22 Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest While Being Single

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Coming from a breakup? Yes, it could be hard to move on especially if you have been together for a lot of years, and you shared great moments together. Right now, you probably think it’s impossible to go on without that person, but it’s actually not. More opportunities and greater experiences are waiting to be discovered out there—you just have to be brave to explore them alone.

So, how can you make the most of being single? You know, once you enter another relationship someday, there are many things that you won’t be free to do anymore. Therefore, live your life to the fullest while waiting for the right partner.

Here are 22 ways on how you can live to the fullest while being single.

1. Pursue further studies.

If you have not attained a degree yet, this is your chance to aim for it. Being in university requires a lot of focus, so this is the perfect time to forget about your past.

In case you’ve got a baccalaureate degree already, then it’s time to move up the ladder by proceeding to postgraduate education.

2. Pamper your family with time, generosity, and love.

It doesn’t mean that because you’re single, you’re already loveless. Go back to your first love—your family. Spend time with them, date them, and shower them with gifts (not necessarily expensive, since it’s the thought that counts).

In case you didn’t have a good relationship with your parents or siblings, or maybe you didn’t grow up with them, then use this time to fix your relationship. No matter how distant the gap between you and your family, they are still a part of who you are. Your family won’t be around forever. Learn to forgive and patch things up while you have the chance, so that you’d grow old feeling complete and with no regrets.

3. Travel as much as you can.

Travelling is not just a trend—it is a therapeutic activity that can heal the soul. Aside from the great chance to unwind, it can serve as a spiritual retreat. Being exposed to new cultures, people, and breathtaking sceneries will refresh your mind, heart and soul.

Create a bucket list of the places you want to travel to within a certain period. Start saving money early on, and book for flights and hotels ahead of time so you can take advantage of promos.

4. Go back to old hobbies.

When you were in a relationship, you had probably become too busy that you forgot about your favorite pastimes like reading books, playing sports, or painting. You could reorganize your life by managing your lifestyle activities. Go back to your old interests and give time for them. This will help you be relieved from stress and feel fulfilled because you can do again what you love doing.

Just a piece of advice: the next time you get into a relationship, see to it that you can still give time to the things you enjoy because having regular recreation can help you stay emotionally healthy.

5. Discover a new passion.

Don’t just stick to your usual hobbies. Living to the fullest means of exploring life as much as you can. Therefore, why not try doing something new? It is something that can keep your mind occupied in a fun way.

If you’re not an outdoor person, then why not try to defy your comfortability this time? You can go hiking or biking. Who knows? You could realize being active suits your personality better. Or if you never liked books before, then why not challenge yourself to finish one within a month?

What makes you happy? What is that thing that motivates and drives you to do more and becomes really good at it? If you have found an answer to that question, then that is your passion. Pursue it, make it your full-fledged career. Some may find this a bit hard to do, but if you do what you love, you will still keep moving forward amidst all the trials and challenges you will face.

6. Make new friends.

It is time to meet new people and discover new ideologies. The more friends you make; the more connections you build. This can lead you to more career opportunities and exciting adventures. Be exposed to different walks of life, so that you will have a greater awareness of how the world goes around. This will make you wiser.

Moreover, long-lasting relationships usually start with friendship. That’s why, if you want to find the right partner, then you have more chance of achieving that if you widen your circle of friends.

7. Be a fitness enthusiast.

Being healthy and fit will not only make you good-looking but will also help you accomplish your goals better and faster since you got stronger stamina. You know, if you’re not healthy, you get tired easily, especially under pressure. That won’t get you far.

So, what can you do? Of course, start with a healthy and balanced diet. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Drink a lot of water and stay away from soda and alcoholic drinks. Also, set time for regular exercise and be involved in physical activities like sports.

8. Serve the community.

Aside from your family and friends, you also have your city or town to love. Be a role model citizen by being involved in socio-civic activities. By serving the community, you could realize that life is not just about living for yourself. There are more people out there who are less fortunate than you, and you could help improve their lives.

You can join a clean-up drive operation and be an advocate of environmental welfare. Being involved in activities for a cause like a fund-raising event for cancer patients is also a heroic deed that can save lives.

9. Find your purpose.

What do you think is the purpose of your existence? What is your calling? The moment you find it out, you will have direction and vision for your life. Like, if you know you are called to mold children into becoming good citizens, then being a teacher can be the right vocation for you.

So, how do you search for your purpose? Well, you could seek the One who created you and take time to know Him deeper. As you grow closer in your relationship with Him, you discover His plans for your life. It is the first step of being self-fulfilled.

10. Live in the present.

Stop dwelling on your past mistakes and memories, move on, and keep moving forward. There is more to life than wallowing in those things. Make it a lesson for you not to do those past errors and learn from them instead.

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11. Take risks.

Sometimes one of the best things you will ever experience is the ones where you took risks. And the statement “You will never know unless you try” is true on so many levels. Be adventurous and go out of your comfort zone. If you’ll never learn to take risks then your life will be boring. One day you will look back on your life and you’ll feel happy and satisfied taking those risks and not regretting them.

12. Decide what’s important in your life.

Do not let other people dictate your future. You should do what makes you happy and inspired to go on through life. Don’t let the opinions of others discourage you. You do you, your friends and family are there to support and guide you but in the end, it’s still your decision that holds water. Once you know and do what’s important, everything will just fall into place.

13. Be open-minded.

Trying to keep an open mind on things is important, just because you’re right doesn’t mean it’s the absolute truth. Everyone has their own opinion on things and you should learn to respect and understand them. When someone gives you constructive criticism, accept it with grace and try to improve that certain area of your life. Sometimes the people around us can observe and see things in us that we don’t often observe.

14. Do volunteer work for others.

Every single day, you will see someone who could use help. It is always important to give back to others. One thing you can do is join organizations that advocate for helping the needy. You might not have much to give but your very presence and helping out in their programs make a huge difference already.

15. Surround yourself with the right people.

Being around your friends and family that genuinely cares for you are the type of people you should surround yourself with. They will say the right things (even the things you don’t want to hear) because they only want what’s best for you. Genuine people are very hard to find in our society today, so when you find them, learn to not take them for granted. Be grateful for their presence and the support that they give you.

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16. Set and write down your goals.

Write your goals on a planner. Make sure that you’ll be able to fulfill those things that you have written down. There’s no good reason to wander aimlessly through life and have no concrete plans and goals. These things will help you become more determined and encouraged to do better in order to achieve them.

17. Know that you can go through life alone.

No man is an island. You can’t do all the things you want to work on alone, acknowledge that you need help sometimes. Be grateful for those people and learn to say “thank you”.

18. Take care of yourself.

This is probably the most important thing to do and the thing you should never forget. Exercise, drink lots of water and eat right. If you are able to take care of yourself then that means that you will also be able to take care of others.

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19. Stop comparing yourself to others.

People have their own pace in life. If one’s already successful and you’re not, stop being jealous about it and just focus on your own life. You will have your time to also flourish and become successful. For now, wait patiently and do your own thing.

20. Never be afraid of change.

The only thing that is constant in our life is change, so we should learn not to let fear deprive us of improving for the better. However, know that the only person you can change is yourself. You should stop expecting others to behave in a certain way. Instead of demanding others around you to change, focus on changing yourself. You’ll live a more fulfilling and happier life this way.

21. Embrace mistakes and disappointments.

Nobody is perfect, the more mistakes you make, the more experience you will have. Identify those lessons that you have experienced so that you can build on them. A lot of people try to avoid the feeling of disappointment. They develop a negative relationship with such feelings. However, disappointment is part of being human — it reflects and shows your real and raw emotions. Do not resist it — rather, embrace it.

22. Love life.

Be grateful that you are alive. Wake up every single day with a thankful heart and make every second count. You only have one life so you should learn to love it. There is so much more to know out there and so a lot to experience that it’s just wonderful. As you live here on earth, always remember to love and cherish life. It is the only way we have to live.

Savor Singlehood

Once you get married, life will never be the same for you. You will have lesser time for yourself especially when you have kids already. Your priorities are re-aligned, and you will notice that your own needs and desires are at the end of the list—if they are there at all.

Enjoy life while you are single. Stop envying your friends who are currently in love with their boyfriend or girlfriend. The right person will come to your life at the right time. For now, focus on yourself.

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