21 Heartbreaking Signs a Guy Knows He Messed Up

21 Heartbreaking Signs a Guy Knows He Messed Up
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Has your boyfriend cheated on you? Are you too hurt that you cannot even face him? How would you know that he knows the weight of what he has done? How can you say a guy knows he messed up?

Men can be eaten by guilt too. If they know they have hurt someone, especially the person they love, they can be miserable because of it.

So, how would you know your boyfriend feels guilty about what he did? What are the signs he knows he messed up? Read below:

Cannot Apologize Enough

1. He Confesses and Humbles Himself.

The no. 1 sign that your boyfriend is aware of what he has done is his willing confession. He knows you deserve to know the truth, so he will find the courage to confess his mistake. Opening up about it shows that he humbles himself.

2. He Cannot Stop Saying “Sorry”.

Of course, it is not easy to forgive when you are hurt so much. Understanding this, your boyfriend does not get tired of saying “sorry”. Although he may not demand that you forgive him, he still cannot stop apologizing because that is all he can do.

3. He Sends You Long Messages.

Have you refused to meet and talk to him after what happened? If he is sincere in his apologies, he will find ways to talk to you. Therefore, do not be surprised if he keeps sending you long texts and chat messages expressing his regrets.

4. He Asks Others to Help Him Apologize to You.

And if you have blocked him on your phone and social media accounts, he will ask for help from others. He will approach your mutual friends to convey his message to you.

5. He Apologizes to Your Loved Ones.

He knows that he owes your family and friends some apologies too. For this reason, he mans up to connect with them and ask for their forgiveness for hurting you. Even though he knows he might only receive criticisms and curses, he still does it to show you his sincerity.

Starts to Distance from You

6. He Says You Deserve Someone Better.

Another sign that a guy knows he messed up is by stepping back in shame. Do not be surprised if your boyfriend does not insist that you still accept him. Instead, be ready to hear him say that you deserve a better man. He may even initiate the breakup just to set you free.

7. He Stops Bothering You.

If you do not talk or respond to him after a long time, he will eventually come to his senses. Then, one day, he will just stop trying to reconnect with you. He would realize that it is probably time to give you space and let go.

8. He Goes Far Away to Start Over Again.

Do you live in a small community or work in the same office? Some men would even choose to leave and go somewhere far. If your boyfriend does this, he wants you to move on easily by completely disappearing from your sight.

9. He Disconnects from Others Too.

His moving on would not be complete without distancing from everybody else. It is not just depression. He also feels ashamed of what he has done to you. That is why he chooses to distance himself from everyone who knows you both.

Resorts to Self-Destruction

10. He Drinks Every Day.

Some guys are not good at handling emotional damages, so they end up destroying themselves. So, do not be shocked if you find out that your boyfriend has been drinking every day since you left him. It is his way of coping with the guilt and pain.

11. He Does Not Get Out of the House.

He could also end up in depression. Many depressed guys lock themselves up at home. They seldom go out of the house and just sleep most of the time.

21 Heartbreaking Signs a Guy Knows He Messed Up
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12. He Allows His Place to be Chaotic.

If a common friend happened to give him a surprise visit at home and reported that his place is so messed up, it is another sign. It shows that he cannot move on from what he did to you. He cannot get over the pain of losing you due to his mistake, so he ends up miserable.

13. He Plays Mobile Games All Day.

Or he could also resort to mobile games to distract himself from pain. At least, by playing, he finds himself productive in an alternate world. It serves him both entertainment and self-punishment. Why punishment? He knows the habit will only destroy him if he lets it consume him completely.

14. He Seldom Goes to Work or is Often Late.

Do not be surprised if someone tells you that your boyfriend is always absent or tardy at work. If he is really going through depression, it would be hard for him to stay productive. Probably, he only stays at work because he needs money.

15. He Commits Many Mistakes at Work.

And even if he goes to work, he is still unproductive. He is often distracted and absent-minded. Of course, he is still bothered by the guilt of hurting you. Also, he has probably lost the motivation to work with excellence.

16. He Quits or Gets Fired at Work.

The worst thing that could happen at his workplace is this—he either finally quits his job or gets fired by the boss. This could happen if he continues wallowing in guilt, disappointment, and anger towards himself.

21 Heartbreaking Signs a Guy Knows He Messed Up
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Makes It Up to You

17. He Becomes Sweeter More than Ever.

What happens if you give him a second chance? Expect him to be sweeter than before. His guilt will make him give you more attention than necessary. He understands that he owes you so much, so he will work hard to regain your trust.

18. He Hugs and Kisses You All the Time.

Since he cannot believe that you are back in his arms, he will shower you with more hugs and kisses. He is just so grateful for getting a second chance despite what he did. And after the pain of losing you for a while, he would grab every chance to feel you just to prove he is not dreaming.

19. He Keeps Thanking You for the Second Chance.

Do not be surprised if he keeps thanking you for getting back with him. He knows he does not deserve the second chance, but still, you treat him with grace. That is why he will always be grateful to you. Hopefully, he will not change in the future.

20. He Does Everything You Say.

To prove that he is grateful for the second chance, he would willingly act as your slave. Expect him to do everything you ask him. You cannot hear him complain about serving you even if he is tired. He will do everything just to please you.

21. He Suddenly Becomes Transparent.

Even if you do not ask him to, he will give you his phone and online account passwords. He will be more open to you as well, promising that he will not keep secrets anymore. This time, he will be more careful to be transparent and honest.

Are You Willing to Forgive Him?

If you can see that your boyfriend is truly repentant of hurting you, will you give him another chance? Are you willing to forgive him and forget about what he did?

On the other hand, if you cannot see any remorse in him, be brave enough to move on. Yes, you should still forgive him for your own peace and healing. However, it would not be wise to give him another chance.

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