12 Affirmations To Remove Self-Doubt And Trust Yourself More

Do you often think I’m not good enough or I’m not worthy? If yes, then it’s time to trust yourself more. Self-doubt can create self-fulling prophecies. When you don’t trust yourself, you can create the reality that you are trying to avoid. And that can make you depressed, sad, angry, and resentful.

12 Affirmations To Start Using For Less Self-Doubt And More Self-Trust

affirmations remove self doubt

1. I’m Done With Playing Small

There’s always a chance that things may or may not work out, but self-doubt keeps us playing small. It keeps us from taking chances. It keeps us in a state of worry or anxiety.

And, most of all, it keeps us from having experiences we want to have in our lives.

Affirm to yourself that you are DONE with playing small, regardless of what’s going on. This will automatically cause you to have more faith in yourself because you will have to. You will no longer hold yourself back and avoid doing things that may help you, so you got to have some faith as you leap forward.

2. I’m Done With Doubting Myself

Another affirmation that will automatically give you more faith in yourself is this one. When you affirm that you are done doubting yourself, what other option do you have than to trust yourself more?

3. I’m Ready To Trust My Higher Self

There is a part of you who knows what to do. It’s a part of you that’s connected to natural wisdom. Many people call it your higher self.

When you believe that you have a higher self and trust it, you will have much more faith in yourself.

Affirm that you are ready to trust in your higher self and then allow yourself to connect to that part of you.

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4. I Trust My Awesomeness

For you to be alive, a lot had to happen. That means you are special and there is something in you that is awesome.

Trust your awesomeness.

Trust that you have something to offer the world that other people don’t.

Trust that’s why you are here.

This affirmation can go a long way when you want to remove self-doubt while dating or making friends. When you KNOW there is something awesome about you, other people will see it. They will respect it. They will want to be around it.

5. I Am Courageous

Take it up a notch and tell yourself that you are courageous! When you affirm to yourself that you are brave, you will be more willing to trust yourself to take action.

For instance, before jumping off a jumping board, affirm that you are courageous over and over again. You will be much more likely to have a little faith in yourself and trust that you can make the jump.

6. I Live By My Rules

Self-doubt can stem from other people’s beliefs and rules. If they think something is too hard or too risky, then you might let their fears influence how you feel.

It’s very important to remember that we are all different and we all live by different rules. Just because someone else thinks they can’t do something doesn’t mean you have to.

Just because your best friend is scared of starting a business, doesn’t mean you have to be.

Just because your mother doubts her ability to be worthy of love doesn’t mean you have to.

Affirm to yourself that YOU live by YOUR own rules. And then decide what rules are best for you.

7. I Share My Goals With Like-Minded People

This is something Jon and Missy Butcher talk about a lot in Lifebook.

Some people recommend not sharing your goals with other people because it can increase self-doubt. But this won’t be the case if you are in an accountability group with people who are also going after their goals and want to trust themselves more too.

Find yourself a group of like-minded people who not only support each other but hold each other accountable. This will quickly help you move out of self-doubt and into a place where you must trust yourself more.

8. I Can Be Very Talented

Affirm to yourself that you can be talented if you want to be.

You can learn.

You can grow.

You can take on new projects and move through obstacles towards success. You’ve done it before. You’ve moved through situations before that you didn’t think you could move through.

I have a friend who used to think she was very untalented. She believed she wasn’t capable of understanding complicated situations and would recoil from problems when they arose, trying to get someone else to solve them. This affirmation changed her life. She realized that she had overcome some things in her life, despite her unwillingness to try a lot of stuff, and the belief that she could be talented if she wanted to drove her to take on one challenge after the other. Now, she has a ton of faith in herself and views herself as someone who thrives at challenges because she is extremely talented at figuring out how to overcome them.

Bottom line: When you affirm this to yourself, you will prove it to yourself.

9. I Always Make The Best Choice

You can’t make the wrong decision because you always make the right choice for yourself. This will always be true.

You would never purposely make a choice that would hurt you. You always choose to do something because you think it helps you to be stronger, smarter, happier, or better in some way.

So, don’t doubt your choices. They are always the right choice to be made at the time.

Sometimes they may lead you onto a path you didn’t want to be on, but that’s only so you can learn something on that path that helps you never get on it again.

10. I Write Down All The Awesome Things I Do

Whenever you do something that you thought you were not capable of, even if it’s something small, write it down.

Create a journal just for your self-awesomeness. Then when self-doubt starts to creep in again, you can turn to your awesomeness journal and see how often you’ve had success. This is going to help you boost your trust in yourself big time.

11. I Start First Then Fix As I Go Along

You may be doing something that you are totally new at. But that doesn’t mean you should wait around until you master something intellectually before you start it.

You should always start first and then fix as you go along.

  • You can fix things with constructive feedback from other people.
  • You can fix issues that arise.
  • You can improve your skillset.

You can always fix things as you go along.

You don’t need to wait to get going until you have everything perfect. In fact, that will never happen. So start!

12. Other People Don’t Care As Much As I Think They Do

The whole world should be watching your every move, right? Wrong!

People think less of you than you think they do. That’s not a bad thing! It gives you the opportunity to get out there and try things without worrying so much about what other people will think.

Do not live your life defined by what other people may or may not think… because they probably don’t think much about you at all.


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