Stop Nail Biting: 7 No-Nonsense Affirmations

I once heard someone say that they would pay someone to yell at them every time they bit their nails, just so that they could stop. I think there are much better ways to stop nail-biting, including using affirmations that help you free yourself from the bad habit. I can say from experience, if you bite your nails because they always feel uneven, get a manicure with shellac polish. Your nails will stay a perfect shape unless some of the shellac falls off the tip. There’s no need to bite them! But, if you bite your nails for other reasons, here are some affirmations to help you stop nail biting once and for all.

man biting nails

1. I Am Someone Who Does NOT Bite My Nails

This is a simple affirmation, but it’s a powerful one. The more you tell yourself who you are, the more you believe it.

Don’t just say this affirmation to yourself. Say it to your friends and family. Tell them that you are someone who has broken the habit of biting their nails and is now someone who does not bite them at all. Be proud of being someone who doesn’t bite their nails. Go out and secretly think to yourself, ‘I don’t bite my nails and that makes me cool’.

Get as cheesy or serious as you like, but believe in the fact that you are someone who does NOT bite their nails anymore.

2. I Know What Made Me Bite My Nails And I’ve Got It Handled

Why do you bite your nails? Find your trigger and then find another way to deal with it.

For instance, if it’s because they are always uneven, then find a way to make them even – like shellac, gel, or acrylic nails. Or, keep them cut and groomed daily.

Do you bite your nails when you are stressed? Find another way to deal with stress. Grab a stress ball. Take deep breaths. Meditate. Don’t bite your nails!

3. I Keep My Nails Away From My Mouth

Want a really good reason to keep your nails away from your mouth? There is a ton of bacteria hanging out at each fingertip. Researchers say that the space between the nail and skin is a great environment for these little life forms to live.

According to this article, these germs can make you sick and cause vomiting and diarrhea.

So, picture these little bacteria all getting closer to your mouth as you go to bite your nails. Imagine them rushing into your mouth, going down into your digestive system, and making little homes in your body that encourage you to puke and have diarrhea. Make it as gross as you can make it, and you will want to keep your nails away from your mouth.

4. I Take Care Of My Nails

Your nails are seen by everyone. If you have bleeding, ugly nails, then people may get turned off by you. But, if you have nice, well-groomed nails, people will view you as a well-groomed person.

For instance, I know an older man who always has clean, polished nails. You can’t help but think that he takes care of himself and has good hygiene habits. You wouldn’t mind him cooking for you or getting you a drink because he seems to be clean. I also know an older man with dirty, jagged, bleeding nails. I don’t want him anywhere near my food, drink, or personal space.

Nails are a small part of you, but they have a huge impact on how people view you. That’s why nail salons are everywhere you look!

5. I Am In Control Of My Body

Nail-biting often happens without a lot of thought, almost like you have no control over it. But, you are not like that. You have control over your body and what you do with it. That’s what you need to affirm to yourself.

You will find that this affirmation helps you stop nail biting even if your hand is starting to lift to your mouth. You will notice the movement, remind yourself that you are in control of what your body does, not your arm or your hand, and then you will be able to move your hand away from your mouth and do something else.

Your arm does not have a mind of its own, neither does your hand or mouth. You control whether or not you bite your nails, not your body.

6. Biting My Nails Does Nothing Good For Me

This is the truth! What does it do for you? Nothing!

Affirm this to yourself and find something better to do than bite your nails. For instance, pick up a weight and lift it up and down. It will at least help you build some muscle.

7. I Don’t Need Things In My Mouth Constantly

When you are a baby, you suck your thumb. It’s comforting to have something in your mouth and suck on it, but that’s because you are a baby, and you feed on your mother’s breast or a bottle.

You are not a baby anymore. You don’t need to suck on anything and have something in your mouth all the time.

I’ve heard people say they can’t quit biting their nails because it’s an oral fixation thing. I know that Sigmund Freud believed that oral fixation could manifest from childhood and result in issues such as smoking or nail-biting, but I believe it’s simply an excuse.

Freud was wrong about a lot of things.

Find the real reason you put your nails in your mouth and fix that. Don’t use excuses like oral fixation and the need to do something with your mouth. You don’t need anything in your mouth constantly.

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