11 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Appreciated

Make girlfriend feel appreciated

Making a relationship work involves dedication and a sincere effort to make your significant other feels that aside from being loved, they are genuinely appreciated for who they are and for what they do.

Girls, for example, often go the extra mile just to make even the most ordinary day special without asking anything in return but their partner’s time and attention. It’s also a fact that they are usually the ones who always remember all the important dates and moments in their relationship.

Sounds familiar?

But let me ask you these extremely important questions first: when was the last time that you made your girlfriend feel appreciated? What were the things that you’ve done to make them feel that you value their effort and acknowledge their actions? How about the moment when you congratulated them for their first success in life?

If you don’t know how to answer these questions, consider these tips on how to make your girlfriend feel appreciated.

1. Don’t forget to say “Thank You”.
It’s important to show her that you’re grateful for everything that she has done for you and for your relationship. Saying a simple “Thank You”, for example, can make her feel that every sacrifice, every effort is worth it because she was able to make the person she loves happy.

2. Don’t hesitate to show her how happy you are.
Don’t hold back and show her your biggest and sincerest smile. Let her know that her sweet words and romantic gestures are well appreciated and you feel lucky to have found someone who tries their best to make the time you spend together unforgettable.

3. Recognize every little detail of their effort.
Girls love details – and they’ll love it more if you are able to point out every single meaningful aspect of their actions. I know it can be difficult to acknowledge everything, especially if your girl is elaborate and attentive to detail type, but at least you tried, right? Just say whatever comes to mind and you’ll instantly see her sweetest and cutest smile.

Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Appreciated
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4. Make her feel like she can tell you anything.
It’s not just showing how grateful you are for her efforts; it’s also about making her feel that she can talk to you about anything. For her, it means that you value her thoughts and you respect how she sees the world.

Make her feel like her words and her ideas matter, too, not just because she is your girlfriend but because she is a human being.

5. Be her number one fan/ cheerleader.
One of the most important ways to show how you value and appreciate your girlfriend is to be there in the best and worst moments of her life.

Be her number one fan who will never leave them even if the rest of the world has already walked out on her. Be the untiring cheerleader who will proudly say her name out loud during the most challenging stages of her life.

6. Surprise them – and be creative.
Be thoughtful enough to make an effort, too. Surprise them with something that they will never expect and don’t be a cliché. Think of something creative and at the same time, familiar. Show her that she deserves something special.

Make her feel that she’s worthy of someone’s effort; make her feel special because she truly deserves it.

7. Laugh at her jokes – no matter how terrible they are.
Appreciating her sense of humor is one of the best ways to make her feel that she is loved – and no lousy or silly gags can ever change that.

She may not be the best at making the wittiest and funniest punchlines but at least she tries to bring excitement to a dull moment, right?

8. Always believe in her no matter what.
Believing that she can achieve everything that she put her heart into can be the sweetest thing that you can ever do for someone you love. In addition, it also shows that you recognize her strength and believe in her passion.

Aside from making her feel that someone out there loves her, she’ll remember that whatever happens, you’re there for her every step of the way.

9. Give her your time and your undivided attention.
Regardless of your hectic schedule, always remember that being in a relationship means setting aside a reasonable amount of time to be with the love of your life – not because you have to but because you want to.

Your girlfriend understands that she can’t be at the top of your priority and that’s okay – but please make her feel that she’s an important part of your life too.

 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Appreciated
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10. Celebrate her every success, no matter how small they are.
Celebrate her achievements not just to congratulate her on the job well done but also to show her how proud you are of her.

For your girlfriend, how you see her and what you think of her matters a lot that a single line that says “I’m so proud of you” is already worth a million congratulations from other people.

11. Try to love the things and the people she loves.
Many couples can be extremely different from each other when it comes to music, hobbies, fashion style, literature genre, food choices, etc. It’s okay to not be one of those typical match-made-in-heaven couples but if you’re in this kind of relationship, you have to make some necessary compromises.

Try, at the very least, to make an effort to understand and respect the things that she loves: can’t stand Asian food but your girl wants to try this new Japanese restaurant? Just say yes and come out of your comfort zone; can’t really get along with her friends because you’re from a different circle? Hang out with them and try to get to know them better. Just take the first step.

Sometimes even the tiniest effort to show her that she is important can make a huge difference. Girls feel happy if they know that the person they are in love with is capable of appreciating the things that they do in and outside of the relationship.

Lastly, showing her that she is valued means a lot because it motivates her to become the best version of herself and at the same time, giving her the confidence to love herself more.

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