16 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved

make girlfriend feel loved

A girl needs to know she’s loved and appreciated every day. Never let a day go by that you don’t do or say something that’ll let her know how much you love her. Probably one of the questions that haunt the minds of many guys out there is… how to make their girlfriend feel loved?

To answer that query, I am here to share with you some simple ways so you can be the champion of her heart.

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16 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved

1. Compliment her.

A compliment that comes from your special someone means more to her than one from a stranger. But of course, you don’t have to lie just to make her feel loved, the memorable ones don’t have to come from a skilled poet or be overly flattering. Instead, choose your words wisely and be honest so that the compliment seems sincere and not too exaggerated.

2. Free your time just to be with her.

Letting her know that she is your priority reminds her how much you care and love her. “Too busy” is just a myth because if someone really matters to you, you won’t make excuses but rather, you’ll make time just to be with that special person.

3. Leave her a note with sweet messages.

Show your girlfriend how much you love and care for her by sending her notes like “You look beautiful today” or “Your smile brightens up my day.” It only takes a few seconds to do it and it will immediately brighten up her day.

4. Encourage and support her.

One of the easiest ways to be supportive is to be encouraging. Always let her know that you think she can do something, and encourage her to pursue things that can make her feel happy. Hearing words like “you can do that”, “it’s okay not to be okay”, or “you’re not alone” can push her to do things she badly wants, in times she feels like giving up.

5. Surprise her.

Girls love surprises but they aren’t always looking for huge and expensive gifts. Instead, they long for little acts of kindness in a simple surprise that can make them feel happy and loved.

Get her little “somethings”, like bringing her roses or her favorite chocolates. Take her a good dinner or prepare a meal for her. You can also plan an outing together since girls like to have a day out with their special someone. Well, whatever you decide always put love and effort into everything you do.

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6. Be faithful.

Avoiding temptations and strengthening your relationship will help you make your girl feel loved. Never stare at other girls around because your girl is very sharp to catch it. Also, don’t set yourself up for failure by spending time with someone you would otherwise be attracted to. Instead, keep your eyes only on her and be busy looking for new ways to love your own.

7. Tell and show how much you love her.

A simple “I love you” can make her feel happy but the act of demonstrating love is another way to make her feel loved. Run some errands for her, pamper her with food, go on a vacation with her, buy her favorite book, or leave her little sweet notes like what I’ve mentioned in #3. Also, don’t forget small meaningful touches like holding her hands, hugs and kisses.

Remember that you can tell how much you love her as much as you want, but if your actions do not reflect your words, she won’t feel any better.

8. Truly listen to her.

When you can truly listen to your girlfriend’s feelings, you make it safe for her to express herself because the more she is able to do it, the more she feels heard, understood, and loved. Thus, take interest in listening carefully when she is talking to you, show response, get involved in the conversation, and never interrupt.

9. Respect her.

Respect isn’t all about opening doors, pulling out chairs, or carrying things for her. Be that guy who’s willing to listen to her opinions, give her your honesty, and respect her decisions despite your different perspectives.

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10. Express your sincere gratitude.

Letting your girlfriend know how much you appreciate everything she does for you, is the same as expressing how much you love her. Her compliments and acts of kindness towards you deserve gratitude in return. So, as much as possible don’t forget to say “Thank you” either by telling her personally or showing it.

11. Be open and honest to her.

If you want her to feel loved, keep your doors and windows wide open. Tell her anything and everything with no secrets and lies.

12. Help her solve her problems.

Be that guy who’s willing to be her savior, hero or angel in disguise. Not someone who will leave her in times she’s trouble. Make yourself available, be there to comfort her, make the burden light, and gently be the solution to resolving her problem.

13. Make sacrifices.

Sacrifice your precious time, privacy, and some personal ambitions. Shallow your pride and give up your ego just to make your relationship work and make her happy. Be patient and deal with your partner’s emotional outbursts and temperament no matter how hard it is. And always remember that you’re in a partnership — your relationship, not only yourself, should be your priority.

14. Don’t give up on her (and your relationship).

Don’t lose hope during times of trouble. Think of all the things that you’ve been through together— the happiness and sorrow you experienced. Remind yourself the reasons why you love her, why you should keep holding on, and why you need to fight for her and your relationship.

15.  Obey her.

“If you love me, keep my commands. – John 14:15

Girls are hurt when you try to ignore their rebukes. If she says “No” it means “No” so, be willing to follow and respect her orders because she’s only doing it for your own good. Make her feel truly loved by following her good commandments, such as living a healthy lifestyle, breaking bad habits and vices, working hard for the future and, of course, avoiding acts of cheating.

16. Let her know she’s part of your life.

Include her in your plans and life’s decisions. Show her that you’re thinking about her, not only in the short run but also in the long run. Take her on your journey and grow together while you’re in a relationship. And finally, show her that you are serious and doing something to be ready to marry her and spend the rest of your life with her when the right time has come.


24 Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

1. Be honest with her.

When love is real, you don’t have any reason to lie, cheat, pretend, hurt, or make the other person feel unwanted. Speak truth to your girlfriend as much as you are able, with clarity, love, respect and gentleness. This will not only make her feel special but also help you reinforce the strength of the connection in your relationship.

2. Compliment her in an honest way.

Giving compliments isn’t just a way to get someone’s attention; it is also an easy way to make someone feel good and special about herself. Don’t just tell her how gorgeous she is, or how amazing her hair looks like but rather, tell her what you really feel inside while looking into her eyes.

3. Don’t take her for granted.

Don’t take your woman for granted, it’s the small things that make her feel special. As much as possible make time for her, appreciate her, and acknowledge her presence all the time.

4. Make time for her.

Every girl feels special when you make time and prioritize her in your life. Making time for the girl you treasure the most also helps her feel important, cared for, and loved.

5. Keep your eyes on her.

If you really want your girl to feel special, then don’t stare at every girl that comes in the room. Instead, keep your eyes only on her and let her know that she’s the only girl you’re interested in.

6. Continue to court and date her.

Courtship and dating don’t end when you finally get her sweet “yes”. In fact, a guy must always court and date his girl if he wants to keep her special, happy and in love with him. Buy her simple gifts, prove to her that chivalry isn’t dead – by opening doors or pull out a chair for her, write letters for her, or plan a romantic date with her.

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7. Tell and show how much you love and value her every day.

It isn’t hard to tell her “I love you” or how much you treasure her every time you’re together. But of course, you shouldn’t just tell but also show how much you adore her. You can always show love to her by spoiling her with food, listening to her, giving hugs and kisses, support her, or make simple surprises for her.

8. Listen to her.

Some girls are talkative, they like to talk things out and vent out loud. A simple act of listening makes her feel special because she knows that someone is listening to her, though you can’t relate to it.

9. Ask what she likes.

Since you can’t read minds, it is important to ask what your girl wants. Ask her what food she likes, what color she prefers, or what drink she likes better. This will mean so much to her because you value her decisions and ask her opinions in every choice you make.

10. Respect her decisions.

Respect in every aspect of life is important as love in a relationship. When she says “No” it means NO, so respect it and don’t insist to do things that is against her will. Each of us has different opinions and beliefs. Thus, learn to be open-minded and see things from different perspectives.

11. Give her hugs.

Girls love hugs because they feel safe and special in the arms of their significant other.

12. Plan small surprises.

When it comes to keeping your girl special and happy, it is often the little things that matter the most. Most girls love it when their guy takes the time to plan small surprises for them like giving her flowers, sending her love notes, or get her favorite treat.

13. Don’t make her wait.

Don’t make your girl wait for too long just because you’re still in the office doing stuff, or you still have an important thing to do in your house, this is just a clear sign that you don’t value her time as much as she values yours. Instead, be that guy who’s willing to wait for her even though it takes an hour before she dresses up.

14. Create new experiences together.

Doing things she wants to experience or going to places she badly wants to visit, shows how special she is to you because you value what’s important to her.

make girlfriend special
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15. Be proud of her and your relationship.

It shows how happy and contented you are to have her in your life. However, it isn’t always about posting your sweet photos together on social media or publicly displaying affection wherever you go. Take note that some girls prefer a more private love life. Hence, you also have to consider the privacy and intimacy of your relationship before you start bragging about her and your relationship.

16. Call or text her for no reason.

It is such a great feeling to receive a call or text from someone special for no apparent reason; it only shows that you do remember her despite your hectic schedule.

17. Ask how her day went.

A simple “how are you?” or asking details about how her day went only shows that you care about her.

18. Never compare her to your Exes.

Comparing your present girlfriend to your past isn’t a good idea if you want to make her feel special. Girls don’t like the thought of you still stuck in the past. If you badly want to make her feel special, then don’t tell her she’s the best, but rather, let her know that she’s the only one.

19. Comfort her when she’s not feeling well.

When she’s sick and cut off from her daily life, a simple hug, visit or call reminds her that she is remembered by her special someone. Also, she’ll feel much better to have his guy by her side when she needs someone to comfort her.

20. Support her passions in life.

When couples can support each other’s passion, it helps foster a sense of being loved for who you are, and feel special because you have someone by your side to support your dreams in life.

21. Remember important dates.

Girls feel less important once their special someone forgets anniversaries, birthdays, or monthsaries. This only shows that you don’t care about the important dates that matter to her. So write it down or set it on a reminder on your phone and make sure to never forget about it when her special days come.

22. Show her that you fully trust her.

In a relationship, honesty and trust must exist. If you want her to trust you, do the same to her. Set an example to her, give her privacy, and be open to her, so she will feel special towards herself too.

23. Admit and apologize when you make mistakes.

When you know it is your mistake, lower your pride, don’t be afraid to admit it and apologize to her. In this way, you will make her feel special because she knows you respect her and value your relationship.

24. Make her part of your life.

Don’t just tell her how special she is; instead, show her by letting her become part of your life. Include her in every decision you make and set goals you both want to achieve in the future.

12 Little Things that Make Girls Feel Giddy

Girls are actually simple. The things or gestures that every guy does, be it little or big will make their hearts melt like they’ve been set on fire. But! Yes, there is a “but”. You won’t know if they like it or not because you will not hear a compliment or a single word from them. They will have to deal with “what if’s”. Hesitations, second thoughts and fear will be their enemy. They’ll feel it if you’re genuine or not. You can’t trick them but you can be sincere. Make them feel wanted and special instead. Know what makes girls feel giddy by reading this inspiring article.

1. Be chivalrous

Show her chivalry is not yet dead. Hold the door open for her or pull a seat out for her. Learn to treat her like your queen. She’ll definitely love your courteous side.

2. Little messages and sweet talks

Simple text messages or unexpected calls could make her smile knowing that you are taking time out of your day to think about her.

3. Get along with her friends and family

To a girl, family and friends mean everything. They know every single detail of her life, she listens and takes their opinions seriously. So make an effort to be closer to her family and she’ll be delighted to see your sincerity.

4. Be true to her

Only by being truly honest, you can show how you deeply care for her. Women highly appreciate honest men, it’s a rare quality that they find attractive. Be yourself when you’re with her.

5. Compliment her

Compliments can be extra effective when it comes from the heart but don’t just tell her she’s beautiful, make her feel beautiful. Don’t just state the obvious. It’s not about what you say to her, it’s about how you treat her.

6. Make something for her

Write her a poem or a song, draw her a picture or a card, cook her a special dinner, and give her a flower you just picked anywhere or whatever it is. It doesn’t have to cost a thing as long as it shows effort and deep affection, she’ll feel butterflies.

7. Make her feel secure

By caring and protecting her physically and emotionally shows how you value her and it makes her trust you more.

8. Little gestures

Take her into your arms when she’s afraid, kiss her forehead or her hand, walk with her hand on hand, brush her hair away from her face and even back hugs could be something for her. There is no girl in the world who wouldn’t fall for someone who is willing to shower her with overwhelming amounts of love and undivided attention.

(Note: If you are not yet in a relationship be careful with your actions. Some gestures may not apply to all girls. Know your limits.)

9. Cheesy lines

It may sound pathetic but the cheesiness would make her smile and definitely would make her heart leap.

10. Loyalty

Being loyal is a must. It’s a total plus point. Keep your eyes on her, let her know that she is the one you are interested in.

11. Show patience

Respect her decisions. Don’t rush her. Accept her imperfections and be patient with her.

12. Remember the little things

Pay attention to little details. Take note of the important dates and her dislikes. Surprise her with some thoughtful ways to show that you remember these things about her. Don’t let the little things go unnoticed.

Do these romantic little things to your favorite person wholeheartedly without strings attached. Be true to her and you will earn her trust.

As the little prince quoted, “It is only by the heart that one can see things rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.”


11 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Appreciated

1. Don’t forget to say “Thank You”.
2. Don’t hesitate to show her how happy you are.
3. Recognize every little detail of their effort.
4. Make her feel like she can tell you anything.
5. Be her number one fan/ cheerleader.
6. Surprise them – and be creative.
7. Laugh at her jokes – no matter how terrible they are.
8. Always believe in her no matter what.
9. Give her your time and your undivided attention.
10. Celebrate her every success, no matter how small they are.
11. Try to love the things and the people she loves.

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11 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Secure

1. Don’t take her for granted – especially in front of other people.
2. Don’t give her even just a single reason not to trust you.
3. Introduce her to your circle – and maybe to your family?
4. Forgive her shortcomings and accept her imperfections.
5. Give her compliments every chance you get.
6. Make her feel that she can always count on you.
7. Stay focused on your goals while still doing your part as a partner.
8. Be a good listener; and don’t hesitate to open up, too.
9. Answer the important questions and be honest at all times.
10. Don’t entertain other people’s advances – ever.
11. Move on from your past and focus on your present: her.

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10 Tips on How to Make a Woman Feel Beautiful

1. Genuinely appreciate her weirdness and peculiarities.
2. When she’s in doubt (about her appearance), comfort her.
3. Hold her hand and let everyone see how proud you are of her.
4. Let her be with her fashion choices – and don’t interfere.
5. Don’t say anything about how she wears her makeup.
6. Let other people give her a compliment, too.
7. Notice even the smallest (physical) changes she made, every bit of it.
8. Just tell her how beautiful she is every chance you get.
9. Look at her as if you’re staring at a beautiful, delicate flower.
10. Make her feel that her imperfections are beautiful, too.

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Bottom line

There may be a lot of ways to make a girl happy, but at the end of the day, you just want her to feel loved. In fact, every girl doesn’t need a perfect guy.

What she needs is a special guy who can accept her the way she is and make her feel loved, feel special, feel appreciated, feel secure.


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  1. Please i need your help i love my girlfriend so much and she cheated on me at first with a her, so when i saw the video i was so sad nd she pleaded that it was a mistake that she is sorry… Though i felt pain nd she brome the trust i have we where cool till a day i find a chat with someone who she told that person that i was a friend to her nothing more nd they both was chatting as lovers i got so mad nf left her when i saw the chat…she again plead that she is so sorry that she dont know what wrong but me i felt broken nd find it difficult to trust her love for me…. Everyday we always have issues nd she felt tired abt d relationship but i love her so much but just cant forget abt all she did to me despite she claims to love me so much still she keeps chatting with her friend in a loving way but claims she dont love her friends right now am in pain nd i feel like breaking up with her bcus i don’t trust her anymore she always make a way for me to doubt her love so i dont kwn wat to do but i love her pls advice me on what to do

  2. How I can make my girlfriend love me more than before because she s not around is a long distance relationship she’s in school .what can I do to make her remember the promise we have made and not to cheating on me please I need your help I love her so much

    • That sounds messed up :\ honestly, she should know herself that she shouldn’t cheat. but if she does, don’t waste your time cause distance just makes people lose wish for each other at some point, as you know. You can’t really make her love you more than she already does except for making\doing little things to make her happy. like text her or call her when she doesn’t expect it 🙂 I hope this helps you even the tiniest bit 🙂

  3. Hi guys,

    I hope you are well.

    I would like some advising what I have to do after I did receive this text message belo:. My heart are broke at the moment and I do t know what I need to do. It will be great if o could get some help:

    As you know I said the other day I don’t see us being a couple. It’s not what I want. You asked me if I still love you and although I do – your Lunas dad, it’s not a romantic love anymore for me. I want to be friends and coparents. I really hope we can support each other and be friendly.

    I look forward to hearing from you guys.


  4. sir my friend ,laddo she broke up recently i am close to her n i love her so much we talk to each other about 8 hours in 24 hours she also know that i love her but she dont want to accept it n i don’t have courage to tell her everyghing bcoz i think she may be go away if i do this

    tell me what should i do

  5. I’m in love with my girlfriend but anytime I told her that I want to have time with her , she always gives me excuses and whenever we’re chatting she always says sweet words to me but to meet is a problem. I don’t know what to do now and I really love her.

  6. I am in a long distance relationship, our communication is not working properly. We fight And then she ends up with saying “ yaa we will do whatever u tell” but that’s not what she wants and seems like we are drifting away. How can i make it work?

    • I’m in love with my girlfriend but anytime I told her that I want to have time with her , she always gives me excuses and whenever we’re chatting she always says sweet words to me but to meet is a problem. I don’t know what to do now and I really love her.please give me some solutions to happy my relations

  7. My bf never buys me flowers, chocolates, takes me out to dinner on his own plans for the past 7 years.. I know that he loves me yet it’s incomplete.. there’s something missing.. i feel sad and unappreciated at times.. meanwhile, me and my boyfriend had a fight about his affair 2 months before our wedding. it’s hard to throw away those years, we’re still about to get married.. then, I received a bouquet of white roses right on my doorsteps, from an admirer, someone I know who really likes me. .i was happy and sad at the same time.. and now, I’m having second thoughts..

  8. Good advice, but this completes the frame of someone who can be classified as a “Nice Guy”, girls don’t know they don’t want nice guys. Guys, remember to put your priorities first and learn when and how to say no. Compliment your woman, but do not let her define your worth as a person. Don’t help her solve her problems all the time, it will add a lot of pressure on you and sometimes people just need their own space to work on their own problems. You will do your wife/girlfriend a great favor by spending some time with your male friends since you will let her do her own stuff. I’d also like to remind you that sometimes you got to let go of relationships that simply just don’t work and move to the next person. Good luck.

  9. Am in a distance relationship and i love my girlfriend but i dont know how i can place my trust on her that she’s not cheating on me?

    • If she does not show much affection and does not like to do much with u,Shes either upset or shes found interest in another man but she does not want to hurt your feelings so shes quite around you but if not maybe look at what you have recently done and see if its made her upset or maybe one of your friends or someone said something about you that not true and it makes upset to hear it.

  10. What should i do when i see a lame romantic and unpleasing comment on my girlfriends pix on social media for the thired time and i have been telling her i dont want to see that but i goes on.

    • Ha wow you sound insecure. You expect her to control what other people say? Be lucky she’s with you and not the person commenting. That alone should make you feel better. Don’t take your jealously out on her. It’s not her fault. You sound like you’re assuming things of her. Any man can comment and compliment. But it matters what she does in response. Tbh if she’s distant from you it’s most likely because of this behavior you exhibited. Try not to be so controlling or you’ll end up single and blaming the wrong person.

  11. My girl friend never admits that’s she is wrong in Anywhere she always thinks that she’s right all the time even she hurts me in some way she thinks isn’t her fault

    • Take her to some lonely, cool and amazing place. Have fun, strict to what always makes her happy, play and promise her heavens until she admits again that you’re the best. After which have a planned change in your face, when she asks now open up and tell her what at times makes you sad, she admit never to hurt you again and even consoles your faking sad face probably with a kiss that comes from her heart .

  12. Thank you this information was very useful.. I don’t know a damn thing about girls but due to my girlfriend I learnt many values… This information was useful with my relationship

  13. What should I do now,because my girlfriend traveled for Xmas and she don’t even call me am always the one to call her first…. But why?

  14. My girlfriend felt we are drifted apart due to a prolonged hurt and sadness she felt within her and she is therefore requesting us to be friends instead of having intimate affairs

    • Give her a call!
      My boyfriend went away for the summer, and he called me almost everyday. The distance was hard, but I was able to still feel close to him while he was away. Just ask her to call sometimes so you can talk about your days and it should help 🙂

    • I think you should ask her what happened, she could be going through some personal problems or stress.
      If she still doesn’t listen to you, tell and show her that she can trust you!


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