22 Ways To Be a Better Student

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Sometimes, studying is not enough to become excellent in school. Attitude towards what you are doing affects your performance as well. Every student can do better or even the best if only they practice a helpful and healthy routine that would lead them towards success.

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Qualities of a Good Student

1. Goal-driven
2. Inspired
3. Diligent
4. Persevering
5. Punctual
6. Courteous
7. Honest
8. Team player
9. Resourceful
10. Participative
11. Organized
12. Competitive
13. Confident
14. Friendly
15. Thrifty
16. Patient
17. Good follower
18. Balanced
19. Responsible
20. Self-reliant
21. Optimistic
22. Initiates
23. Teachable
24. Disciplined
25. Prayerful

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How To Be a Better Student

Here are 22 ways that will help you be more than just being a “student.”

1. Love what you’re doing.

When you choose a college course, be sure that you really want it, so you’ll not regret it in the end. It’s nice learning things you love to know. In whatever you do, always enjoy yourself. Studying can be boring, but it would not matter when you love what you are reading or doing.

2. Be positive.

Always be optimistic at school. You may encounter circumstances that would test your patience and capabilities. When you encounter problems, be courageous to face and solve them. Do not just stay at your bed thinking of your problem – make a move to resolve it. Consider it as a challenge and opportunity to make you a better student.

3. Have self-esteem.

Do not be shy to stand up and speak in front of a large class. Be confident with yourself. This will not only be needed at school but throughout your lifetime. Do not hesitate to share your ideas and strive to be the best version of yourself.

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4. Pick good friends in school.

No man is an island; you can’t survive without having a companion. Choose your friends at school, be with a group who can help you be more responsible in your studies. Making friends with the right people is another way to enjoy your study.

5. Don’t mind time, focus on the discussion.

Avoid looking at your watch during classes, this is not only an insult to your professor, but it could also distract you. Give your full attention to the teacher talking in front and listen attentively. To be a good student, you must acquire and enhance your listening skills.

6. Set your goals.

The moment you enter and walk through the gate, be sure of what you want to achieve. Be certain of what you aspire to in school. Give out the best in you and reach for it. Your goals will keep you going and keep you motivated.

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7. Do the advance reading.

If you are having a hard time with a particular subject, do some reading. Also, read the topic that you think will be discussed in the following days, so you’re already well-versed about it whenever it is discussed. You can also use it to engage more actively in class in the next meeting.

8. Be punctual and always show up.

Your teachers will appreciate it when you arrive early. It shows you are interested in learning from them, which would also make them interested in teaching you. Also, never miss a lesson because it would create a gap between the concept you learn yesterday from today.

9. Participate in activities.

Do not just stay inside your classroom; be involved in some extracurricular activities. Being at school does not mean it’s all about reading. If you excel in your academics, try to do the same with the non-academic activities in school. This will also help you increase your social capability.

10. Visit a library and read.

Reading is the best way to educate yourself, and do not just read, try to digest the things you are reading. Spend your vacant time at the library to study and do research. You could also borrow books from the librarian and bring them home.

Ways To Be a Better Student
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11. Be inspired.

Going to school without having a sense of motivation and inspiration would be hard. Inspire yourself in whatever you do, so it would be easier for you to accomplish the things you want.

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12. Sit in the front.

The perk of being in front is that you can clearly hear every single word the teacher says. In that case, it would not be tough to understand the lesson. Practice yourself sitting in the front row.  would be nerve-racking at first, but its reward is worth the risk.

13. Study your previous lessons.

Before going to sleep, scan your notes and reread them. This will help you be ready with the surprise quizzes on the following days. It will also serve as early preparation for the upcoming examination.

14. Make a To-Do-List.

Be organized is one way to achieve success. List down the activities that you need to do at home or even the other days to come. Your to-do list will serve as your reminder and help you keep track of your progress.

15. Raise questions.

When there is an unclear statement, do not be shy to raise your hand and ask. There is no harm in asking. Clarify things so you can comprehend the topic well. Asking questions doesn’t mean you are dumb. It only shows that you are listening and paying attention.

16. Have self-discipline.

Submitting your requirements on time is another form of self-discipline. Being late is not a good attitude of a student. So get rid of all the distractions, and do as much as you can to submit your requirements before deadlines. Do not just meet deadlines, beat them!

17. Take good care of your health.

Health is wealth, and it’s true. So prioritize your health, because if you are healthy, you can study well. Going to school requires a lot of energy. Hence, be physically, emotionally, and mentally fit.

Ways To Be a Better Student
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18. Know how to manage your time.

You are not only a student; you are also a sister, brother, friend, or parent. You will not only be doing school stuff, but you also have other responsibilities. Thus, you have to practice time management. Know how to balance your time and use it wisely.

19. Listen attentively and take down notes.

It is important to take down notes while you are listening to your professor. You don’t need to write all the words you see on the board; just mark down the important points, so you can review some of them if you forget the lecture.

20. Never procrastinate.

Everything that we rush fails most of the time. Hence, give enough time for your assignments and projects. Study a week before your major examinations, so you could have the chance to get a higher score.

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21. Think of your parents’ sacrifices.

You are at school because of your parents’ efforts. Repay them by giving them good grades at the end of the semester. Excellent students are good children of their parents.

22. Do your best, and God will do the rest.

Your capability as a man is not enough; you will always need someone higher than you to help you achieve your life aspirations. His guidance would serve as your weapon in the battle of your life. Do not forget to thank and praise Him with every opportunity He gives you.

How to Overcome Laziness in Studying

1. Be in a comfortable place.
2. Make a study plan.
3. Take one step at a time.
4. Make a to-do list.
5. Remove all distractions.
6. Find motivation.
7. Think about its consequences.
8. Do easier tasks.
9. Discipline yourself.
10. Reward yourself.

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12 Tips To Get Better Grades at School To Be a Better Student

students at school library

Getting good grades will not only make your momma proud. It will make you proud of yourself as well, especially if you achieve them by honest means. So, when you apply for a job someday, you will be more confident of your capabilities to handle whatever position entrusted to you. It pays to be a good student, you know.

If you’re not satisfied with your grades the last term, don’t be upset. You still have another chance this term. All you need to do is be determined to do it better this time, and follow the inspirational tips below.

1. Always aim for higher goals.

Having a competitive spirit can help you step up higher. However, I’m not saying that you compete with your classmates—that would have a negative impact on your character and social life. Instead, make it a habit to compete with your past achievements. If you got 95% correct answers in your test last week, then strive for a 96-100% result next time.

2. Aim for 100% attendance.

Having no absences means you will not miss any lesson or activity. So, except for valid and important reasons, make it a point to attend all your classes on time and regularly. Also, this will please your teachers and they will see you are a responsible student. You won’t have a hard time approaching them when necessary.

3. Actively participate in recitations and class activities.

Shake all your shyness off and make your voice be heard in the classroom. Listen attentively to class discussions, and when questions are thrown, be ready to raise your hand and answer them. It’s okay if there are times when your answers are incorrect. At least, you show everybody that you are trying. Your teachers would remember you among their numerous students, and it would be hard for them to give you an unsatisfactory grade.

4. Take down notes.

No matter how good your memory is, you’re more likely to forget some details of your lessons, especially after several days and you have encountered many other lessons. You will have a hard time retrieving information for the exams especially if you don’t review it beforehand. Therefore, always bring a notebook to the class and jot down important details. You can always go back to your notes for review and references.

5. Listen to discussions attentively.

Taking down notes is important, but see to it you don’t neglect listening to the discussion. No matter how long your notes are, they will be less effective if you don’t hear them being tackled. Attentive listening can help you understand and remember the lessons better. That is why you should avoid daydreaming during classroom hours.

6. Set at least an hour to review lessons daily.

So that you will not cram studying for exams, make it a habit every night to review all the lessons from each day. At least one hour is enough daily. It doesn’t have to be thorough—as long as you are able to scan, read, and comprehend your notes. This will result to better retention of the lessons in your memory. When the examination week comes, it will be easier for you to go over them.

7. Do assignments and projects ahead of time.

To avoid cramming during deadlines, start doing projects and assignments as soon as possible. If you’re given a week to finish schoolwork, then don’t do it on the fifth or sixth day. Every day, allot time to add something to your output. Also, this will allow you to give your best to the activity. You will get a better grade for it.

8. Do research about lessons in advance.

If your teachers give you the syllabi for your courses at the beginning of classes, then don’t just keep them. Go to the library, browse the internet, and check other resources in advance. This way, you can be ahead of your class in lesson mastery. Quizzes, assignments, projects, and participating in discussions will become easier. You can avoid cramming as well.

9. Know the teaching style and preferences of your teachers.

Different teachers have different personalities and styles. That is why it is hard to please all of them if you don’t know how to adjust. If you have new teachers, inquire about them from students who have been in their class before. Find out what student behaviors they like and dislike. You can have a better chance of getting good grades from them.

10. Ask questions for clarification.

In case there are parts of the lesson that you can’t understand, don’t be ashamed to ask questions. Clarify ideas and information that are not clear to make sure you comprehend everything correctly. Intelligent people ask because they cannot afford to be misinformed or miss important details.

11. Join group studies.

It is said that two heads are better than one. You can apply this to your studies as well. Instead of studying or reviewing lessons alone all the time, join or create a study group. You and your classmates can help each other understand all parts of the lessons better. This is also best when learning and practicing equations in Algebra, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Physics, and the like.

12. Don’t cheat.

Many students cheat because they are only after getting high grades. However, good marks without actual learning is useless. The reason why you go to school is that you want to learn so that you can be ready for employment. The grade is just one measurement of learning. With cheating, you miss the opportunity to assess your actual level of learning, and you could end up having a hard time sustaining jobs in the future because you didn’t really learn enough at school.

Discipline is the key

These tips are only tips, and they will not work without self-discipline. The best way to gain better grades at school is by working diligently for them. If you apply these tips with consistency and determination, then you have a good shot at your goal.


How to Motivate Yourself to Study Hard for Exams

1. Just do it.
2. Prepare your study area.
3. Divide your tasks.
4. Remove all distractions.
5. Have a study routine.
6. Be disciplined.
7. Write down the reasons why do you want to study well.
8. Reward yourself every time you complete your tasks.
9. Try studying in groups.
10. Find a study approach that works for you.
11. Do not expect that you will always feel motivated.
12. Trust the process.

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When A Good Student is Too Lazy to do Homework

feeling lazy to study
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Is doing your homework ahead of time your usual struggle? Does laziness keep you from being the best student in your class?

If you are tired of being a procrastinator when it comes to your studies, then you can consider the following tips on how to motivate yourself when you feel too lazy to do your homework.

1. Imagine your parents taking away your allowance for the entire week.

You may know this is not possible because your parents are not that harsh, but considering this as a possibility could push you to jump out of the bed and start working on your homework. Even without them taking away your weekly allowance, would you really want your parents to find out that you are procrastinating? Would they be happy about it?

2. Think about the sacrifices of your parents or anyone who is working hard to send you to school.

In connection with # 1, why not make your parents or those who send you to school an inspiration to be a diligent student? Think about how blessed you are to have people who care so much about you that they work hard just to give you a good education. The money they spend on your daily allowance and tuition fees could have been used for their own needs, but they choose to put yours first.

3. Strive for excellence in your studies for your own good.

You may not appreciate it now, but having good grades at school will give you an advantage over other applicants once you graduate and look for a job in the future. It always pays off to have excellent school records because it is a competition out there in the real world. This reality should motivate you to be a diligent student now.

4. Set a reward for every finished homework.

One effective way to encourage yourself is by setting a reward for every accomplished homework. Positive reinforcement is proven to be effective in creating a habit. For this reason, if you want to develop diligence—especially in doing homework—then you can set bait for yourself, like watching one episode of your favorite series for every finished task.

5. Set a self-punishment for unfinished homework.

On the contrary, setting a punishment or negative reinforcement for every homework you fail to do can push you to be more disciplined. The discomfort it brings will motivate you to shake laziness off. An example would be a week of not watching your favorite series for every unaccomplished homework.

6. Be more competitive.

The positive effect of the competition is the driving force it gives those who participate in it. However, since it is bad to consider your classmates as your competitors, the best competition should be against yourself. You can aim to get a perfect score for every homework or exam, or at least reach a higher rating than your previous output. You can also engage in a friendly competition with your friends, but please do not take it personally.

7. Think about the consequence of not doing your homework.

Just think about what could be the result if you fail to submit your school works on time. Of course, that would affect your overall grade. Could you really accept the fact that it is your irresponsibility that pulls your class ranking down? For sure, you will be suffering from regret and frustration afterward, especially if you are a good student naturally.

8. Get a homework buddy.

Another effective way to overcome your laziness in doing your assignments is by looking for a homework buddy. Find a classmate who is as eager as you in pursuing a diligent student’s life. You can agree to set a time to do homework together right after your classes. This way, you can have the freedom to be lazy in the evening without the guilt caused by procrastination.

9. Be hungry for learning.

Instead of going to school and doing assignments just for the sake of compliance, why not take them as an opportunity to increase your learning. If you have a passion for knowledge, then every schoolwork will be exciting for you since it is a chance to learn more and apply your new knowledge. This requires a change of mindset.

10. Be goal-oriented.

To be more motivated in doing homework, it will be helpful if you set goals for your studies. For instance, you can aim to be the top student in your class every quarter or semester. You can also target achieving the highest grade so you can get a scholarship.

11. Aim to be a role model student.

Aside from being a top student, being a role model student is an admirable goal. If you want to help society to be changed for the better, you can do so by inspiring others to take their studies seriously. By showing and reminding other students of the benefits stored for those who study hard, you will be encouraged to be diligent as well.

12. Make your parents proud.

One of the best motivations you can set for yourself is the goal to make your parents proud by the time you step on the stage and receive your diploma. There is nothing you can do to repay your parents for their sacrifices for you. However, you can show them your gratitude by finishing your studies with excellent grades—and probably with flying colors too.

No Excuses

Why not try reading the biographies or testimonials of big-time professionals who were excellent students during their school days? Most of them would tell you how they endured hardships, like working part-time just to send themselves to school or walking kilometers daily just to attend classes. Yet, despite those challenges, they were able to give their best in their studies and ended up at the top.

If those people were able to diligently pursue their studies, then what could be your excuse to take your studies for granted? Get rid of procrastination from your system, and you will see how fulfilling it is to be the best student that you can be.

Be a Responsible Student

Being a mere student is tiring; how much more in being a better student. It may be a hassle, but come to think of it, it is always for your own sake. In the future, you will end up finding a job to sustain yourself or your family. Whatever you do at school can be a reflection of what you are as an employee someday.

There is no harm in doing something that would direct you to be good or better or even the best student. Leave the bad habits and start being a responsible student and person you can be.

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