Challenge: Use the 5:1 Rule And Focus On The Positive

Many of us are set to focus on negative things much more than positive things. We can talk for hours about something bad that happened to us or someone else but only a few minutes about something positive.

It’s no wonder that we feel so bad all the time! When we consciously focus on negative things, our subconscious does too, and it sets itself to a consistently negative tone when we are not consciously in charge of our thoughts.

This is where things like positive affirmations come in. The more you say positive things, the more you believe them on a subconscious level and can think and act from that place.

A great technique is the 5:1 rule by Mahatria Ra. This is a MUST DO for more subconscious happiness in your life. It’s a huge happiness hack. Listen to the following video by Mahatria to get an idea of why it is so important.

This will change your life if you try it.

The main premise is that you should do this: Only speak about negative things in one sentence and speak about positive things in five sentences. 

Mahatria says that 1/8th of the mind is conscious while 7/8th of the mind is the subconscious. As we’ve talked about before, the subconscious mind is powerful!

Challenge: Accentuate The Positive By Deepening Your Positive Emotions

This is something you have to try. The first time I did it, I was starting the same old thoughts about a negative situation that I had been spinning in my head for months, even though I consciously didn’t want to anymore. I instantly caught myself halfway through my first negative sentence, finished it, and then stopped talking for a minute. Then I said five things that were positive about the situation itself and it was shocking how good it felt.

Step 1: Don’t Be A Debbie Downer Anymore

Starting right now, don’t talk about your negative thoughts for hours on end, causing you to have negative emotions for weeks on end and make everyone else miserable in the process too.

Instead, say one sentence when a negative thought, response, or reaction arises. Then stop.

Step 2: Say Five Positive Things Immediately

Don’t let your negative sentence linger in the air. Say at least five positive things immediately after. Talk about whatever it is in a positive light or, if it’s really negative and you can’t find anything positive, just talk about something positive for at least five sentences.

Step 3: Enjoy The Feeling

It feels good to do this. You will find yourself lingering on the beauty of being positive rather than the need to say one more negative thing.

Step 4: Repeat.

Do this over and over again and soon those subconscious negative thoughts will become smaller and smaller, and your positive thoughts, beliefs, and emotions will deepen.

As Mahatria says, you will start to program that 7/8th of your mind to focus on the positive.


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