Optimize Membership Compared To Mindvalley Membership

Optimize Compared With Mindvalley

I like Mindvalley and talk about it quite a bit on Inspiring Tips, but I equally like Optimize, a personal growth platform that’s dedicated to helping you optimize your life in every area. I really like Brian Johnson, the creator of Optimize. He is the voice and face behind many of the philosopher’s notes, classes, …

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8 Reasons Mindvalley’s Membership Is Awesome

quest all access pass

Having a better conversation with yourself starts by developing a new awareness and new beliefs that allow you to change your self-talk. Mindvalley has courses focused on every area of life that will impact your awareness and your beliefs in a positive way. I know because I’ve taken many of their courses and am where …

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How Lifebook Online Can Help You Create Powerful Affirmations

Lifebook Online Review

There are plenty of done-for-you affirmations out there. But, for affirmations to truly work, they should be personal to your needs, wants, and desires. So how do you come up with affirmations that align with your ideal vision in life? Lifebook Online is a quest offered through Mindvalley and created by Jon and Missy Butcher. …

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