8 Things To Know About The Super Reading Quest By Jim Kwik

We’ve been focused on mind power this month, and one power your mind has is the ability to read faster than you probably think possible. In fact, Jim Kwik often says that reading is a power in itself. It helps you ‘live a thousand lives’ by reading about what others have experienced.

Reading can impact every area of your life positively, which is why it’s probably one of the best habits you can have. But, when it takes you too long to read one book, you might give up on it or forget everything you read. That’s where the Super Reading quest by Jim Kwik comes in. He teaches you to accelerate your reading, enjoy it more, and comprehend more.

8 Things To Know About Mindvalley’s Super Reading Quest By Jim Kwik

Super Reading quest

1. You Will Realize That You’ve Been Reading Wrong

We are taught how to read by sounding out the letters and then putting them together. It works. But it doesn’t help us speed read.

As we get older, we no longer need to sound out the letters (most of the time), but we don’t deviate from how we learned to read between the ages of 4 to 7.

If you are in your 40s and haven’t learned to read any differently, then you can effectively say that you still read like you did when you were somewhere between the ages of 4 to 7. You may understand more words, but how you read is the same.

Super Reading will show you that if you want to read faster and comprehend more, the way you are reading is wrong. There are plenty of things you can do to read faster and better.

2. You Will Learn How To Comprehend More

We often read books to learn. But how many times have you read a page and completely forgot what you just read? Moreover, how many times have you finished a book but were not able to share the important parts of it because you couldn’t recall them?

Jim Kwik teaches you how to boost your comprehension so that you can remember more of what you read and skip re-reading the last few sentences… again and again.

3. You Will Start To Look Forward To Reading More

No matter how much you do or don’t enjoy reading right now, you will start to look forward to it more as you move through the Super Reading quest. Jim Kwik has a love for reading that will rub off on you. And, as you start to improve your speed and comprehension skills, you will find it more pleasurable to read.

4. The Super Reading Community Is Huge

As of writing this Super Reading review, there are 93782 members in the Super Reading community! And lots of people look for accountability partners to help them move through the quest with passion and purpose. You will never be alone during this quest.

Super Reading quest community

5. You Will Find Lots Of Inspiration In The Super Reading Community

Because the community is so huge, it’s filled with all kinds of creative people. You will be inspired by people’s note-taking skills, improvement, and thoughts. It’s amazing how many people are interested in improving their reading speed and are actively participating in this quest.

6. There Are Pre-recorded Q&As With Jim Kwik

Super Reading quest Q&A

If you have questions about what you are learning in the Super Reading quest, there are weekly Q&A sessions that should help clear up anything you want to know. These are pre-recorded, but they cover a wide variety of topics.

Mindvalley always does live Q&As with new quests. However, sometimes Mindvalley does live Q&As with older quests.

There’s not a lot of rhyme and reason to the live Q&As with older quests – that I see, so I couldn’t predict when or if they will do more live Q&As with Jim Kwik about Super Reading, but the possibility is there because they have done it with multiple quests in the past. Once you get into the quest and have a Mindvalley account, keep your eyes on the live event classes in your account for any live sessions with Jim Kwik.

7. You Practice With Fiction But You Learn How To Read Technical Books Faster And Better Too

Throughout the Super Reading quest, you will do your practicing with a fiction book. This book is not going to be read very fast. You are going to be using certain aspects of the book repeatedly to practice techniques or see how much faster your reading speed is becoming.

Jim Kwik does make it clear that you will never be able to do a technical reading as fast as you can do fiction, but you can definitely improve your reading skills and comprehension.

So, if you want to read something like a business, health, or even a physics book faster, and study the information in it, then the Super Reading quest can help you. It helps you build structure around reading a technical book.

Therefore, keep a technical book around to use later on in this quest.

8. His Style Of Teaching Is Engaging

Not only does Jim Kwik have the tips and techniques to help you read faster and comprehend more, but he has also a way of teaching it that keeps you engaged.

He often starts off a sentence and then says ‘what’ before finishing, so that your brain has to think and be engaged with him as he’s talking.

For instance, he will say, “A picture is worth a thousand… what?” And your mind will likely come up with… a thousand words.

He does this over and over again as he teaches, and it’s an interesting way to teach. It helps you not only recall things he’s taught or that you’ve learned in the past, but it helps you repeat important affirmations and information to help you become a better reader.

He does this in his Superbrain quest as well. It’s just his style of teaching. And it works.

The Super Reading Quest Is Worth Taking

This is one of those quests on Mindvalley worth taking. Reading faster and comprehend more can help you to boost your current skills, acquire new ones, get better grades, advance in your career, have better relationships, and pretty much anything else positive in this world.

You should want to read as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I more than tripled my speed by the end of this quest. I did all the practice and drills he recommended, but I also practiced on my own time. I find it fascinating how our brains can evolve and improve, even on a skill that we’ve had for years.

If you have any questions about the Super Reading quest or my personal experience with it, please feel free to ask me in the comments below.

There is a free masterclass on Mindvalley with Jim Kwik on reading faster that you can take. You can sign up for it here if you want to learn more about Jim Kwik and what he teaches.

And you can find more information about the quest, including the next start date for it, on this page.

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