15 Things to Do If Your Crush Rejected You

 Things to Do If Your Crush Rejected You
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Have you been rejected by your crush recently? Are you in pain because you thought that person was finally the one for you?

In this world, we cannot expect everything to go our way. There are times when we need to accept that rejection is a reality we have to deal with. So, what could be done to move on faster when this happens to you?

Here are some things that you can do if you get rejected by your crush:

1. Accept it with an open heart.

Stop being in denial. Once your crush has honestly revealed his/her true feelings for you—and it was not what you hoped for—then be strong enough to accept the reality. You would only be fooling yourself if you keep thinking that it could not be true and one day you would hear that it was a lie or prank.

2. Do not force yourself into the person.

Avoid forcing yourself into your crush. If s/he does not like you, stop bugging or stalking the individual because that could be creepy and annoying. Give that person space and respect his/her privacy and decision. The more you insist on your feelings, the more you would be disliked as it is a big turn-off.

3. Think that there could be someone else for you.

The best way to accept reality faster is by conditioning your mind. Instead of focusing on the rejection, think about the exciting idea that someone better could be waiting for you. If your crush was not meant for you, then there could be another person out there who would be ready to accept you completely. Be excited to meet that special person.

4. Distract yourself with productive activities.

To keep yourself from dwelling in the pain of rejection, be intentional in finding productive things to do. Focus on being a better employee, student, or whatever your profession is. Divert your energy to the pursuit of excellence in your field because that would require your full concentration. You can also find a good hobby to entertain yourself with.

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5. If possible, continue to be friends with your crush.

In case your crush has not told you to stay away from him/her, and you still have to see the person regularly, then continue to be friends. Treat him/her just like how you would treat the other people around you. However, this time, know your limits and control your aspirations. Just be as friendly and courteous as you would be to others. Who knows what could happen to that friendship in the long run?

6. Be open to meet other people.

Stop holding on to your heartbreak. To help you move on faster, it is about time to widen your circle of friends and acquaintances. Be willing to meet new people and interact with others regularly. You might not realize it but the right one for you could be among them. Be open to the possibility of having a new crush or crushes.

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7. Learn to accept that rejection is part of life.

One of the best ways to heal fast is by acknowledging that rejection is part of being alive. Every person has surely experienced getting rejected in one way or another. Accepting this reality will help you cope faster since you can let go easier.

8. Bond with your friends.

Instead of nurturing your heartache, choose to enjoy yourself together with your close friends. Think about how blessed you are for having friends who accept you for who you are. Your crush may have rejected you, but you have other special people in your life who value you. Hanging out with your friends can also help you be distracted from the pain.

Things to Do If Your Crush Rejected You
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9. Keep doing the things you love.

Another way to forget about your heartache is by investing your time in the things you love. Do not stop doing them just because you are discouraged or hurting. Instead, be grateful that there are other valuable things that you can fully enjoy without the fear of being rejected. These include your hobbies and passion. Thus, if you love traveling, keep doing it to help ease the pain.

10. Acknowledge the pain.

Pain is real, and the more you resist it, the more it becomes difficult to heal. To help you move on faster, acknowledge that you are in pain and realize that it is part of life. Stop denying it because doing so will only suppress the pain, which will be harder to overcome.

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11. Be open to possibilities.

Another way to move on quickly is by being open to possibilities. What if in the end you are really meant to be? If it is meant to be, then it will happen someday. Your grief now would be useless by then. Of course, you should not expect too much since it is also possible that it would not happen. Just think that nothing is impossible.

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12. Do not be bitter towards the person.

Hating or being bitter to your crush is the last thing that you must do. That person has no responsibility to like you back, and s/he has the right to say ‘no’ to you. Therefore, please do not take it against the individual. Just respect his/her own choices and feelings.

13. Use this as a motivation to improve yourself.

Instead of sulking in the corner for days without a shower or being discouraged from taking care of yourself, do the opposite. Use the rejection from your crush as an inspiration to pursue a better version of yourself. Know that the right person for you deserves your best, so use this opportunity to prepare for your future meeting.

Things to Do If Your Crush Rejected You
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14. Realize that it is not the end of the world.

Life goes on so keep pursuing your goals and dreams. Stop crying nonstop as if nothing good could ever happen to you again. Be excited to wake up each day and be hopeful that new opportunities are waiting for you.

15. Avoid being sentimental.

To help you move on faster, get rid of the stuff that reminds you of your crush. Stop holding on to them as if doing so would make your crush like you back. Throw the table napkins you saved from the first time you ate together or the handkerchief that s/he gave you when s/he saw you crying once.

Strive to be Happy

It is okay to be in pain now since that is a normal reaction to rejection. However, the healthy response would be to get up as soon as possible and do your best to pursue happiness despite what happened. So try to move forward and be ready for new adventures.

Things to Do If Your Crush Rejected You
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If you feel really upset with the rejection, don’t hesitate to get help from your family and close friends. Talk to your parents, grandparents, and older siblings since they have more experience in love and relationship matters. Having a crush has to be a colorful experience. It has ups and downs, and you will encounter a lot of crushes in your younger life. But as you grow older, you will learn that having a crush is just a learning experience to make you a smarter, stronger, and more mature person.

So enjoy being young!

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