And Unlocking Transcendence Differences

Jeffrey Allen currently has two quests on Mindvalley, Duality and Unlocking Transcendence. I took both of these quests, Duality first and Unlocking Transcendence about a year later. I did enjoy both of them, but they do have different goals for their students, which might make one more beneficial for you to take at this time than the other. It all depends on what you want to get out of your quest with Jeffrey Allen and which quest structure you like better. Duality Versus Unlocking Transcendence

The Difference In Structure Between Duality And Unlocking Transcendence

Duality’s Structure

Duality has 8 weeks of content, and each week only has four sessions – a written lesson, a video lesson, weekly practice content, and a video or audio FAQ with Jeffery Allen.

You are supposed to practice what you learn for the entire week, so you really only have to watch one video plus the FAQ. It’s about two hours of consuming content per week. The practice sessions make up the rest of the time, and you can do them on your own time.

For instance, in week 8 you have a mediation to practice daily throughout the week, an exercise that you do by yourself, and a partner practice exercise.

duality content

Unlocking Transcendence’s Structure

Unlocking Transcendence doesn’t go week by week; instead, it goes day by day.

It has 6 parts and has 10 days in each part with an extra day covering the topic of ‘continuing your journey’ on day 61.

unlocking Transendence daily quest

Each day of the quest focuses on the topic at hand for the week, such as awareness on location and time in week 1 or awareness on your body in week 2. And each day’s training is between 10-15 minutes.

Day 1 and 5 of each week are videos while the rest of the days are audio-only.

And then on day 10 of each week, you get a pre-recorded FAQ session with Jeffrey Allen.

The Difference Of Topic Between Unlocking Transcendence And Duality

Unlocking Transcendence

Unlocking Transcendence deals with your awareness in all areas of your life. It helps you become more in tune with yourself and a world which you may not normally interact with. In other words, it allows you to work with your awareness in a way that you likely have never worked with it before.

For instance, you may look at your body from the awareness of your hand instead of your eyes or mind. It sounds weird if you’ve never done it, but as Jeffrey Allen helps you play with your awareness, it starts to feel natural to use your awareness in ways you’ve never used it before.

It’s actually very interesting how much you learn about our awareness and how it plays a part in your life. I would have never thought there was that much to learn about awareness before Unlocking Transcendence.

You do a lot of hands-on experiencing as a way of learning in Unlocking Transcendence while you play with your awareness.

I guess you could say it helps you see a lot of things from the perspective of your spirit – out of the realm of what we usually know and understand.


Duality is about sensing and dealing with your energetic self. Jeffrey Allen explains how we have a physical self and an energetic self and how they both support us as we spend our time in this life.

Topics like intuition, healing, grounding, chakras, and spirit guides are talked about.

In short, I would say that Duality is where your mind starts to understand how your energy body works in conjunction with your physical body.

Unlocking Transcendence And Duality Compliment Each Other

Which one you take depends on what you want to experience more – playing with your energetic self or playing with your awareness.

The quests do complement each other. If you want to take one first, I recommend Unlocking Transcendence because it helps you shift your perspective on yourself and the world around you. Then once you have expanded your awareness around energy, you can learn how to play with it and use it in Duality.

But you may benefit from taking it the other way if you feel like Duality resonates with you more.

If you want to take both, I recommend buying the Quest All Access Pass because it will give you access to both of Jeffrey Allen’s courses along with a ton of other quests on Mindvalley for about the same price as both the quests. And, if Jeffrey Allen comes up with another quest in the next year, you will get instant access to that one too as part of your pass!

Duality Has Almost Three Times More Tribe Members Than Unlocking Transcendence

If having a tribe of people to discuss content and related topics matters to you, then both quests will appeal to you.

Mindvalley always creates a tribe on Facebook for their quests, and right now Duality has almost three times more people in the group than Unlocking Transcendence. Duality does seem to have a lot more interaction in the group, but it does have more members.

I find that in both groups, members are very loving and compassionate and empathic. There are a lot of posts focused on gratitude and good energy, but there are also some vulnerable posts where people feel comfortable enough to share and seek help.

They are both a great place to ask those questions that you may be uncomfortable asking elsewhere.

I’ve found Jefferey Allen has posted a few more things in the Unlocking Transcendence tribe. But he does interact with both groups.

Duality Costs Less Than Unlocking Transcendence

As of this writing, you can get Duality for $299 and Unlocking Transcendence for $349.

Usually, though, if you take the masterclass for a Mindvalley course, you can get a $50 discount or so. I don’t know if they are doing that still, but if you want to try, you can sign up for the masterclass for Duality here and sign up for the masterclass for Unlocking Trancedence here.

Both Duality and Unlocking Transcendence usually start on a particular date each month. So you may want to check to see if one is starting before the other as that also might help you in deciding which one you want to take.

You can find out the next start date for Duality on this page.

And you can find out the next start date for Unlocking Transcendence on this page.

If you have any questions about Duality or Unlocking Transcendence, or about some differences that I didn’t mention here or didn’t make clear enough, please ask in the comments below.

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