17 Obvious Signs She is Dropping Hints

17 Obvious Signs She is Dropping Hints
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How do you know if a girl is dropping hints that she likes you? Is it possible to guess if she is really interested in you? What if you are getting it the wrong way?

If you want to confirm that a woman likes you, here are some signs you should watch for. If most of these apply to what she does around you, there is a big chance that she is really interested in you—and she hopes you will see it:

Being ‘Cute’ Around You

1. She Makes Sure She is Pretty Before Facing You.

Just like any typical girl who has a crush, the lady who likes you will put much effort into her appearance every time you have to meet up. You can observe how she makes a deal out of your ordinary meeting, from wearing fancy clothes to putting on makeup.

2. She Acts Clumsy Whenever You are Around.

If she is fond of watching anime and romantic-comedy series, do not be surprised if she acts like an innocent, clumsy girl whenever you are together. She probably wants to copy how most of the main lady characters are portrayed.

3. She Talks Too Loud with Others.

And whenever she talks to other people near you, does she talk loudly as if wanting you to listen to her? If you catch her stealing glances at you while talking, this is a confirmation. She hopes you hear how awesome her ideas and adventures are.

4. She Twirls Her Hair a Lot.

Another sign she wants you to notice her is how she twirls her hair whenever she talks to you. She hopes you will find her attractive or cute when she does it. In addition, she wants you to understand that she feels delighted whenever you are together.

5. She Always Smiles at You.

If this girl cannot stop grinning at you, something about your presence could make her feel giddy and happy. Most girls cannot hide their excitement whenever their crushes are around. Moreover, her beautiful smile could be her hint that she loves seeing you. She wants you to know that you brighten up her day.

6. She Laughs a Lot, But in a Sophisticated Way.

Most girls think that guys are attracted to happy women. For this reason, do not be surprised if she laughs a lot whenever you are around. However, she does not let her guard down. Even when laughing hard, she makes sure she looks sophisticated and pretty. She does not want you to catch her at an awkward angle. Also, she moderates her sound when laughing, so you will not be turned off by her being too loud.

Using Social Media

7. She Reacts to All Your Posts.

One of the common signs that a girl wants you to notice is the constant social media support. If she always likes or reacts to all your posts, you can tell that she stalks you online every now and then. So it is not surprising if she will keep commenting or sharing your posts too. Her goal is to make you see how supportive she is towards you.

8. She Chats with You All the Time.

Does she send you a direct message from time to time? If yes, what are her reasons? She probably cannot stand not talking to you, so she always makes excuses to initiate a conversation. For example, she could open up about current events, the latest basketball updates, or anything that interests you. Or, sometimes, she would send you seemingly group messages, such as inspirational quotes, Bible verses, or greetings.

17 Obvious Signs She is Dropping Hints
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9. She Constantly Changes Her Display Photo.

If she changes her profile picture a lot, she is probably trying to catch someone’s attention. How would you know that it is you? It is when she mentions you in her comment section just because you liked her new DP.

10. She Posts About the Guy She Likes—and She Seems Talking About You.

And has this girl ever posted a cryptic message about the person she likes on her timeline? Like, how this person meets her ideal qualities (which she also mentioned), or how she appreciates his constant presence.  If yes, did you feel that she was referring to you? With all the other signs in this article visible in her actions, you could be correct about your hunch.

Making You Worried About Her

11. She Cries in Front of You.

Most girls, especially the tough ones, would not easily cry in front of people who do not matter to them. Therefore, if this girl is not embarrassed to cry in front of you, it means she wants you to see her vulnerability. She will only do this if she wants you to be part of her most personal circle.

12. She Ignores You and Refuses to Talk for a While.

How about she suddenly stops talking to you? If you go after her, asking what you have done wrong or how you can make her feel better, her goal to get your attention succeeds. She probably just wants you to ‘baby’ her.

13. She Lets You Overhear About Her ‘Accident’ or ‘Sickness’.

Does this girl talk about her accident or how she got sick animatedly? Even if she is talking to other people, she talks loud enough for you to hear her. Just like in no 3, she is speaking to you indirectly because she wants your sympathy.

17 Obvious Signs She is Dropping Hints
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14. She Tells You She Has a Big Problem.

Are you the first person she contacts whenever she is not okay? Does she run to you whenever she is in a big crisis? If she treats you like her confidante, it is a sign that she wants you to know how much she trusts you. She also hopes you will comfort her, especially since you are her inspiration.

Giving You Clues

15. She Likes Giving You Gifts.

If this girl likes giving you presents, even on ordinary days, she clearly wants you to know that she is fond of you. Her generosity and effort to make you feel special are enough hints that she likes you big time.

16. She Tells You about Her Ideal Guy.

Another obvious clue that she likes you is how she talks to you about her ideal man. She will not be telling you these if they do not concern you, right? She knows you would realize she is talking about you by opening up about her ideal qualities.

17. She Asks About Your Ideal Girl.

In the same way, she might ask you about your ideal girl. Most women would be shy to ask a guy about this topic. Therefore, if she is brave enough to open up about it, she is probably desperate to see if she can fit your standards. It can also be her clue that she is interested in being your ideal woman.

How Do You Feel About Her?

With these signs, have you confirmed that she is giving you hints about her feelings? If yes, how do you feel about it?

Whether you like her too or not, do not forget to treat her right. Do not be rude to her just because you do not feel the same way. Or do not take advantage of her feelings, knowing she would easily give in to your advances.

Overall, make sure to maintain a healthy friendship with this girl, even if you will not end up together.

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