18 Signs You are Being Selfish in a Relationship

Being Selfish in a Relationship

Is your partner accusing you of being selfish? How would you know if it is really true? Admit it, it is always easier to see the shortcomings of your partner than yours. If you want to know how you are as a boyfriend or girlfriend, you better evaluate yourself objectively. For a relationship to last, …

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17 Ways to be the Best Boyfriend to Your Girlfriend

Ways to be the Best Boyfriend to Your Girlfriend

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Some girls these days have raised the bar on their standards when it comes to their boyfriends. Well, thanks to the influence of romantic novels and movies that changed their perspective on love and relationship, they always think about the endless “what ifs” questions and made-up scenarios that come into their minds every single time.

I know that there are a lot of guys out there struggling to be the best boyfriend to their girlfriend. Figuring out how to treat her with love and respect can be hard, but boys should never give up. Learn to see the world through the eyes of your girlfriend and you’ll be able to understand what it really takes to be a great boyfriend.

Here are some ways to keep her head over heels for you.

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10 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Trust Guys

Reasons Why Girls Don't Trust Guys

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It’s normal to hear a woman saying she doesn’t trust a man in general. Trust is not easy and it does not come naturally. It is earned not just after a single action but a series of actions. It also takes more than just being a good and honest person. Girls are notorious over-thinkers, so it is really tough to please them to trust guys. Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. Sometimes, or should I say most of the time, their instincts about something is always right. That is why, once you break the bridge, you will never have a chance to cross to her life ever again.

Most women are having a hard time trusting men because of various reasons. After a heartbreak, they became cynical about love and thought as if it is something worthless. They came to think that love is like gravity, which causes things to drop erratically that the more you toss it away, the more it falls. And despite the pleasure it gives, it is a canister filled with blissful and excruciating memories stuck in a place where nobody wants to dredge up those throbbing past.

Easy as it may sound but it is not that quick to gain a woman’s trust. It takes consistency in honesty and sincerity. Thus, throughout this article, allow me to share some ideas about why girls don’t easily trust boys.

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