12 Loving Ways to Make Your Dad Happy

Loving Ways to Make Your Dad Happy
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As we grow older, we become more independent as we discover what we can do and what we want to achieve. Of course, it is a good thing, and any parent would feel happy and fulfilled seeing their children spreading their wings to fly.

However, the sad thing about growing up is we need to leave our parents behind to follow our paths. We may stay connected with them, but our time with them gets lesser and lesser. Along the way, we might not notice that our parents probably feel left behind already.

Now, let us talk more specifically about dads. Are you wondering how you can keep your father happy despite having your own life now? Whether you still live with your parents or not, you can still apply the following ways to your relationship with your dad.

1. Spend time with him regularly.

See to it that you do not lose time for your father. If you are too busy, make sure to date him or have a chitchat with him over dinner at least once a week.

If you live far away, you can visit him as often as you can. If personally seeing him is not possible due to distance, then a phone call or a video chat would be surely appreciated.

Loving Ways to Make Your Dad Happy
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2. Surprise him on his birthday and other important occasions.

Another way to make your daddy feel so happy and loved is by being thoughtful every time there is a special occasion, especially his birthday. Giving him gifts will be indeed wonderful.

However, spending time with him or both of your parents will be more meaningful. You can celebrate these special moments together. If you have the means, you can treat them outside.

3. Respect his values.

It is not surprising that you and your dad have conflicting values and principles because of a generational gap. It does not matter if you think yours are better and his are obsolete. Avoid hurting his feelings by respecting the values and principles he has lived with all his life.

Do not insist that your ways are better and bluntly tell him that you find his values absurd or foolish. If you need to educate him about something, do it in a loving, gentle, and polite manner.

4. Excel in school.

If you are still studying, nothing will make your father happier than seeing you do well in school. All his hard work will be worth it because he will see you valuing his sacrifices for your future.

Make your daddy and momma proud by being a diligent—or even a top—student. Somehow, your father will feel more secure about your future, which is the dream of every parent.

5. Strive to have an established career.

If you have already finished college, then it is time to bring your dad’s happiness to a higher level. It is every parent’s prayer to see their children achieve their dreams. Therefore, whatever you want to be, work at it with all your heart and might.

It is not just about finding a job with a high salary. Get a job that you can proudly call your vocation, and, for sure, your dad will be equally proud of you.

6. Marry a good person. 

Aside from wishing their children to have a stable career, parents also hope they will have reliable partners. For this reason, when dating, make sure that you choose a person that your dad–and even mom–would feel at ease seeing you with.

It is not that you will let your father dictate your love life, but, at least, you should listen to his comments about your date. When in love, a person tends to be blind to the negative traits of someone s/he likes.  If you want to be objective in weighing the pros and cons of marrying a certain person, ask the people around you what they think about him or her. If your dad does not like your boyfriend or girlfriend, then you should ponder why. Maybe it would serve as an eye-opener for you.

7. Help around the house.

Another way to make your daddy happy is by being responsible at home. In case you still live with your parents, see to it that you have the initiative to help around the chores. Your parents, particularly your father, will appreciate it.

Doing house chores without being told to do them shows that you care about your parents. It means that you do not want them to get tired by doing many things around the house. It also means you want to serve them as a means of gratitude.

Loving Ways to Make Your Dad Happy
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8. Avoid vices.

Even if you are already of age and have the freedom to do everything you like, be mindful of how your decisions and actions would affect your dad. No parent wants to see their children destroyed by destructive habits, such as gambling, smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, and mobile game addiction.

Keep your daddy from worries. Avoid any vice that can be dangerous to your health or can be a threat to your future. It is for your good anyway.

9. Avoid arguing with him.

Your father deserves respect even if he is not perfect. There will be times when you will have conflicting opinions or ideas. Even if you think your thoughts are better than his, avoid engaging in a heated argument with him. Of course, you can share your opinions with him but do it respectfully and calmly. You should apply no. 3 here.

Even if you cannot take what your father is saying anymore, choose to shut up and keep quiet. You can also excuse yourself and leave the scene to end the conversation.

10. Serve him.

No amount of service would be enough to repay your dad for all his love, provision, support, and sacrifice for you as his child. Therefore, while he is still around, grab every opportunity to serve him. Every little thing you do for him, such as preparing his meal, making him coffee, driving him to work, or cleaning his car, would make him feel appreciated.

Your father will not be around all the time. If you start serving and taking care of him now, you will not regret anything by the time you part ways. Savor every chance to make your dad feel loved.

11. Ask him for advice.

Even if you are a grownup already, consulting your dad for advice will still make him happy. It will make him feel that he is still valued and needed. Any father would feel honored whenever his children look up to him as a wise man despite their age.

Of course, it does not mean that you let your father decide for you. You will still be the one to decide for yourself.

Loving Ways to Make Your Dad Happy
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12. Share your success with him.

As your dad grows older, his dreams for himself get fewer. Instead, most of his aspirations would be for you and your siblings, if you have any. You are his pride, and your every success becomes his source of happiness. For this reason, keep him updated about your life happenings, especially whenever something good happens to you.

Call him immediately after you have landed a job. Visit him and your mom by surprise and celebrate with them your promotion at work. Tell him how your business is getting bigger and bigger. These are great news that he will keep in his heart.

Let Him Know He is Loved

You are your dad’s ultimate happiness. Nothing is more fulfilling for parents than to have raised kids who would keep their care, respect, and affection for them—even if they are all grownups and have their own lives.

For this reason, never forget about your dad. Tell him you love him every time and take care of him as he has taken care of you until such time you could be independent. Let him hear, feel, and see that he is loved.

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