30 Ways to be a Better Boyfriend

being a better boyfriend

Being a good boyfriend is not easy. I learned the hard way through trial and error. However, I realized that there are steps that you can take to become a better man for your loved one.

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What is a Good Boyfriend?

A good boyfriend is someone who cares and loves his loved one. He’s the guy that will always be there for her, even when times are tough. Nobody will know a woman better than her boyfriend. He’ll be there when she’s sad and when she needs someone to get things off her chest. He’ll always make sure that he’s the one that makes her smile.

But he may not be the perfect man- or the perfect boyfriend, for that matter. A good man will still have room to learn and grow.


Signs of a Quality Man

1. Honest, Loyal, Faithful

You don’t want to be with someone who lies to you all the time or constantly omits things that will make you upset or mad. A quality boyfriend is also honest with himself; he’ll know when to say no and when to walk away from something that would hurt him in the end.

A quality man won’t play games with the people that are close to him. He values honesty above all else; without it, a relationship will never work out for the best.

2. Decisive

A good man knows what he wants in life, no matter how big or small it may be. He knows what his limits are, but he isn’t afraid of taking risks if needed. He’s ready for commitment and doesn’t mind taking on responsibilities most people would avoid, like the plague. By being decisive, a man shows everyone else around him that he’s serious about his goals and what he wants in life.

3. Confidence

A confident man knows himself inside and out. He loves how he lives his life and doesn’t care what other people have to say about him or what they’d like him to be. A confident man is comfortable with himself; he knows that everything will be okay in the end, no matter how bad things may get.

4. Passionate

You don’t want a boyfriend who’s just there for appearances. You want someone who puts effort into showing you that he cares for you and wants you by his side at all times. A passionate man isn’t afraid of doing something fun together with his loved one- nor is he scared of trying something new if it means making her happy.

5. Forgiving

A quality boyfriend will forgive his girlfriend whenever she makes mistakes. It shows maturity when he can let things go after making sure it won’t happen again and learning from past experiences together as a couple.

6. Open-Minded

A quality man has his own opinions but always accepts other people’s beliefs without forcing them on others. He’ll keep an open mind should anyone have something to say that he may not necessarily agree with, but he keeps an open mind at all times about the subject in question.

You need this type of attitude if you are ever to go where life takes you. It’s a quality that will help you grow as a person and make your relationship better than it could be otherwise.

What Makes You a Keeper for your Girlfriend?

1. She is your first priority.

No matter what happens, you will always be there for her and make sure that she knows just how important she is to you.

Your girlfriend should be number one in your life. You make sure she is happy and treat her as though you want to keep her for the rest of your life.

2.  You are always honest about everything When it comes down to it.

You never lie, omit or hide anything. The only way for your relationship to be healthy is if you’re completely honest with each other at all times. Don’t be afraid of telling her what’s on your mind-she’ll love that a guy likes you can be himself no matter how hard things get in life and around the two of you.

3.  You always try to keep your word.

One of the best things you can do for a girl is to keep your word. If you say something, make sure you get it done; otherwise, she’ll lose confidence in you as a person and fall out of love with you eventually.

4. You give her space.

Girls need space from time to time. You don’t want to smother her into thinking that every moment needs to be spent with you by her side. Give her some breathing room from time to time and respect what she does.

5.  You’re always there for her no matter what happens—good or bad.

Especially when she’s having a bad day, and you don’t want to leave her side. When a girl feels that someone has her back, it shows how much you love her and respect the relationship you have together. You never want to be far away from each other, even when things get rough.

6.  You make her feel safe.

She shouldn’t have to worry about losing you. Even when you both go through hard times, she should never worry about getting hurt because your relationship is solid. You’re there to show her that no one else can be trusted as much as you can.

Qualities of a Good Boyfriend

1. Expressiveness
2. Gentleness and nonviolence
3. A rich sense of humor
4. Open-mindedness
5. Determination to grow
6. Commitment to partner
7. Genuine empathy
8. Unwavering support
9. Kindness
10. Sincerity in words and in acts
11. Unfaltering loyalty
12. Unadulterated honesty
13. Self-care
14. Romantic rigor

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30 Ways to Be a Better Boyfriend

I’m going to share with you 30 of my own tips on what you can do to be a better boyfriend:

1. Love her through actions.

Walk your talk. Avoid lies and broken promises because they will certainly break your girlfriend’s heart. Instead, if you want to be the best boyfriend for your girl, be a man of action and give her pure confidence.

2. Work your love harder.

Do you miss her? Why not make your best effort to be with her? Being together with your girlfriend is better than telling her you to miss her through texts, Facebook messages, and other virtual channels.

3. Love and respect yourself.

If you want to be a better boyfriend for your girl, remember to love and respect yourself first.

If you don’t feel good about yourself, how can you expect her to trust you with all her emotions and feelings fully? And if she does, then it means that she is willing to compromise on all those little issues which are tolerable but not acceptable to both of you in the long run.

Girls are naturally caring people. They will love you and always want to see you well. If you know how to take care of yourself, it will be easier for her to love you more. Hence, keep yourself healthy inside and out. Stop smoking, heavy drinking, gluttony, indolence, and other habits that will slowly destroy yourself. Please don’t make her worry about you.

Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Just because you are in a relationship with her doesn’t mean that she is responsible for your health, mental stability (if there is something wrong), emotional well-being, and overall life success – it depends on yourself as much as it depends on him/her.

Take care of yourself first and foremost; make sure that you always feel good about everything, inside and outside; learn to be happy with who you are by doing things that will make you feel fulfilled no matter what happens around you.

If something is bothering or worrying you, don’t hold back from being honest about it to avoid the conflict or pain – but try to talk it out in an open way by sharing your thoughts and feelings first.

Remember that it is always better to have someone who loves themselves than someone who pretends that they do but supposedly doesn’t, or someone who wants but cannot commit because they don’t want to settle in a relationship.

4. Love her family and friends.

Your girlfriend’s family and friends will always be a part of your life as well, so you need to learn to love them too.

It will make your girlfriend’s life much easier and happier. Loving her family and friends means showing respect and kindness rather than rudeness and envy to them. Love also means rejoicing with the truth and not delighting in evil.

Your girl has her own set of close groups of friends (like the girl circle) – these are usually her best friends in life with whom they share all secrets and stories about you or any other family member or friend.

As a boyfriend, it means so much to your girlfriend if you can appreciate her friends for who they really are – she will feel that her friends in important to you, which is why she deserves your love and attention too!

5. Introduce her to your family and friends.

Being able to introduce her to your family and friends shows how much you trust your girlfriend and how confident you are about her. It is a huge thing for both of you to be a big help if she feels special with your loved ones welcoming her.

Let her know and feel that you’re happy and honored to have her as your girlfriend. It will also give her the confidence that you’re serious and she’s your only one.

6. Know her better.

If you want to be a better boyfriend for your girl, be the one who knows her and her personality best.

Know what she’s all about – from simple things like the kind of clothes she likes to simple stuff like how she takes her coffee. You can also know what makes her happy and sad, what cries out the most in every aspect of life.

It will help you give better support and a deeper understanding of how you can make her smile every day.

Knowing is loving. If you know your partner better, it will make her feel that you’re very interested in her. It also shows that you are paying attention, listening, and watching over her. So do your assignment to know her dos and don’ts – follow the first and avoid the latter.

7. Let her know you better.

Be open and transparent. Let her know your details. Let her see who you truly are. If you really love her, you don’t need to hide something. Let her also accept you for who you truly are.

Show her your true self: how much of a loving person you are and not just an egoistic or arrogant man who doesn’t value his significant other. She doesn’t need to be with someone who will only make her feel miserable, but one who will always be by her side.

8. Value your relationship.

Most women are sentimental about their relationships. Thus, treasure your relationship. Don’t forget your monthsaries, anniversaries, or even the day you two first met. And, of course, value your relationship by always remembering that you’re in a relationship. So don’t act or pretend like you’re a single one to attract or get some extra girls.

9. Honor your partnership.

You are in a relationship, so you’re in a partnership. Don’t make decisions or actions without your partner’s consent or knowledge. For example, if she says don’t hang out with your drinking buddies, follow your queen’s command. Don’t escape and make alibis.

10. Do not cheat.

Don’t cheat. Just don’t cheat. Why? Because you love her, and she loves you.

You two belong to each other. If you cheat, it’s like stabbing your relationship with a knife – slow but really deep. And if your partner found out, she will never forgive and forget it because you are breaking your promise to be faithful forever by cheating on her.

11. Respect her.

Respect her as your girlfriend, as a woman, and as a human being. Be a true gentleman. Please don’t take advantage of her weakness, silence, kindness, patience, and others.

Women demand respect more than anything in the world because they are naturally programmed to be loved, appreciated, and respected. Therefore, respect her choices and decisions.

Don’t force her to stay with you all the time because it shows that you don’t trust your girlfriend or value her freedom of choice.

But remember that respecting does not mean you allow them to do whatever they want, like going out with other guys or spending money without your knowledge; it’s merely giving her freedom and choice of doing things she wants but always within the line of what is right.

12. Give her opportunities to grow.

Consider her dreams and ambitions as a woman. Then, give her the chance and support she needs to develop herself as a successful student, professional, artist, entrepreneur, or any best version of a woman she wants to be.

13. Be a better influencer, not a controller.

Your girl would like someone who always motivates and encourages her to be better each day, someone who influences her in every positive way without pressuring her to make decisions.

Also, remember ladies also need time for themselves, so give them some space to breathe and find out what they truly want right now in their present lives – it’s not too much of a demand.

Don’t force her to change into something she doesn’t want to be just because it’s what you want for her. If you want to change her attitudes and habits into better ones, try it by becoming a good role model.

14. Make her feel so special.

A woman wants to feel special every day. In everything she does, in every talk you have with each other, and even how you look at her.

She needs to know that she is the only thing on your mind and that you still love her as much as when you first met her.

Everyone gets bored of doing the same things over and over again: same routine, same manners, same habits – it’s just monotonous and boring.

So if you want to keep your girlfriend feeling like a queen forever, make sure to give her something unique from time to time: create surprises for her; write cute little messages or postcards in unexpected places.

Give her your most precious time by canceling your important meeting or gigs for her. When you offer gifts, don’t settle with the ordinary but settle for the best. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive but one which you have sacrificed the most.

Nothing will be too small for a girl who wants to feel special despite being already in a committed relationship.

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Ways to be a Better Boyfriend
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15. Be content.

Some girls will always keep their eyes on you, not just because they always want to look at your handsome face but because they always want to know where what and whom you are looking at. Thus, treasure your partner, be content with her, and make her the apple of your eyes.

16. Be humble.

Stop blaming; admit your own mistakes. Start forgiving and get rid of the grudges inside your heart. To be a better boyfriend, show her that you can go lower to lift your girlfriend higher.

17. Have longer patience.

Be gentle and calm. Don’t be a short-tempered person. Learn how to manage and control your anger if you want to have a more mature, healthier, and happier relationship with your girlfriend. If she tells you to wait, then patiently wait.

Good things come to those who wait. Unfortunately, some girls are not yet matured enough but if you’re willing to be patient enough, believe me, she will flourish into a stunning woman in the future, and it would be all worth it.

18. Protect her.

Don’t become weak or vulnerable because of love. To be a better boyfriend, you should feel enough strength and power to protect her, to love her, and to give her all the happiness she deserves in life.

Be strong physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially – strong in every sense of the word from head to toe!

Be a real man. Protect her from any danger. However, do not overprotect her. If you overprotect her, you will become her own danger since you will likely endanger her freedom.

19. Trust her.

Trust her. She may not be as strong as you if you’re always doubting and questioning everything she does. If she asks for privacy, give her some alone time even if you don’t like it.

Disrespecting your girlfriend will not make a better boyfriend but an awful loser of a man who puts his pride above everything else.

Don’t rely on your own negative imaginations and speculations. Trust is based on evidence. So if you don’t have clear proof that she is not trusted, continue trusting her with all your mind and heart.

20. Hope for her.

If you have found out that she clearly made a mistake and ruined your trust, don’t lose hope. Hoping is seeing a brighter future. Hope that your girlfriend can learn from her mistake and be the better woman she has ever been.

You’re the love of her life, so why stop believing in her? Instead, show her that you still look forward to a bright and happy future with your wife. Whether she’s going through a rough patch, be hopeful because there will always be brighter days ahead for both of you as long as you persistently stick together.

21. Have more faith in her.

Faithfulness will help you produce the patience and persistence you need to keep on hoping, believing, and being positive with your girlfriend amidst all the hardships and challenges you will face in your relationship and life.

Ways to be a Better Boyfriend
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22. Be fearless.

The best boyfriends in the world are not cowards. They don’t love less to play it safe. So if you want to be a better man for your loved one, be brave! Give her all your true love without the fear of rejection or having no return.

Don’t let your fear get the best of you. Never allow it to be greater than your trust in her and God above.

Always be a warrior and fight for your relationship. Don’t let anything destroy it; have more guts!

23. Still love her even if she hates you.

Quarrels are normal in any relationship. She might hurt you when she’s angry. She might not talk to you for days or even weeks when she’s at war with you. You might treat each other as sweet lovers and sometimes as enemies. But no matter how she’ll treat you, do not do something bad to her. Don’t stop loving her. Don’t stop wishing, praying, and doing good for her. Would you please not stop being kind, honest, and humble to her? Besides, we are supposed to love our enemy, aren’t we? So do not be overcome by hatred, but overcome hatred with love.

If she hurts you physically, mentally, or emotionally, don’t hurt her back. Be a mature and calm person and try to talk it out. Tell her that abuse must not be tolerated inside your relationship. Love her by showing her what is right. If she continues to abuse you, then love her by saying goodbye. Be a great boyfriend by ending your relationship to save her from committing more sins even if it hurts.

24. Do something to achieve her relationship goals.

Whether it’s a date on the top of the mountain overlooking a sea of clouds or overnight camping on a pristine island gazing through the stars and the Milky Way above, make it happen.

25. Appreciate your girl and make her feel loved every day.

Girls naturally love people. They will love to be appreciated and loved every day by their boyfriends. Don’t take her for granted – really appreciate your girlfriend with words, actions, gifts, surprises, and other creative strategies.

Thank her for making you a better man. Thank her for every small thing she does to make your life easier and happier. It will make her feel happy and loved since girls are very sensitive in this way – they want a partner who is grateful for all things big or small, essential or inconsequential.

Every time she looks into your eyes and sees that sparkle of love in hers, she knows you deeply love her – it makes her happy all over again. It means so much to know that you still have the butterflies inside when seeing each other, that you still act like lovers even though you’ve been together for some time already. It’s an assurance that your love will last forever.

26 Express your feelings and emotions genuinely and appropriately.

If you really care about her, don’t be afraid to admit it with sincerity and without sarcasm or pretending to be cool – be real!

Don’t hide behind the wall of pretentious attitude but give her a clear direction that you love her with all your heart.

Don’t keep silent when she needs someone to talk to and listen attentively to all (proper) things she has in mind.

Express your love to her by doing things that will make her happy, not only in words but with actions.

27. Make her feel that she is your number one choice.

She is the only best thing that ever happened to you. Never let her feel that she is not the first among the rest. If you have other priorities like your career, studies, entertainment stuff, friends, and others before her, she may think that there are people more important than her in your life.

She wants to be your number one – not just someone who ranks first among all your other girls, but the most important person in your life. And when she feels this way about you, it makes her love and respects you more.

No matter what the circumstances may be. If ever things get tough for her and she needs someone to lean on, let it be you all the time—not only at times when everything’s going smooth and fantastic between the two of you.

She deserves to know that she can count on you even in hard times.

It does not matter how tough the task may be; as long as your intentions are good in wanting to help her, she will eventually appreciate it.

It’s hard being in her position – having to make all the decisions and trying to do everything alone without any outside help. So if you can take some of that burden off from her, then you’re halfway there making her feel loved already.

28. Be a good listener, and don’t be afraid to share your feelings with her.

Scientists also found out that women need to talk more than men!

In The Female Brainpublished in 2006, Louann Brizendine, M.D. claimed that women say about 20,000 words a day, while men say about 7,000.

Be a better boyfriend, always listen to her!

Communication is vital in any relationship. So be a good listener and share your feelings with her too! Learn how to discuss topics and work together on issues rather than avoid talking about them or fighting over them.

Make sure you’re listening more than talking, so don’t go thinking of what you want to say next while she’s still talking now – both of you should feel equally heard and understood before anything else happens…

She will feel that she is your best friend and that you trust her enough to open up about your deepest thoughts and secrets; it will make her fall deeper in love with you.

Remember: communication is the key.

Don’t let go of it ever because there is no relationship without communication at all – as long as both of you are willing to talk things through and search for solutions together. Then, everything will be fine and dandy again someday. You can overcome anything if you work hard at it and put your heart into it side by side with hers!

29. Be honorable and truthful.

A better boyfriend should always be honest in all of your doings, decisions, words, and actions. Honor your word by living up to what you promised to her or agreed upon, whether it is significant or not.

Show the world the real meaning of honesty which is one of the most important values both men and women should have for each other – being true to yourself and others around you even when nobody is watching over you; keeping your promises even if things are going against you; standing firmly on what you believe in and not falling to pressure.

Do honorable things even when people are not watching, and you will be rewarded with respect in return.


30. Be ready to marry her at the right age and at the right time.

If the two of you have already been in a relationship for a long time and you are really serious about being the best boyfriend she’s ever had, strive to be her best ex-boyfriend. Who’s gonna be her best former boyfriend? He’s her future husband. Thus, start planning and preparing for your wedding and married life. If your beloved girl knows that you’re already working and saving money for your wedding and future children, it will surely make her more in love with you.

How to Be a Good Boyfriend

good boyfriend

How to be a good boyfriend? Here are 32 ways to do it:

1. Be chivalrous.

Be her knight and shining armor. Be her hero in real life. Protect her from the rain, cold, heat, tiredness, sickness, and other pain, whether physical, mental or emotional.

2. Learn to love and take care of yourself.

Don’t make your girlfriend worry about you.

3. Get rid of your childish behaviors.

Be a more mature and responsible boyfriend to your girlfriend. Show her that you bring growth and maturity to your relationship.

4. Know your girlfriend better.

Don’t make her feel like she’s a stranger to you. Be more interested in her. Know what she likes, what she hates, what she wants to be, or what she thinks about you. Let her feel that you’re loving her deeper by knowing her deeper.

5. Apply your knowledge about her to make her happier.

Do the things that you know can make her happy. Avoid the things that you know can make her sad.

6. Never forget the special days

Her birthday, your anniversaries, the day you first met her, the day she said “Yes!”, and all the precious days of her life.

7. Tell her you always love her.

Call her, text her, write her a love letter, or sing a romantic song for her.

8. Prove your “I Love You” with actions.

If you love her, prove it by following her good and righteous commands. If she tells you to stop smoking or if she commanded you to study your lessons, obey her. Simple as that!

9. Always make her feel that she’s the most beautiful girl in the world.

You don’t need to lie. You just need to make her the apple of your eyes. So always keep your eyes on your girlfriend, not on other girls.

10. Always talk about her.

Make her the most favorite talk of your tongue. Always ask her if she’s okay or how was her day. Make her realize that your thoughts are all about her.

11. Get totally over with your ex.

Show and prove to your girlfriend that she’s the only one who owns your heart and mind now. Stop mentioning your past relationships, unless your GF asks you about it.

12. Be jealous but don’t overdo it.

Some girls want to feel that they are being loved by their boyfriends by doing things that will make their guy jealous. So don’t hide your jealousy if you feel it. However, show it with calmness, not with craziness.

13. Be patient.

And during the hardest times, be more patient. Learn how to manage your anger. And when it’s your girlfriend who’s angry, learn how to woo her.

14. Be a good friend to her friends.

Do good things to her best friends. Preserve your girlfriend’s friendly relationship with her buddies.

15. Be a good member of her family.

Be a good adopted son to her parents. Be a good brother to her siblings. Be nice to her pets.

16. Make your relationship inspiring to the people around you.

Inspire your parents and teachers by being more motivated to study and have better grades in school. Inspire your bosses or employers by becoming more productive in your work. Inspire your friends by showing them that your relationship brings great things to both of you.

17. Be affectionate.

Give your girlfriend the affection she deserves. Give that kisses and embraces that can make her feel warm, loved and happy.

18. Don’t take her for granted.

Always be there for her to listen, to talk to her, to watch her, to hold her, and make her feel that she’s not alone.

19. Help her solve her problems.

If she’s in need of money and other types of support, be a heaven-sent angel on her side.

20. Admit your mistakes.

Don’t make excuses. Don’t blame her. Apologize sincerely to her. Say that you are sorry and do your best to never repeat the same mistake again.

21. Make sacrifices.

Give up the things you cannot normally give up, such as your bad habits, your vices, and even your favorite video game. Show that you love her and you value your relationship by making them your top priority.

22. Be honest.

Make it a habit to tell the truth. Start a day with zero lies committed and continue it each and every day. Let the two of you enjoy a relationship with honesty and transparency.

23. Learn to forgive her.

Learn to forgive, forget, and forward. Don’t let your love and relationship with your girlfriend dwell in the past.

24. Respect her modesty as a lady – let her have her silence.

Value her power as a woman – hear her voice and give her a chance to lead. Respect her as a person – let her achieve the growth she deserves.

25. Be extraordinary.

Don’t settle for ordinary gifts. Give her the best gifts you can give. Show her the best efforts you can make. Let your girlfriend see that you can always go an extra mile for her.

26. Be an inspiring role model in your relationship.

Strive to be the best boyfriend to your girlfriend if you want her to be good to you. Inspire and influence her to be better, not control and force her to change the way you want her to be.

27. Trust her with all your heart.

Don’t invent false accusations. Don’t cling to negativities. Make her feel that she’s a good and smart girl who can be trusted with her actions and decisions.

28. Be loyal.

Don’t cheat. Only bad boyfriends cheat.

29. Have time with her to make plans for the future together.

Let her know and feel that she’s part of your dreams and long-term goals in life.

30. Be hopeful.

No matter how difficult things are in your relationship, don’t lose hope. Hold on to your relationship and continue to hope for a better tomorrow. Be the light in your relationship in its darkest hours.

31. Be faithful.

Be a boyfriend that can save a relationship. Be a man who has the power of faith. Believe in your girlfriend, believe in yourself, believe in the love that you have for each other.

32. Be fearless.

Love your girlfriend with all your heart, mind, and soul. Don’t play it safe and only give her partial love. Give her the pure love she deserves while you are in a relationship with her.

Be A Better Boyfriend, Say Sweet Things to Your Girl

1. Your presence lights up the whole room.
2. I love how you’re so passionate.
3. I admire your strong personality.
4. Your laughter is the best sound I know.
5. I love listening to you talk.
6. I remember you telling me that.
7. I’ll help you in any way I can.
8. You’re so compassionate.
9. I’d love to hear more about that.
10. You’re really making a difference.

Please visit sweet things to say to a girl for the details.


Be A Better Boyfriend, Trust Your Girlfriend

1. Open yourself up to her.
2. Let her take the wheel.
3. Know her true intentions.
4. Allow yourself to do the trust fall.
5. Ask yourself and do some self-reflection.

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